What happens when a woman is circumcised? 1st Female Genital Mutilation Case Prosecution In United States

what happens when a woman is circumcised? Experts believe female genital mutilation has slowly been picking up speed across the country — it’s estimated that FGM cases have tripled since 1990.

In April of 2017, a Michigan-based doctor was arrested, along with two others, on genital mutilation charges — the first time anyone has faced female cutting charges in the United States. But while it’s the first case to involve criminal charges, that doesn’t mean it’s the first time female genital mutilation (FGM) has happened in the states or what happens when a woman is circumcised?

The doctor in Michigan, Dr. Jumana Nagarwala, stands accused of performing the illegal procedure at a clinic in Detroit. Police say she is part of a larger “conspiracy” that has caused as many as 100 girls in Michigan and surrounding states to undergo the procedure in more than a decade.

Prosecutors aim to prove that the mutilation began 12 years ago, according to The Detroit News, which reports that girls were treated at the clinic for “problems with their genitals.” One girl involved in the case reportedly told the FBI that Nagarwala “pinched” her “on the place where she goes pee.”

A medical examination revealed that her genitals appeared abnormal, with the presence of scar tissue.

Another alleged victim had an incision and a small tear on her genitals, according to court documents. Defense lawyers in the case maintain that the procedure was not genital mutilation, and they claim that the government is “overreaching,” so is important you know what happens when a woman is circumcised.

The USCIS hypothesizes that the increase is due to a rise in immigration from countries where FGM is practiced, and that women and girls from Egypt, Ethiopia, and Somalia are most at risk.

“Many people do not understand how rampant [FGM] truly is and how detrimental it has been to the lives of millions of women.” or what happens when a woman is circumcised?
FGM can cause significant health problems such as severe bleeding, issues with urination, infections, cysts, and childbirth complications.

Sadly, FGM has been performed on an estimated 200 million girls and women alive today. The prevalence of this procedure is largely seen in countries in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia, but is not limited to these regions.

While Nagarwala’s case is the first to be tried in court, experts believe FGM may be going on elsewhere in the States. Frank S. Ravitch, Professor of Law and Walter H. Stowers Chair in Law & Religion at Michigan State University, tells Bustle that there are likely “underground” practices of FGM in the U.S.

National Ambassador to Ethiopia Hannah Godefa delivers a speech at the ‘Girl Summit 2014’ in Walworth Academy on July 22, 2014 in London, England, where new anti-FGM measures were announced.
Many people in the States still have a lot of misconceptions about what the practice entails.

For example, the false assumption that FGM only happens to women and girls of other nations. Lisa O‘ Leary, Communications Officer at End FGM European Network, explains to Bustle that “many people do not understand how rampant [FGM] truly is and how detrimental it has been to the lives of millions of women.”

I am glad you now know what happens what happens when a woman is circumcised?


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