2 Accredited Dentistry schools in Arizona

Are you interested in dentistry and passionate about helping people wear wonderful smiles? Then a dental career could be for you.


Dentists are available to make sure your oral health is guaranteed. They have excellent interpersonal, organizational, and listening skills.

A dentist is one who is passionate about helping people with their smiles. If that sounds like some of the components you possess and you are considering going into dentistry then a dental school is necessary to make your career dream possible.


Here are the two dentistry schools in Arizona.

1. The Midwestern University College of Dental Medicine

The dental medicine program at Midwestern University prepares you to become an exceptional dentist who improves oral health through scholarly activity, compassionate care, and service to the community.

Their modern simulation labs and research facilities provide you the opportunity to hone your skills and our dental clinics allow you to work with compassionate faculty mentors to provide a wide variety of dental care to patients.

As a doctor of dental medicine (D.M.D.), also known as a dentist, you are trained to diagnose and treat diseases, injuries, and malformations of the teeth and tissues in the mouth, and to give advice and provide care to help prevent future problems.


You help patients learn to take good care of their teeth and gums as part of overall good health. In addition, you extract or repair damaged teeth, remove tooth decay and fill cavities, examine x-rays, perform corrective surgery, and make models to replace missing teeth.

Increasingly, you provide care and instruction aimed at preventing tooth loss, rather than simply providing treatments such as fillings.

Contact: (630) 971-6080

Address: 555 31st St, Downers Grove, IL 60515, United States

Dentistry schools in Arizona

2. ATSU-Arizona School of Dentistry & Oral Health

Arizona School of Dentistry and Oral Health (ASDOH) is a graduate school of dentistry located in the city of Mesa, Arizona, United States, and is affiliated with A.T. Still University.

It was the first dental school in Arizona, having opened its doors in 2003. The curriculum places a large focus on public health.

The school is accredited by the American Dental Association. Applicants must have a minimum cumulative and science grade point average of 2.75 on a four-point scale (3.0. The overall science GPA, the school(s) attended, and the rigor of the academic course load are all assessed on an individual basis.

ASDOH prepares Dental students who are compassionate, and technologically adept to become community and educational leaders who serve those in need.

The school offers students an experience-rich learning environment where health professionals approach patient health as part of an interdisciplinary team.

At ATSU-ASDOH, they not only teach their students about the importance of caring for those who are underserved, they engage their students directly with those communities and integrate those principles in the curriculum and student experience from the first day of dental school.

This is achieved through an innovative curriculum that includes an embedded certificate of dental public health, community-based service learning activities, and the capstone Integrated Community Service Partnerships (ICSP) external clinical rotations.

Contact: 805.621.7651

Address: 1075 E. Betteravia Rd., Ste. 201 Santa Maria, CA 93454

Conclusion on the Dentistry schools in Arizona

Dental school takes three or more years of undergraduate education plus four years of dental school to graduate and become a general dentist. Once you graduate, you will obtain your license.

State licensing boards accept either degree as equivalent, and both degrees allow licensed individuals to practice the same scope of general dentistry in Arizona.

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