10 Top Therapists in El Paso

Therapy can be an effective treatment option for a variety of mental and emotional issues. Talking about your feelings and thoughts with a supportive person can often make you feel better.

It can be very healing in and of itself to express your concerns or talk about something that is bothering you.

And it feels good to be heard to know that someone else is concerned about you and wants to assist you.


Therapists in El Paso

A therapist is one that has been trained for this. Here are a few Therapists in El Paso.

1. Counseling of El Paso, PLLC

Guillermo A. Castaeda, despite being born in Mexico City, is a true El Pasoan. He works as a hypnotherapist and a mental health counselor.

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He has a master’ in Education with a concentration in Mental Health Counseling from The University of Texas at El Paso, as well as a diploma in Hypnotherapy from the Hypnosis Motivational Institute. In his personal life, he has a lovely wife and three wonderful dogs with whom he finds solace. He is learning to play the piano, and he enjoys exercising and reading as hobbies to take care of himself and have fun.

His treatment approach is eclectic because he believes that one size does not fit all, but he bases his counseling on a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approach because it has been empirically studied as a treatment for a variety of issues. Connections with oneself and others are a theme that he is particularly interested in.

They have healthier lifestyles when they have strong relationships because their brain is healthy and sends the right signals.

He is currently fascinated by the relationship between their thoughts, emotions, and health, and he is developing counseling based on innovative research-based neurological connections. He also enjoys working with depression, emotional distress, or anxiety, as well as addictions, stress, or just about any other issue that is negatively impacting your mental health.

Contact: +1 915-209-1234

Address: 6955 N Mesa St #304, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

2. A Better Place for Therapy

They provide a wide range of mental health services that are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual client. Even though they are currently conducting most sessions remotely, they can assist you in almost any capacity you may require.

Their foundation is built on experienced counselors who provide an environment in which you, the client, can get the most out of your therapy session. They provide a wide range of services, from grief counseling to EMDR therapy for trauma-related histories. Furthermore, they do not discriminate against anyone and welcome clients from all walks of life.

Leslie Harvey is a native El Pasoan who returned to the city after conducting extensive practical field research on human behavior in Maui, Hawaii. Leslie’s travels throughout the United States, Canada, and Europe have broadened her perspective, which is reflected in her approach to psychotherapy.

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Leslie returned to El Paso shortly after and began graduate school at Sul Ross State University, where she earned a Master of Education in Clinical Counseling in 2011. Leslie has experience working in an adolescent unit of a local mental health facility before transitioning to the adult, acute unit of the same mental health hospital. Leslie then spent the next several years working in community mental health in New Mexico. Leslie finished her training in evidence-based trauma treatment (EMDR/Bilateral Stimulation) in 2014. Leslie worked as a Coordinator for the New Mexico Sexual Assault Coalition for five years while working in Community Mental Health in New Mexico. Leslie also worked with adult probationers in the state and federal criminal justice systems.

She initiated and oversaw evidence-based substance abuse treatment for probationers. Leslie also collaborated closely with Juvenile Justice, creating programming for adolescents on probation. Leslie employs an eclectic therapy approach that promotes empathy, tolerance, and the suspension of judgment.

Leslie enjoys expressive art and working with the most vulnerable population, children. Leslie has been studying to become a Registered Play Therapist in order to help children who have experienced traumatic events or who are the children of divorcing or separating parents.

Contact: +1 915-201-0702

Address: 1155 Westmoreland Dr Ste 215, El Paso, TX 79925, United States

3. Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson, Ph.D., M.S. PsyPharm

Dr. Elizabeth L. Richeson practices psychology in El Paso, Texas. She helps adults and adolescents with depression, divorce recovery, eating disorders, and other issues.

Dr. Richeson has completed all of the requirements for the PSYPACT Authority to Practice Interjurisdictional Telepsychology (APIT).

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The office is located on Sunland Park Drive, just off Interstate-10, on El Paso’s Westside. Dr. Richeson is available to speak for your organization or school. She gives talks on a variety of topics, including health, career, family, and teen dating violence.

Contact: +1 915-584-3636

Address: 600 Sunland Park Dr #100, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

4. El Paso Counseling Associates, Inc

Chris Ramirez MS, NCC, LPC-S is an Arizona native who graduated from the University of Arizona in Tucson with a B. A. in psychiatry He earned an M.S. Our Lady of the Lake University in San Antonio, Texas, awarded her a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology.

Mr. Ramirez established his private practice in El Paso, Texas, in 2002. Mr. Ramirez has previously worked for Child Protective Services in El Paso and San Antonio, the San Antonio Independent School District, the Mexican American Unity Council, a non-profit organization in San Antonio, the Pointe Residential Treatment Center in Santa Teresa, New Mexico, the Juvenile Probation Department for the Challenge Program Boot Camp in El Paso, and the El Paso Independent School District as a consultant. Mr. Ramirez currently teaches psychology at El Paso Community College. Mr. Ramirez is also a member of the American Psychological Association and an approved supervisor for LPC interns.

Contact: +1 915-778-4243

Address: 10921 Pellicano Dr #118, El Paso, TX 79935, United States

5. The Talk Shop

Rochelle Middletona is a Licensed Professional Counselor who offers individual counseling to people who are feeling stuck, suffering from depression, anxiety, stress, anger, trauma, and life-changing events such as divorce, ending a relationship, losing a job, moving to another town, children leaving home, and much more.

For those who require professional assistance in dealing with their problems. Her Master’s degree is in Family, Marriage, and Child Therapy.

She has over 7 years of counseling experience in both an inpatient psychiatric hospital setting and a private practice/out-patient therapy setting. She works with preteens, teenagers, adults, military personnel on active duty, and veterans.

Although she uses a variety of treatment models, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is her go-to model for therapy.

Contact: +1 915-444-8003

Address: 619 E Crosby Ave, El Paso, TX 79902, United States

6. El Paso Psychological Services

Dr. Kepple is a Licensed Psychologist in El Paso, Texas. He returned to his hometown after completing his active-duty commission as a Captain in the United States Air Force.

Also, Dr. Kepple gained extensive experience as a Special Operations Psychologist in providing evidence-based psychological treatment to address a wide range of psychopathology in a diverse clinical population. Dr. Kepple completed his formal training at the Wilford Hall Ambulatory Services Psychological Residency (APA-accredited) at Lackland Air Force Base in San Antonio, TX, and his Doctorate degree in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Kepple employs a focused and dynamic approach to providing psychological treatment, assessment, education, and consultation in his practice.

Contact: +1 915-996-2247

Address: 221 N Kansas St Suite 724, El Paso, TX 79901, United States

7. New Dawn Psychotherapy

The mission of New Dawn Psychotherapy is to provide individualized, compassionate counseling services based on the highest level of care. They believe that counseling is a journey of self-discovery, and that their role is to facilitate this process so that their clients can achieve their goals and reach their full potential.

Counseling services are tailored to each client’s needs and can be delivered in individual, couple, or family sessions. Loreli Leos earned a Bachelor of Science in psychology from UTEP and a Master of Science in Counseling from Webster University. Loreli has over ten years of experience in the mental health field.

She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, families, and couples in both outpatient and residential settings. Although she is primarily trained in Cognitive Behavior Therapy, she also employs expressive arts therapies such as Art Therapy and Sandtray Therapy.

All of these can be used to treat ADHD, Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Anxiety, Depression, and other conditions.

Contact: +1 915-584-5105

Address: 230 Thunderbird Dr, El Paso, TX 79912, United States

8. American Counseling Service

Michael K. Wadea is a Licensed Professional Counselor Supervisor (LPC-S) and a Nationally Board Certified Counselor, and he offers psychotherapy services in the El Paso area. His counseling approach is person-centered.

  • Trauma-informed therapy for their military and civilian communities
  • LGBTQIA therapy for individuals on issues of gender identity and/or sexual orientation
  • Addiction therapy/treatment for Alcoholism and Sex addictions

Contact: +1 915-277-0300

Address: 2104 Yandell Dr Suite #9, El Paso, TX 79903, United States

9. Shannon Sawyer PLLC dba Sawyer Behavioral Health

Sawyer Behavior Health’s founder and clinical director are Shannon Sawyer. She is a Registered Play Therapist who has a master’s degree in Professional Counseling from Liberty University.

Shannon teaches at the University of Texas at El Paso’s Department of Psychology and Educational Services outside of the office.

She is also a member of the American Counseling Association, Christian Counselors of America, and the Association for Play Therapy. Shannon uses her firsthand experience as the spouse of a retired service member to bring compassion and understanding to every guest in her office, including service members, families, children, and adults.

Contact: +1 915-533-8696

Address: 4157 Rio Bravo St, El Paso, TX 79902, United States


Monica McGowan is a National Certified Counselor, a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT), and a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) (NCC).

She has been counseling for six years and she is passionate about assisting individuals, couples, and families in living and maintaining healthy, productive lives.

Her goal is to empower others to take control of their lives. She wants to assist others in healing from past wounds, coping with life’s challenges, communicating effectively, and enjoying relationships with family and friends.

Contact: +1 915-209-3957

Address: 1520 N Campbell St, El Paso, TX 79902, United States

Conclusion on therapists in El Paso

Life sometimes seems to have it in for us and we never seem to get a break. In reality, we will always have moments over which we have little to no control, but we can always control how we react to those moments. A therapist can help you go through it.

See below for the answers to the most a sked questions about the top therapists in El Paso;

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is physical therapy covered by insurance?

Services such as therapist visits, group therapy, and emergency mental healthcare are typically covered by health insurance plans.

Addiction rehabilitation services are also provided. Therapy can be costly, whether or not you have insurance.

  1. How much does a therapy session cost on average in Texas?

Some therapists may charge up to $200 or more per session, but the majority will charge $75-$150. Many therapists use a sliding scale fee schedule, which means that their fee is determined by your income level.

  1. How much does therapy in El Paso cost?

Many therapists in the United States are comfortable charging $200 or more per session, and in some cases, the average price of a therapy session in El Paso, TX ranges from $85 to $150.


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