2 year Nursing programs in Canada for international students

There are available 2 year nursing programs in Canada for international students. The health sector remains a necessity if the human race must continue and thrive; for this reason, nursing, which is the pillar of the health sector, stays an in-demand profession. Hence, nursing programs in countries like Canada and how to get into them will always be a serious discussion.

To make studying nursing easier, especially for international students, a 2 year program was rolled out to fast-track the learning period and get qualified nurses into the ever-needy health sector.

So, this nursing program in Canada is a fast-paced learning sprint for nursing students who want to advance in their careers and for students who wish to switch careers but don’t want to start from scratch.

Students with no science background but wish to study nursing the accelerated way must pass through the prerequisite studies before qualifying to join the program.

Meanwhile, practicing nursing has been one of the most lucrative jobs in recent years. Not just its lucrative nature but also the satisfaction that comes with putting smiles back on the faces of people who once felt helpless and hopeless.

To continue helping humankind through training qualified nurses, countries like Canada opened their doors to international students willing to go through the rigorous process of compressing the nursing courses into 2 years and coming out qualified. These schools have become the focal point for anyone coming to Canada with their bags and dreams of becoming a qualified nurse in their hearts.

Furthermore, our duty here is to help you locate these schools that offer a 2 year nursing programs for international students in Canada.

2 year nursing programs in Canada for international students from top schools

See below;

The University of Prince Edward Island

Address: 550 University Ave, Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada C1A 4P3

Phone Number: 902-628-4353


The University of Prince Edward Island runs a 2 year nursing program called Accelerated Bachelor of Science in Nursing. The province was the first in the country to embrace this method of teaching nursing. Because of that, the province has garnered much recognition, placing it at the forefront.

The accelerated nursing program at this university requires students to study and attend to their academics, including clinical hours, the same way the nursing students in a four-year program do. There won’t be breaks in the spring and summer.

More so, the 2 year nursing program starts every January, but application ends on the 15th of July of the previous year. Once the program begins, the accelerated nursing students will be merged with the four-year BScN students in their third year and learn with them until their fourth year.

The University of Toronto

Address: 155 College Street, Suite 130, Toronto, Ontario M5T 1P8, Canada.

Phone Number: (416) 978-2392


The accelerated nursing program at the University of Toronto is internationally recognized. It has a history of graduating exceptional nurses through this program. The university guarantees that its nursing graduates will practice nursing in their respective work settings by

Collaboration with other interprofessional teams

Promoting the health of individuals, families, and even communities.

Maintaining interpersonal and therapeutic relationships

Offering professional health care for the vulnerable and sick of all ages

Acting out social justice and equity and dutifully addressing behaviors that are detrimental to health

Providing health care through multiple, knowledgeable, and authentic means.

Application for this program at the university ends on the 15th of January. Also, there are other rules and regulations that each student must fulfill and adhere to.

Humber College, Toronto, Ontario

Phone Number: 416-675-3111


Humber College is another school that accepts and celebrates diversity by opening its doors to international nursing students. The program demands full-time and discloses all previous education with your transcript.

To be selected for this program, each candidate must satisfy the following criteria:


This means a candidate must have a four-year degree with a CGPA of 3.0 or 74 percent grade. It may also be 60 credit hours. Whichever one must be fulfilled?

English language proficiency

Students from other places whose first language is not English must write an English language proficiency test.

UNB International Credit Evaluation

This is a requirement from the University of New Brunswick. It demands that all international students attend a post-secondary course to fulfill World Education Services (WES) Canada.

The University of British Columbia, Vancouver

Address: 170-6371 Crescent Road Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z2

Phone Number: 6048222848


The University of British Colombia offers this program with extreme care. The university believes that you must be excellent and worthy of the profession. This is why they carefully graduate the best students capable of handling their various jobs.

Furthermore, you must hold a bachelor’s degree with transferrable credits before applying to the school. The school is big on research, and you can apply for a research assistant position as a student. However, you must be present in the class and during clinical hours.

University of Saskatchewan (polytechnic)

Address: Saskatchewan Polytechnic, Saskatoon Campus, Idylwyld Dr.

Phone Number: 306-659-4012


The program span 2 years and provides the students with all the requirement to become a fulfilled and sought-after nurse.

First, be sure to complete a previous four-year bachelor’s in any field but in an accredited school. The students will complete the Saskatchewan Collaborative Bachelor of Science in Nursing (SCBScN) and the Regina-based After Degree Nursing Program (ADNP).

Calgary University

Address: 2500 University Drive NW Calgary Alberta T2N 1N4 Canada.

Phone Number: 403-220-6262


Calgary University holds a 2-year nursing program called the Bachelor of Nursing Accelerated Track (BNAT). It was rolled out to solve the need of students from other academics wishing to move on to a nursing career.

Unlike other universities, the program will be flexible yet loaded. The students will be taught in both theory and practical form. It will equip the students to face and adapt to the ever-growing and challenging medical field. However, there are strict criteria that you must meet before the school considers you for admission.

In a nutshell, Canada is a country that understands and puts education first. They also believe it is more profitable to bring international students to experience its robust educational system and superb scenery and add to the nation’s economy.


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