10 Best Chiropractors in Iowa

There are many benefits accruing from the services of the chiropractors in Iowa. Sit tight as we unravel the professionals in Iowa with the best chiropractic practices.

Everyone desires a healthy body and bone, Chiropractors find the problems and fix them, leaving us feeling refreshed and almost renewed.

Iowa is a Midwestern U.S. state that sits between the Missouri and Mississippi rivers. It’s known for its landscape of rolling plains and cornfields.


Chiropractors in Iowa

Here is a list of Chiropractors in Iowa to take care of our health.

1. Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa

For the best chiropractic patient experience, folks who live and work in the area should head to Chiropractic Clinic of Iowa (CCI).

This experience begins with their knowledgeable and compassionate team, who work together with the doctors to deliver the best chiropractic therapy possible.

To achieve each patient’s unique treatment objectives, the doctors create individualized treatment programs. They also have a sizable therapy section there for the convenience of their patients. To assist you in achieving optimal health, they can offer decompression, electrical muscle stimulation, and core strengthening in addition to chiropractic adjustments.

Dr. Bradley has spent more than 30 years in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where he was born and raised. He has always desired to work in the healing arts and considers it a privilege and an honor to practice chiropractic care. Dr. Bradley originally intended to attend medical school (his great grandfather and great great grandfather were both physicians), but while in college he “found” chiropractic.

He saw for himself the amazing outcomes of chiropractic and decided to devote his life to the practice of chiropractic. Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, Iowa is where Dr. Bradley received his chiropractic training.

Address: 214 Blairs Ferry Rd NE, Cedar Rapids, IA 52402, United States

Contact: +1 319-378-1515

2. Complete Chiropractic

Their Iowa City chiropractors at Complete Chiropractic try their best to assist you comprehend how they may benefit you and your family.

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Their office is conveniently situated on Highway 1 West, minutes from Iowa City’s downtown. It is located on the north side of the road, just next to Hudson’s Southside Tap, if you are traveling west from the Riverside Drive and Highway 1 crossroads. Harbor Freight Tools and they both park in the same lot.

Considering all the possibilities, it can be difficult to choose the correct chiropractor. Dr. Dickerson is a specialist at identifying and fixing issues that get in the way of your body’s overall health since he is a Certified Chiropractic Sports Physician.

Because they react more slowly than adults, have less coordination, and are still growing and developing, younger patients are more prone to injury. Sports chiropractors treat more retirees who wish to keep their athletic abilities by removing acute and chronic pain, boosting flexibility, strengthening strength and balance, and improving general quality of life as the baby boomer demographic ages.

Sports chiropractors have a thorough awareness of how the musculoskeletal system works during movement, including that of elite athletes as well as daily tasks. The top tier of chiropractors are sports chiropractors, and they have a depth of knowledge and specialized training that can help you perform at your best.

Address: 474 Hwy 1 W, Iowa City, IA 52246, United States

Contact: +1 319-499-8158

3. Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness

Drs. Jess and Jake Young, chiropractors in Iowa City, can help you feel better whether you have persistent aches and pains or aren’t feeling well enough to exercise. They are excited to meet you and find out about your health concerns and objectives.

At Black & Gold Chiropractic & Wellness, the goal is to put you on the road to wellness so you can pursue all of your passions.

Whether they are looking after young children, elderly people, or anyone in between, they care about how comfortable you are.

Drs. Jess and Jake will take the time to sit down and get to know you. They want to assist you because they are sensitive, caring, and passionate about what they do. Drs. Jess and Jake will assist you in overcoming your challenges.

Address: 404 E College St Ste 401, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

Contact: +1 319-337-6000

4. Vernon Family Chiropractic – Dr. Craig Vernon

Chiropractor Dr. Craig Vernon serves Altoona and the neighborhood. No matter if you are dealing with back pain, neck discomfort, headaches, or even muscular stiffness and stress, Vernon Family Chiropractic’s chiropractor and the rest of the friendly team are dedicated to bringing you the best chiropractic care needed.

After an accident, after being hurt, or if you have a particular condition like persistent back pain or a spinal issue, you could be looking for pain relief.

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Their chiropractor can assist you in achieving your everyday wellness objectives, even if you want to improve your general health! For more than 30 years, Vernon Family Chiropractic has been providing care to Iowa residents.

They are a locally based, family-run business. Dr. Vernon is a trustworthy chiropractor that offers a variety of treatments, such as massage therapies, pain alleviation, exercises, adjustments for the extremities, and more.

Vernon Family Chiropractic places a greater emphasis on overall health as opposed to conventional medicine’s focus on trying to treat disease after it manifests, in an effort to decrease your risk of pain and sickness.

This is one of the key causes of their wellness center’s massive increase in popularity. Some people will experience a return to a pleasant and familiar place with Vernon Family Chiropractic, bringing a rediscovery of health and wellness that had been previously known but long lost.

Address: 705 2nd Ave SW suite a, Altoona, IA 50009, United States

Contact: +1 515-967-3996

5. Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC of Iowa City

You can count on Bowman Chiropractic Associates, PC in Iowa City to support you in living the life you love.

They are easily accessible and conveniently situated in Iowa City. They are disability accessible and have free parking. Drs. Christine Bowman and Ryan 1999 Palmer College of Chiropractic graduate. Since then, they have co-managed a chiropractic clinic in Coralville or Iowa City that is rated in the top 5% in the nation.

Drs. Bowman is renowned for setting an exemplary standard for wellness and health. They are aware that people value getting treatment and counsel from medical professionals who lead healthy lifestyles.

Address: 2501 N Dodge St, Iowa City, IA 52245, United States

Contact: +1 319-354-2468

6. Iowa City Family Chiropractic

A welcoming environment may be found at Iowa City Family Chiropractic. They are the chiropractic office in Iowa City that can assist you if you’re seeking strategies to enhance your athletic performance, dietary guidance, or acute pain treatment.

Dr. Jason Cupp is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic and a native of Northwest Iowa. He played baseball in college and was quite involved in sports. After graduating, he worked as an associate physician in Ames for a wonderful physician and mentor. He relocated to Iowa City in May of 2001 and established Iowa City Family Chiropractic.

One of his professional objectives is to acquire as much knowledge as he can in order to continuously raise the level of service that they offer.

Nutrition, rehabilitation, treatment of children and expectant women, athletic performance, and wellness care are a few of the topics he has researched. The broader Iowa City area’s chiropractic requirements are a priority for Iowa City Family Chiropractic. Their goal is to serve and enhance everyone’s wellbeing, regardless of where they are.

Address: 24 Sturgis Corner Dr, Iowa City, IA 52246, United States

Contact: +1 319-688-2974

7. Bella Vita Chiropractic and Wellness

The chiropractors and massage therapists at Bella Vita Chiropractic & Wellness are there to help you, your family, and friends achieve great health via excellent care.

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The term Bella Vita, which translates to “beautiful life,” stands for an integrative health and wellness facility where they welcome everyone to excellent health and wellness. In addition to chiropractic care, they also provide Kinesio Taping, massage therapy, Reiki, nutritional counseling, and supplement recommendations.

  • Jordan M. DeGrazia M.A. went to the University of Nebraska Wesleyan had a Bachelor of Arts degree there,
  • he also had a Bachelor of Science in National University of Health Sciences (formerly National College of Chiropractic).
  • From West Virginia University he earned his masters of arts
  • National University of Health Sciences’ chiropractic school (formerly National College of Chiropractic)
  • Chiropractic Technique Activator Methods Advanced Rated

With his wife Kristen, their three daughters Mason, Maia, and Tess, as well as their dog Rosie, Dr. DeGrazia resides in Iowa City.

Address: 610 Eastbury Dr #3, Iowa City, IA 52245, United States

Contact: +1 319-887-6992

8. Garner Chiropractic Center, PC

Dr. Marc Fritz uses chiropractic care to improve the health and wellness of his patients in all aspects of their lives, whether they are suffering from back pain or neck pain or simply want to feel better. He clearly enjoys what he does.

Patients always appreciate his commitment to their well-being. After graduating from Southwest Minnesota State University and Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Fritz established the practice in 2007. Dr. Fritz received numerous awards at Palmer and graduated as valedictorian of his class. His enthusiasm for learning has not waned.

Dr. Fritz is constantly reading and researching advances in the chiropractic field. Dr. Fritz is still giving back to the community.

He is a member of the Garner Rotary Club, the Garner Lions Club, the North Central Iowa Chiropractic Society’s president, and the Prairie View Board of Directors. He is also very involved in his church, St. Boniface. Dr. Fritz enjoys archery, hunting, working out at the rec center, and spending time with his wife and daughters in his spare time.

Address: 680 US-18, Garner, IA 50438, United States

Contact; +1 641-923-2940

9. Iowa Falls Chiropractic Clinic

Their goals at Iowa Falls Chiropractic is to reduce pain, increase mobility, and eliminate the need for medications. They want to assist you in feeling your best. Their team provides the most advanced chiropractic care technologies, as well as a variety of other services, to help you live a better life right now.

They know their industry like the back of their hands, having worked in it for over 25 years. There is no such thing as a small or large challenge, and they dedicate themselves to every client they meet and every project they undertake. Chandler Krukow, M.D.

In April 2021, he graduated from Northwestern Health and Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota.

Iowa Falls, Iowa is his hometown. IASTM, Nasal Release Technique (NRT), muscle/nutritional testing are some of his specialties. Hobbies include traveling, running, socializing with friends and family, playing board games, and fetch with his dog.

Address: 11323 US-65, Iowa Falls, IA 50126, United States

Contact: +1 641-648-2446

10. Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic

They provide a high level of specialized care at Plumb Tree Family Chiropractic in Iowa City that is exclusively focused on your needs for health and wellness.

Chiropractic, in their opinion, is about more than just getting rid of pain; it’s also about promoting a way of life in which they urge their patients to actively pursue and preserve their utmost health and vitality.

The PTFC is a welcoming atmosphere for families where they take a gentle approach to improving the general health and wellbeing of the entire family. Patients of all ages, from newborn babies to the elderly, are welcomed by Dr. Dana. The INSIGHT neurospinal scanning technology is used by PTFC to find and track latent tension in the spinal cord, with a focus on reproductive health, pediatrics, and improving athletic performance.

Subluxations, which are harmful stress patterns, disrupt your spine and have an adverse effect on your general health and wellbeing. Due to the relatively silent nature of subluxations, symptoms and pain may not show up until some initial damage has been done.

Your body was designed to heal itself, but when a subluxation happens, it is unable to do so properly. Their patients’ and their families’ nervous systems must be screened using these cutting-edge sensing technologies so that they can give their expert, trustworthy advice and prescribe the most appropriate care.

They are dedicated to supporting a drug-free approach to family healthcare while igniting each patient’s innate capacity for healing.

Address: 791 Silver Charm Ln, Iowa City, IA 52240, United States

Contact: +1 319-333-1299

Conclusion on the Chiropractors in Iowa

Using a range of chiropractic therapies and techniques, chiropractors can develop a chiropractic care plan for you.

For a longer-lasting benefit, all of the active therapies rebuild and fortify the spine’s supporting tissues.

They also go through some ergonomic guidelines with you so you can operate more effectively and comfortably. You only have one spine, take care of it properly.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to the questions relating to the chiropractors in Iowa;

  1. Can chiropractors help with colds?

Over 2,800 people received regular chiropractic care, and the average number of colds and flu cases decreased. According to the World Chiropractic Alliance, spinal adjustments can improve the function of your immune system.

  1. How much does a chiropractic adjustment typically cost?

What Are the Costs of Chiropractic Adjustments? The cost of a chiropractic adjustment varies depending on your location, reason for care, provider, and treatment plan. It varies greatly and can range from $30 to $300 per visit.

  1. How much does a chiropractor in Iowa charge?

Without insurance, the cost of an initial consultation, examination, and treatment is usually between $75 and $100. Additional visits will cost between $55 and $65. Costs will vary depending on the level of care you require.


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