11 Top Rated Nursing Homes in South Dakota

There are different nursing homes in South Dakota devoted to delivering excellent nursing services to your loved aged ones.

Nursing homes are increasingly providing medical services similar to those provided in hospitals following surgery, illness, or other unexpected medical problems.

Older people require more care, and hospital stays are shorter than they used to be. Here are a few nursing homes in south Dakota.


Nursing Homes in South Dakota

See below for the list of top nursing homes in South Dakota;

1. Avera Eureka Health Care Center

Avera Eureka Health Care Center exists to serve their community by providing care and housing for those who are elderly or have special needs.

They promote dignity, well-being, and the highest level of functioning and independence for each individual we serve by adhering to values of compassion, hospitality, and stewardship.

North Central Health Services of Spearfish, SD, built a new $1.8 million facility in 1989, which became part of Lutheran Health System in 1993.

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The long-term care center was purchased by Avera St. Luke’s Hospital in Aberdeen, SD, in 2002, and the name was changed to Avera Eureka Health Care Center.

Address: 202 J Ave, Eureka, SD 57437, United States

Contact: +1 605-284-2145

2. Menno Olivet Care Center

The Menno-Olivet Care Center is a private nonprofit corporation that was founded in 1969 and broke ground on October 25, 1970. The facility’s first resident was admitted on December 1, 1971. MOCC began with 37 beds and added 12 more in 1975, bringing the total bed capacity to 49. A 40×80 dining room and activities area were added in 1996.

An east wing was added in 2000 to expand the therapy area, provide office space, and increase the number of available private rooms. In July of 2009, assisted living services were added. They currently have eight assisted living beds and 41 long-term care beds.

They are proud of their history and strive to continue providing high-quality care to the seniors they serve. Their primary goal is to ensure the health and well-being of all of their residents. Each resident must be treated with dignity, honor, courtesy, consideration, and patience.

MOCC’s daily work reflects the basic human need to love and be loved. They believe that a job well done is the greatest reward, and they seek to hire people with caring characteristics because they  can train someone for this work, but kindness and love come from the heart.

Contact: +1 605-387-5139

Address: 402 S Pine St, Menno, SD 57045, United States

3. Spearfish Canyon Healthcare

Spearfish Canyon Healthcare was founded in 1956 in the Spearfish area. The facility has provided long-term care to thousands of local residents and collaborated on patient discharges with the local hospital.

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They are the only facility in the northern Black Hills that offers skilled nursing home memory care. Their residential rehab and skilled nursing services at Spearfish Canyon Healthcare offer their patients a high level of care.

Enjoy quality care in a beautiful setting with all of the comforts of home. Choose between private or shared accommodations with access to our cutting-edge rehabilitation gym, physical therapists, and other amenities.

In order to promote independence, they assist their residents in managing pain, wounds, and other aspects of health. Maintaining quality of life in your later years or after an injury can be difficult, but with a 24-hour skilled nursing team on call, you can start your road to recovery.

Spearfish Canyon Healthcare offers customized care plans for senior healthcare services in Spearfish, delivering strong support regardless of your case’s complexity.

Their elder healthcare services include memory care, physical therapy, pain management, and more, and their skilled nursing services are provided in a beautiful setting with all of the comforts of home and complete physician oversight.

Contact: +1 605-642-2716

Address: 1020 N 10th St, Spearfish, SD 57783, United States

4. Pioneer Memorial Nursing Home

Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services, founded in 1959 as a private, non-profit organization, is dedicated to health, healing, and community.

A local nine-member Board of Directors governs it independently. Pioneer Memorial entered into a management agreement with Sanford Health (formerly Sioux Valley Hospitals & Health System) in 1991.

This affiliation with a larger health system benefits our patients by giving them access to hundreds of specialty physicians as well as the additional expertise required to expand and develop our services. Pioneer Memorial Hospital & Health Services is a forward-thinking leader committed to providing the highest quality medical, health, and senior living services.

Contact: +1 605-326-5161

Address: 315 N Washington St, Viborg, SD 57070, United States

5. Morgan Lane Village Assisted Living

Morgan Lane Village, Tea, South Dakota’s premier assisted living facility. Tea Housing & Redevelopment Commission owns and operates them, and they are fully licensed by the South Dakota Department of Health. Morgan Lane Village’s mission is to honor each of their residents by making them feel valued and connected.

Residents can live comfortably and lead full, active lives here. Morgan Lane Village assists residents in achieving their goals of remaining as self-sufficient as possible for as long as possible. Family members can rest assured that their loved ones are safe and well-cared for by their compassionate staff.

Morgan Lane Village offers various levels of assisted living care, including healthy, homecooked meals, hygiene, healthcare, and housekeeping assistance.

Contact: +1 605-213-1200

Address: 540 Morgan Ln, Tea, SD 57064, United States

6. Aurora-Brule Nursing Home

The Aurora-Brule Care & Rehab team works tirelessly to provide our residents with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle.

After all, they spend their days and nights here. They concentrate their efforts on the specific needs and desires of our residents. As a result, they are truly committed to their residents. Here, you’ll find a wide range of healthcare professionals, including licensed nurses (RNs and LPNs).

Their activities director, health services director, business office manager, housekeeping services staff, and dining services staff, led by their dining services director, are also important community staff members.

In addition, the community has developed relationships with third-party providers such as doctors and occupational, speech, and physical therapists. Community members are well-connected in the South Dakota medical community and can help you make connections.

Aurora-Brule Care & Rehab, in collaboration with Caring Professionals Inc., aims to provide you and your family with high-quality care in a variety of settings. We have a maximum bed capacity of 77 and are Medicare and Medicaid certified.

They are fully prepared to meet your needs by providing long-term skilled care, assisted living, in-patient therapy, and out-patient therapy. Located directly between Mitchell and Chamberlain, South Dakota.

Also, they are conveniently located off I-90 in the charming town of White Lake, SD. When the time comes, they can provide Hospice Services to residents and their families.

They provide a caring, respectful environment in which this process can take place naturally and peacefully. They believe that their community’s social, emotional, and recreational needs are just as important as its medical needs. To that end, they have made their facility available to a variety of regional groups.

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They want to participate in everything from car races to Easter egg hunts. It is critical for the individual to be involved in the community. They are fully prepared to meet your needs by providing long-term skilled care, assisted living, in-patient therapy, and out-patient therapy. The Aurora-Brule Care & Rehab team works tirelessly to provide our residents with a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle. They genuinely care about the people in their care.

Contact: +1 605-249-2216

Address: 408 S Johnston St, White Lake, SD 57383, United States

7. Lake Andes Health Care Center

Everyone who lives, visits, or works at Lake Andes Senior Living is treated with the same respect, compassion, and dignity that they would all like to be treated with.

This is due to the fact that they are all in this together. Despite their common goals, they understand how important it is for everyone to have individuality, independence, and choice.

They are a caring, licensed skilled nursing community that specializes in long-term care. Their address is 740 East Lake Street. Lake Andes Senior Living is the ideal location in Southeast South Dakota for skilled nursing care.

Contact: +1 605-487-7674

Address: 740 E Lake St, Lake Andes, SD 57356, United States

8. Sunset Manor Avera

Sunset Manor Avera is a 50-bed skilled nursing facility located in a quiet neighborhood in Irene, South Dakota, with additional levels of care that include assisted living and rehabilitation. They are a nonprofit, community-owned corporation governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Irene residents.

As they uphold Avera’s Christian tradition of respect for human dignity and the value of each individual, you will have immediate access to premier health care services through the Avera system.

Assisted living is a transitional care option between independent living at home or in a senior apartment and long-term skilled nursing care. Residents are assisted with meal preparation, medication administration, bathing, and other daily tasks. Residents of assisted living facilities have access to all activities and opportunities.

Contact: +1 605-263-3318

Address: 129 E Clay St, Irene, SD 57037, United States

9. Fay Wookey Memorial Assisted Living

The Wookey Center was established in memory of our mother and grandmother, Fay Wookey. They welcome your participation in the Center. By sharing the responsibilities of caregiving, the Wookey “family” and those close to you will form a partnership.

You will not lose touch with the community at the Wookey Center. Through activities and involvement, they aim to integrate residents into the community. Clark’s small town atmosphere will appeal to you whether you are a local or new to the area.

If you require assistance and support, they offer an excellent service for those who require additional care. Their residents include those who would have been institutionalized in the past due to their special needs.

The Wookey Center is licensed under the definition of “assisted living care” by the South Dakota Department of Health. The Wookey Center encourages independence, interdependence, and uniqueness. Their emphasis is on self-care with the assistance of their knowledgeable staff.

Contact: +1 605-532-5799

Address: 700 N Smith St, Clark, SD 57225, United States

10. The Wellshire Park Place

The Wellshire is more than just an assisted living facility; it is a vibrant community where residents participate in engaging activities, form friendships, and enjoy an unrivaled level of personal freedom and security.

At The Wellshire, they  encourage personal independence, allowing couples who have always lived together to stay together and individuals to make new friends and explore new interests.

Their residences offer their guests the independence and security of a private apartment, as well as the superior medical care they require to live comfortably and if the need arises, their adjacent Avantara campus offers residents the next level of care and rehabilitation.

Meals at The Wellshire are always prepared with care, using only the finest ingredients and recipes. Their registered dietitian ensures that each meal is nutritionally balanced and meets the medical needs of the residents.

They believe that the social aspects of dining are just as important as the nutritional ones at The Wellshire, so they encourage residents to dine together in the main dining room.

Contact: +1 605-432-5695

Address: 1105 S 2nd St, Milbank, SD 57252, United States

11. Bethesda Towne Square

On December 26, 1969, Bethesda Home opened its doors as a skilled nursing care facility on a 22-acre campus in Aberdeen, SD.

The Bethesda Sharing Center opened in 1981 to provide child care for Bethesda Home employees. Later, services to the community were expanded to include infant daycare and preschool. Bethesda Parkside Apartments was founded in 1985 in response to a vision for a continuum of care.

Its name was changed to Parkside Retirement Community in 1993. Bethesda Towne Square opened in 1997 to provide assisted living services and to fill a gap in services between our nursing facility and retirement community. Bethesda Home completed a renovation project in 2001 to provide 86 private rooms.

In 2008, Bethesda In-Home Community Services began providing care to people in their homes. The Adult Day Health Center, which opened in November 2014, offers personalized care to help people stay at home longer.

Contact: +1 605-225-7600

Address: 1425 15th Ave SE, Aberdeen, SD 57401, United States

Conclusion on the Nursing Homes in South Dakota

Nursing homes offer nutritional counseling, social work services, and recreational activities, in addition to respite, hospice, and end-of-life care.

However, it is critical to understand the goals of care in a nursing home as well as what to expect during a nursing home stay.

Nursing homes are not hospitals, and you may not receive the same level of care in terms of testing, evaluations, and other team members.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How much do you have to make in South Dakota to qualify for Medicaid?

Requirements for Eligibility

The Social Security Administration or the Department of Social Services must determine that the individual is disabled. The individual’s monthly income and resources must be less than 300 percent of the SSI Standard Benefit Amount ($2,523).

  1. In South Dakota, does Medicaid cover assisted living?

Individuals in Assisted Living Facilities, Nursing Homes, or Homes in South Dakota are eligible for Medicaid. Individuals living in assisted living facilities, nursing homes, or homes who meet all eligibility criteria may be eligible for South Dakota Medicaid. A person must be at least 65 years old.

  1. How many nursing homes are there in South Dakota?

Reports on Nursing Facility Surveys in South Dakota

South Dakota has 110 nursing Homes listed


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