5 Top Body building gyms in Newcastle

The different body-building gyms in Newcastle are worth knowing since they create welcoming environments for seamless body-building.

Embarking on a bodybuilding journey is not just about lifting weights — it’s a lifestyle choice that demands dedication, commitment, and the right environment.

The gym you choose plays a pivotal role in this journey. It’s not just a place where you exercise; it’s where you challenge your limits, sculpt your body, and foster a mindset geared toward growth and resilience.

A well-suited gym for bodybuilding provides the essential tools and atmosphere, helping you stay motivated, track progress, and reach your physical goals with optimal efficiency.

Newcastle is a city in the northeast of England, is not just known for its rich history and lively cultural scene, but also for its burgeoning fitness culture.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Bodybuilding Gym

Here are key aspects to consider:

  • Equipment Quality and Variety
  • Gym Atmosphere and Culture
  • Expertise and Availability of Trainers
  • Membership Options and Pricing
  • Location and Accessibility

Equipment Quality and Variety

The cornerstone of any good bodybuilding gym is its range of equipment. Quality is paramount — look for gyms with well-maintained, state-of-the-art equipment that can withstand heavy use.

Diversity in equipment is also crucial. A good bodybuilding gym should offer a wide range of free weights, machines, squat racks, benches, and specialized apparatus that cater to all muscle groups and training types, from bulking up to shredding.

Gym Atmosphere and Culture

The atmosphere of a gym can greatly influence your motivation and commitment. A gym with a positive, encouraging atmosphere, populated by like-minded individuals, can make a big difference in your training experience.

Look for a gym where members respect each other’s space and where there is a sense of community and mutual support.

Expertise and Availability of Trainers

Having access to knowledgeable and experienced trainers can be invaluable, especially for beginners or those looking to refine their technique.

Trainers can provide personalized advice, correct form, and create tailored workout plans. Evaluate the qualifications and expertise of the training staff and consider the availability of personal training services.

Membership Options and Pricing

Your budget is an important factor. Compare membership fees, considering any signup costs, monthly rates, and the length of contracts.

Some gyms offer flexible memberships, while others might provide discounts for longer commitments. Ensure the cost aligns with your budget and the value you’re receiving in terms of facilities and services.

Location and Accessibility

The location of the gym should be convenient enough to fit into your daily routine. A gym that’s too far away might become an excuse to skip workouts.

How To Gain Muscle Fast?

See below;

1. Regular In-take of Protein

Regular consumption of Protein will indeed help you in gaining muscle fast, proteinous foods are crucial for muscle growth.

Individuals interested in bodybuilding should consume a considerable amount of Protein per day, a minimum of 1 gram of protein per day is good to start with. 

2. Consumption of More Calories

To gain muscle fast you need to increase your Calorie consumption, you are advised to consume more calories than you burn as an individual.

3. Participating In Strength Training Exercises

Participating in strength training exercises like squirting, weight Lifting, bench press, overhead press e.t.c could help stimulate muscle growth so fast.

4. Consistency

To gain muscle fast you are advised to consistently follow a particular workout routine and stick to it, without wavering.

Take for instance you could participate in three or four workout sessions per week for several months,till you archive the desired result.

5. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated also helps in muscle growth and development,staying hydrated simply means drinking enough water throughout the day.

5 Best Body Building Gyms In Newcastle

Here you will find these body-building gyms in no order of ranking;

  • Anytime Fitness Newcastle
  • JD Gyms Newcastle
  • O’Tooles Health and Fitness
  • Puregym Newcastle Eldon Garden
  • Total Fitness Gym Newcastle

Anytime Fitness Newcastle

Anytime Fitness Newcastle is another outstanding Bodybuilding Gym in Newcastle, this Gym Center is open From Monday to Friday 9 am to 7 pm.

This Gym house is one of the largest and most beautiful Gyms In Newcastle, it’s well Equipped with Modern Cardio equipment like Spin Bikes, Elliptical Cross-trainers, Treadmills e.t.c. 

Anytime Fitness Newcastle also has Strength and free weights equipment like Barbells, Dumbbells, Squat Racks e.t.c.

Gym Amenities

  • Private Restrooms
  • Private Showers
  • Squat Racks
  • Stair Climbers
  • Cardio TVs
  • Rowing Machines
  • Well-spaced Parking Space For Gym Members

Visit Gym Page

Phone: +44-191-580-2247

Address: 200 High Street Gateshead, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Body building gyms in Newcastle
Body building gyms in Newcastle

JD Gyms Newcastle

JD Gyms Newcastle comes next on our list of the top Bodybuilding Gym centers located in Newcastle, this Gym is open 24 hours every day.

This Gym has one of the best Cardio and strength equipment in Newcastle, reason why it’s one of the best destinations for Gym enthusiasts interested in building muscles.

Gym membership fees at JD Gyms Newcastle are charged monthly, participants are expected to pay around 27 euro per month as Gym membership fee.

Surprisingly JD Gyms Newcastle offers close hundred Gym classes Every month, the Gym center has about 250 machines currently.

JD Gym Newcastle is also Equipped with the following Facilities:

  • Well-spaced Changing rooms
  • Sprint and Sled Track
  • Free Packing Space
  • Saunas
  • Boxing Training ring

Phone: 0191-8140-939

O’Tooles Health and Fitness

Phone: 07768-950-495

O’Tooles Health and Fitness Gym is Situated in the Northeastern part of Newcastle, this Gym offers Fitness and boxing-related training.

This Gym offers participants the privilege to Finetune their fighting and boxing skills and also Build their Muscles through its strength Training Classes.

O’tooles Health and Fitness Gym Is open from Monday to Friday from 5:30am To 9:30 pm every week, the Gym house is also open during weekends from 8:00 am to 6:00 pm

Gym Membership Fee

  • Gym membership per day euro
  • Gym membership per week-10 euro
  • Gym membership per month-30 euro
  • Gym membership for a year-300 euro

Gym Equipment

Some of the Major Equipments at O’Tooles and Fitness Gym Include:

  • Full-size boxing ring
  • Prowler
  • Cardiovascular Machines and Equipment
  • Kettlebells
  • Speed Ball
  • Free weights

Puregym Newcastle Eldon Garden

Puregym Newcastle Eldon Garden comes last on our list of The Best Body Building Gyms In Newcastle.

Surprising Puregym Newcastle Eldon Garden has close to three(3) other Gyms in Newcastle, the other Gyms are situated at James Boulevard Street, Jackson Street, and Benton Lane.

The Gym Facility is open to verified Gym members twenty-four(24) hours every day, This Gym conducts close to two hundred (200) classes per week.

However Puregym Newcastle Eldon Garden is among the most Affordable Gyms in Newcastle, the Gym Charges around 14.99 euros per month as Gym membership fee.

Notwithstanding this Body Building Gym has free wifi connection within its environ, giving Gym members Free Internet access while within the Gym venue.

Visit Gym Page

Phone: +44-344-477-0005

Gym Address: Eldon Garden Shopping Centre, Percy Street, Newcastle, United Kingdom

Total Fitness Gym Newcastle

Total Fitness Gym Newcastle is also among the top Gyms for individuals interested in Building muscles, this Gym is situated at Wimslow Way, Wilmslow, Newcastle.

Total Fitness Gym Newcastle also offers Swimming training to individuals interested in Honing their Swimming Skills, Although it comes with an additional cost separate from the normal Gym Membership fee.

The Gym Center is open from Monday to Friday 6:am to 10:pam and also open during Weekends from 8:am to 7:pm.

Total Fitness Gym Newcastle offers Free Wi-Fi connections to its Gym members while using it’s Facility.

However, this Fitness Center has a Fitness app, Where It’s Gym members can make orders or book classes.

Visit Gym Official Pag

Phone: 01352-767-693

Final Thoughts on the Journey Towards Bodybuilding Success in Newcastle

Your journey in bodybuilding is about more than just physical transformation; it’s about setting goals, pushing limits, and building resilience.

The right gym environment can be a powerful push in this journey. In Newcastle, you have the advantage of choice, quality, and community to support you every step of the way.


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