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Best Immune-Boosting Gifts for the Holiday Season

Best Immune-Boosting Gifts for the Holiday Season

chibueze uchegbu | January 3rd, 2023

You can’t blame it all on the weather. The winter holidays also play a role in the increased chance of getting sick this time of the year.

Changes in schedules and routines can weaken the immune system. Considering how easy it is to “catch something” over the holidays, gifts that help friends and family boost their immune systems can go a long way. Don’t neglect including a gift bundle containing an immune booster for kids.

Elderberry Essentials

Elderberry has enjoyed a long and continuous history of helping to prevent and shorten the duration of colds and flu.

The fifth-century B.C. Father of Medicine, Hippocrates, referred to this small dark berry as “nature’s medicine chest.” Elderberries contain natural antioxidants that can reduce inflammation by helping the body to combat harmful free radicals.

Eliminating these unstable molecules produces an anti-inflammatory effect that reduces swelling and pain. Overall, the flavonoids and anthocyanins found in elderberries can strengthen the body’s immune system so that it provides better protection against pathogens.

When giving healthy holiday gifts, keep the kids in mind. Elderberry gummies provide all of the immune-boosting benefits in a tasty format that children as young as three can take and enjoy.

When choosing elderberry gummies, select one that also includes vitamin C and zinc. The combination of these three ingredients results in a powerful immune system boost.

Iron Supplementation

After the first six months, newborns run out of the maternal iron reserves that they stored up prior to birth.

Since breast milk does not contain enough iron to produce the amount of oxygen-carrying hemoglobin that an infant needs, supplementation or iron-fortified foods become necessary.

This is a good time for a newborn bundle that includes an iron supplement to enter the picture, which also makes it a great gift idea.

Research shows that iron plays a fundamental role in how the immune system develops in infants. Iron deficiency can prevent the immune system from launching an adequate defense against infection. It’s estimated that about 40% of children who are deficient in iron develop frequent infections.

If babies or children don’t get enough iron, their hemoglobin levels can decrease to a point where their red blood cells are unable to carry enough oxygen.

When this vital oxygen transport system can’t do its job properly, the condition known as anemia results. In addition to a compromised immune system, infants and growing children who are anemic are at risk of poor brain development.

Some of the signs of iron deficiency among infants include:

  • Irritability and crankiness
  • Loss of appetite
  • Pale skin
  • Overall slow growth and development

A Specialized Bundle for the New Addition

A Wellements baby immune support bundle is a thoughtful and healthy gift for a family that just added a new addition to their household.

The available supplement bundles for infants include specialized groupings for preventing iron deficiency, boosting the immune system and relieving the discomfort brought on by colic and teething.

You can find supplement bundles for infants, growing children and adults at national retailers and online. They’re an excellent gift idea for the holidays or for any occasion when you want to show how much you care about your loved ones’ health.\

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Best Gifts for Nursing Students

20 Best Gifts for Nursing Students

chibueze uchegbu | August 23rd, 2022

You might want to make a nice gesture to your significant other, a sibling, parent, child, or a close friend who is studying to become a nurse. You might also want to give something special to a nurse who cared for you.

Particularly for nurses who have spent the last years working long hours caring for patients, a considerate gift can go a long way.

Before you consider the gift for nursing students, the personality of the person should also be put into consideration. Also, from past discussions, you should be able to deduce what perfect gift for the prospective nurse.


Top Gifts for Nursing Students

From kitchenware to self-care products, the list includes both presents that are more appropriate for giving outside of work and useful on-the-job items

1. American Nurse Journal subscription

This publication, which serves as the American Nurses Association’s official journal, updates nurses on the most recent developments and research in their field.

Additionally, it has articles that offer tips from subject-matter experts on how to manage patients. Both novice and seasoned nurses who desire to advance in their careers might benefit greatly from this journal.

2. Anatomy and Physiology Flashcards

Flashcards aren’t the most elegant present for a nursing student, it’s true. But they are tremendously helpful, especially for nursing students who spend a lot of time in the library studying for tests and memorizing information.

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Reputable educational and exam preparation businesses sell various flashcard sets and even coloring books about the human anatomical system.

3. NCLEX Review Book

Unwrapping this gift might not make your nursing student ecstatic. Where it lacks in excitement, it makes up for it by being the ideal present for any nursing student or recent graduate getting ready to take the NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN.

Different editions of this book, which frequently includes test-taking tips, sample questions, and full-length practice exams, are published by numerous companies.

4. A novelty shot glass

It’s time to rejoice when nurses complete their final lesson, pass the NCLEX, and obtain their nursing license.

A variety of shot glasses with ironic messages targeted at nurses are available on Etsy. You may also get your nurse a novelty wine glass if wine is their favored libation.

5. Personalized Nurse Graduation Print Photo

This poster or artwork can be used as a touching and lovely memento of your nursing student’s time in school for a nurse’s graduation gift.

On Etsy, you may find a lot of illustrations created by independent artists. They look great on a bookshelf or mantle, especially as nursing students settle into their first homes and start working full-time.

6. Rose Gold Stethoscope ID Tag

Even though having a rose gold stethoscope is relatively uncommon, your nursing student might not be the only one.

Give them this customized stethoscope ID tag just to be safe! You can add your choice of font to the hammered copper tag and personalize it with their name and credentials. Any stethoscope model can be used with the stethoscope ID.

7. BlingSting First Aid Kit

Even when they are not on duty, nurses continue to practice their profession. This first aid pack is ideal for storing in a vehicle, home, or traveling with.

This kit not only has 75 necessary first aid supplies, but it also has a stylish rose gold clutch-like appearance!

8. Nursing Clinical Tote Bag

From nursing school all the way through their career, they can use this gift for nurses. The main bag contains numerous deep pockets that can accommodate medical equipment including a stethoscope, scissors, and a sharps container.

A laptop, iPad, or file folders can all fit inside the padded sleeve. The nylon used to make the tote bag is strong and water resistant.

9. Essentials Bags

There are numerous uses for these adorable bags. The bags can store everything that will fit, including money, credit and debit cards, munchies, device chargers, identification, and cosmetics and skincare products.

In addition, they make useful purse organizers. The bags have zippered closures and are made of durable cotton canvas.

10. School Supplies Kit and Nursing Student Planner

Your nursing student will adore this set if they are a youngster at heart. The box contains 25 school supplies with a medical theme, such as bandage sticky notes, syringe highlighters, and needle pencils. You also need to be well organized when time is limited.

For nursing students specifically, this planner was produced. It includes calendars for different daily, weekly, and monthly activities, a success tracker, and a vacation planner.

11.  Travel Carrying Case

This stethoscope case includes a mesh pocket for nurse equipment as well as a hand wrist for convenience.

Your nursing students will appreciate how easy it is to insert and remove stethoscopes and other nurse equipment for work due to the double zipper design.

Nursing bags absorb impacts and protect your trainee nurse’s stethoscope and Littman stethoscope attachments from inadvertent bumping scratches and bumps.

12. Nurse Crew Socks

Compression socks are ideal for long-distance travel because they increase blood flow and reduce swelling when sitting or standing for long periods of time.

As retirement gifts, nurses, doctors, pharmacists, and other healthcare professionals will appreciate these medical socks. Nurses and medical professionals put their lives in danger every day to keep us healthy.

These socks were created to honor that sacrifice while also spreading love and joy. Get a pair of these nurse socks for the doctor or nurse in your life.

13. Vertical Badge Reference Cards Set

Plastic cards are waterproof and only half as thick as credit cards. It is double-sided and makes full use of the printable surface to maximize total information.

These cards are designed to fit perfectly behind the ID badges of your nursing students, making them ideal for when they are nervous and need small reminders when calling providers.

Make certain that they have improved their clinical skills and are confident in taking on this clinical imperative.

14. Retractable ID Badge Holder

Because of its polyester retractable string, the retractable badge holder is strong and long-lasting. For scanning in at the office, a retractable badge reel is a convenient option.

These retractable badge reels are perfect for busy areas and sporting events. Your nursing student can use a hook design to attach not only keys and ID cards, but also small items like pliers and nail clippers, giving them more versatility.

15.  Badge Reel Accessories

A swivel clip, rust-resistant hardware, and a small, lightweight design distinguish these badge accessories! For the ideal workday match, pair it with your nursing students’ favorite reel.

The clip-on minis are designed to keep all of the essentials close at hand and easily attach to badge reels, belt loops, lanyards, and keychains.

Badge Accessories make it easy for your trainee nurse to get to the tools she needs. Never again misplace a pen, highlighter, sharpie, or dry erase marker.

16. Complete Nursing School Starter Kit

This build-your-own student nursing kit contains everything nurse practitioner students will need to complete their nursing degree and clinical.

Aside from this, all they’ll need to get started is a good stethoscope! Whatever nursing specialty your nursing student selects, the goods will still be required when she starts working for you.

Your gift set arrives in a beautiful box and includes all of the specified materials as well as a lovely design that will impress your nursing student.

17. Brainsheet Book

The best clinical book for nursing students who like to keep their references in the pocket of their scrubs or lab coat.

Because of the attached brain sheets, this edition is not waterproof paper. The color pages are not laminated and are made of paper. With an hourly event tracker, this design is well-organized and simple.

A thorough system examination and tips for charting patients On your nurse shift report page, provide excellent signouts. The book also includes 18 full-color cardstock pages of nursing practical

18. Nurse Sticker Pack

This adorable, colorful artwork includes many nursing features and thank-you quotes for healthcare workers. The application is simple, and the stickers are removable and repositionable, leaving no sticky residue.

These nursing stickers for laptops and medical scientific equipment stickers are made of high-quality PVC that is waterproof and long-lasting, allowing them to be used for a long time.

They also provide a pleasant user experience. In addition, your nursing students will never find two identical stickers in the same pack!

19. Nursing School Study Planner

The Nursing School Study Planner 2022 was created to assist registered nursing and practical nursing students with daily time management.

Your nursing students can use the calendar to plan their months and weeks, set monthly goals and evaluate their progress, track their daily time limits, or determine and track your nurse’s three non-negotiable chores for each day, all while keeping the rigors of nursing school in mind.

20. Nurse Silicone Bracelet

This bracelet is a reusable, erasable silicone wristband designed for healthcare professionals. It’s ideal for reminders, notes, to-do lists, and vital signs for your nursing students. This is a fantastic gift for anyone who works in healthcare or writes notes on the back of their hands.

Using an alcohol swab, sani wipes, or water and soap, write on the wristband with an oil-based ball tip pen.

Conclusion on the Gifts for Nursing Students

It can be challenging to think of the ideal presents for nursing students. Every pupil is unique, for starters.

You should purchase a gift that speaks to the hobbies or sense of humor of your loved one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for the answers to the most asked questions about the gifts for nursing students;

  1. Is it common practice to give college graduation gifts?

It is an etiquette myth that you must send a gift if you receive a graduation announcement. Announcements do not imply invitations to a graduation ceremony.

You are not required to give a gift, but you may do so if you wish. Whether you send a gift or not, a card or note of congratulations is always welcome.

  1. What do nursing pins resemble?

It appears to be a brooch with an enamel-filled heart at the bottom. The pin also includes nursing symbols such as a stethoscope, a bandage, and a nurse’s cap. The pin has a brushed gold tone finish and is suitable for pinning ceremonies.

  1. What types of gifts can a nurse accept?

Although a nurse should never accept a large monetary gift, such as an item or cash, a gift card, or tickets to a concert, the theater, or sporting events, smaller tokens of appreciation may be acceptable.


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