7 Best Nursing homes in Idaho

There are certified nursing homes in Idaho that are not just good by the books but by the living standard set for their patients, their practice, and their services.

Speaking of excellent nursing homes, have you ever wondered when it’s finally time to move your loved one to a nursing home?

People from within and environs daily seek out one of the nursing homes in Idaho to help ease the arduous lifestyle of a nursing-home-worthy loved one.

Say you stay in Idaho, and it’s beginning to cross your mind to look up some nursing homes; there are plenty of certified nursing homes to choose from, and starting with our list is not a bad idea.


Where is Idaho located?

Idaho is one of the states in the United States of America. On its north axis is the boundary between the United States and Canada. Idaho’s capital is Boise; it is the largest city in the state, while the state itself is the 14th largest state in America by land mass.

Its landmass notwithstanding, the Gem state ranks as the seventh least populated state in the United States.

Furthermore, the state has several thriving industries like the lumber and wood processing industry, food processing industry, chemical processing business, and not forgetting tourism.

Idaho has different recognized academic institutions at private and public levels in education. The state has also graduated many reputable individuals in various fields of endeavor.

These universities did not spring up all at once; some date as far back as 1893, while some opened their doors in 2013. You see, education in Idaho is considered a serious business because the state thrives on the back of state-trained graduates in different professional careers.

How to choose a good nursing home

One of the very nerve-wracking thoughts to have is the decision to put a loved one into a nursing home, followed by the subsequent decision of actually finding a good nursing home.

Finding a befitting nursing home will never be a walk in the park, no matter how you view it. Aside from the emotional drain, you will encounter many other factors that must be considered critically.


First, you must find a home away from home for that loved one. Their comfort should be paramount before other factors fall in. You may want to use some of the nursing homes in Idaho as a yardstick. The state has nursing home facilities that have comfort as their watchword.

A comfortable environment makes other additional activities, no matter how minimal, become very effective. That medicinal feeling that comfort offers is why people spend more without looking back.


A facility that would not physically, mentally, and healthwise threaten your loved one should be on top of your list.

Find a nursing home with all security measures in place without neglect that can be hazardous to the residents. You sleep better at night knowing that though you are not with your loved one, they are safe.


Before you check your loved one into a nursing home, figure out their staffing system. Some facilities are understaffed, while some have very incapable staff.

It’s dangerous to leave a loved one who can’t help themselves at the mercy of unskilled hands. Residential homes, like nursing homes, need adequate professionals on the ground around the clock. Also, make sure to opt for compassionate staff because professionalism without empathy and compassion does not fly.


The settings of the facility will help your loved one make tremendous progress in no time. It is the reason why standard facilities optimize serenity. Nursing homes are meant to be set in a serene environment with adequate amenities.

This should include friendly housemates, calm and weather-friendly atmosphere, spacious rooms, and helpful tools. Also, this should consist of organized and holistic activities.


A nursing home housing your loved one should be close to your home. It will help you to see your loved one anytime you need to and check out the state of things with their living environment.

Friendly Visitation hours

Your loved one should not be held prisoner in a nursing home. The visitation hours should be flexible and friendly for direct family members.

Find out how the nursing home schedules visits and ensure the visiting hours do not include strangers or well-wishers.

General Policies

Finding a nursing home with policies that are a hundred percent what you wish for may not be easy. However, you must understand that these professionals know their job too well and do not make their policies with emotions. They know what’s best for a patient and tailor their approach to the well-being of all patients.

However, avoid any nursing home with extreme policies that may be detrimental to your loved one or go contrary to your loved one’s healing.

Nursing homes in Idaho have various policies and facility settings. It will be best if you can take your time and scout for a befitting residential home because you sure will find one in Idaho.

List of nursing homes in Idaho

See below;

  • Valley view nursing and rehab

This facility has a sound staffing system that operates round the clock to keep the patients comfortable and relaxed.

Patients with various ailments receive suitable physical therapies to help promote healing, and it’s a facility that understands the holistic approach to human medical care.

Address: 1140 N Allumbaugh St, Boise, ID 83704, United States

Phone Number: +12088548500


  • Arbor valley of Cascadia

Arbor Valley understands the individual needs of every patient and provides personalized care. The facility also offers transitional and long-term care. Patients can decide which is suitable for them; a private or semi-private room.

Address: 8211 W Ustick Rd, Boise, ID 83704, United States

Phone Number: +12083753700


  • Life care center of Boise

The life care center is a skilled nursing facility that prides itself in making provisions for patients’ comfort and satisfaction, giving them the choice of a long-term or short-term care stay.

Furthermore, the Life care center is a home away from home with its homelike amenities and settings where patients can walk around the area and breath in the refreshing air. The facility has a barber shop and other relaxation spots.

Address: 808 N Curtis Rd, Boise, ID 83706, United States

Phone Number: +12083765273


  • Creekside Transitional Care and Rehabilitation

Creekside transitional offer in-house therapy, senior living, and skilled nursing services. It is nice when a facility understands that its patients are fellow humans who deserve all the compassion and care they can offer. In a nutshell, creekside is an all-rounder in general care services.

Address: 1351 W Pine Ave, Meridian, ID 83642, United States

Phone Number: +12088887049


  • Meadow views nursing and rehabilitation.

When you think of professionalism and expertise, Meadow view facility provides that. With its state-of-the-art equipment and therapy approach, this facility should be your number-one stop in your scout for a nursing home.

Also, their health services are not generalized; they are patient-specific and deliver as they should.

Address: 46 N Midland Blvd, Nampa, ID 83651, United States

Phone Number: +12084667803


  • Bridgeview Estates

The therapy services in Bridgeview are top-notch and target illnesses like dementia, Parkinson’s, and more. The skilled nurses are professionals and handle each patient with renewed compassion and care. There is also an option for inpatient or outpatient services and great living amenities.

Address: 1828 Bridgeview Blvd, Twin Falls, ID 83301, United States

Phone Number: +12087355730


  • The Terraces of Boise

The Terraces of Boise is an award-winning nursing home with a wide range of services. It is a community that has been recognized nationally for the quality of life they provide for the residents. In essence, their services speak of quality, expertise, and efficiency.

Address: 5301 E Warm Springs Ave, Boise, ID 83716, United States

Phone Number: +12083365550


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