6 Most popular vets in Bath

Veterinarians are primarily investigative individuals. Inquiry, examination, and investigation are central to this profession, as they are to any work centered on medicine and medical diagnosis and treatment. A veterinarian’s responsibilities may include:

Diagnosis of animal health issues, Vaccination for diseases like distemper and rabies, Medicating animals with infections or illnesses, wound care and dressing, fracture placement, Depending on training, performing minor to complex surgery; advising owners on animal feeding, behavior, and breeding, When necessary, animals are euthanized and Providing preventive care to livestock to keep them healthy.


Vets in Bath

Here is the list of the top veterinarians in Bath;

1. Bath Veterinary Group, Station Road Veterinary Surgery

Bath Vets offers the best care for your pet 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The group provides exceptional care for your pet by combining the convenience and continuity of qualified vets and nurses at your local surgery with the support of Rosemary Lodge Veterinary Hospital.

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The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has accredited and approved all of their surgeries, and the hospital is the only practice in Bath and the surrounding area to achieve the highest, Tier 3, hospital standard.

Rosemary Lodge is Bath’s only emergency center, with vets and nurses on-site 24 hours a day, and is one of the UK’s leading referral hospitals, with cutting-edge technology and an exceptional team of veterinary professionals.

Dr. Jo Everett graduated from Bristol University in 2000 and worked in a number of mixed and small animal practices in the South West and Australia before joining Bath Vets in 2008. Jo enjoys all aspects of first opinion clinical work, but her favorite is cats and feline medicine.

She was recently involved in the establishment and operation of our newest branch surgery, Park Road Vets in Keynsham. Jo is kept busy outside of work by her young family and two gorgeous cats, Eric and Myrtle, who frequently model for Bath Vet Group!

Contact: +44 1225 428921

Address: 15a/b, Station Rd, Bath BA1 3DY, United Kingdom

2. Ashman Jones Vets – London Road

Ashman Jones was founded in 2010. The company’s ethos has always been to treat your pets as if they were their own, and they take pride in providing a personalized service that makes you feel like a member of the Ashman Jones family.

Their main location on London Road offers consultations, surgery, and hospitalization. Their Widcombe branch is a smaller practice that only provides consulting services. Their veterinarians rotate between practices, so you can usually see your preferred veterinarian at your preferred location.

Dr. Kate Martin graduated from the University of Melbourne in 2005 and worked in mixed practice in Australia before packing her belongings and moving to the Blighty. She traveled and worked as a locum for five years before taking a permanent position in a busy hospital near Cheltenham.

Kate has worked at Ashman Jones on a regular basis since 2017, but she has now taken on the challenge of leading the team.

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Kate keeps fit in her spare time with the help of her Lurcher named Simon, enjoys DIY projects, and has even been known to enter a boxing ring.

Contact: +44 1225 446269

Address: 22-23 Walcot Buildings, London Rd, Bath BA1 6AD, United Kingdom

3. Kelston Vets

They are a family-run independent practice in the picturesque village of Kelston, just outside Bath. Their practice is located on a 4th generation family farm and was built in the old cheese rooms, where the award-winning Wyfe of Bath cheese was first produced.

Also, they have plenty of parking space in the old cow collecting yard, where the herd would gather and wait to be milked, so your visit to them can be as easy and relaxed as possible. Gwen and Ian are advocates for compassionate veterinary care.

Their small, friendly practice will be able to provide you and your pet with exceptional care. As a husband and wife veterinary team, they provide a truly personalized service in which clients and their pets are treated as if they were family and friends.

Gwendoline Cardiff grew up on her parents’ dairy farm in Kelston, surrounded by animals (and her brothers), and she always wanted to be a vet. Gwen moved closer to home after studying at Glasgow University and has been working in Bath for many years.

She enjoys surgical cases in particular, and her recent work at Bath Cats and Dogs Home has given her insight into the anxieties that some dogs and cats experience. She has seen the difference that taking things slowly and calmly can make for these people.

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Gwen considers herself extremely fortunate to be working in their own Kelston practice, surrounded by her friends and family (from the practice, you can almost see Kelston Church, where she and Ian were married!) She is excited to use her experience and knowledge to provide you and your pets with the best possible treatment and care.

Contact: +44 1225 233727

Address: Kelston Vets, Church Ln, Kelston, Bath BA1 9AG, United Kingdom

4. Bath Veterinary Referrals

Bath Veterinary Referrals is a well-established multidisciplinary referral center in the United Kingdom’s South West.

They are able to provide excellent expertise and care for your pets from their RCVS approved hospital on the outskirts of Bath.

Their referrals clinicians are knowledgeable and friendly, with expertise in a variety of fields, and are supported by an experienced and caring nursing team. They can also provide patients with 24-hour care thanks to our dedicated night vets and nurses.

Dr. Jon Shippam graduated from Liverpool University’s veterinary school in 1998 and worked in first opinion practice. Jon became the surgeon for a busy small animal hospital in Gloucestershire after receiving the RCVS Certificate in Small Animal Surgery in 2004.

As a visiting surgeon, he also saw referral cases in the Bristol area. Jon has extensive surgical experience, with a recent emphasis on orthopaedic cases such as joint surgery including TTA, corrective osteotomies, fracture stabilisation, and arthroscopy. He also performs spinal surgery on a regular basis to treat acute disc extrusions.

He is particularly interested in using CT to plan tailored treatments for hind limb deformities that cause patellar luxation. Jon spends his free time with his family and enjoys cycling, music, and technology.

Contact: +44 1225 982777

Address: Veterinary Hospital, Rosemary Lodge, Wellsway, Bath BA2 5RL, United Kingdom

5. Bath Canine Hydrotherapy

A veterinary-run rehabilitation center that offers canine patients physiotherapy and hydrotherapy. Sarah Nehammer began her career as a human physiotherapist in 2004 before pursuing veterinary physiotherapy and working at the Royal Dick School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh to specialize in physiotherapy and hydrotherapy with dogs, cats, and even rabbits.

She is dedicated to improving the quality of life for small animals suffering from musculoskeletal or neurological acute or chronic conditions, as well as those recovering from surgery.

In addition to her work as a human physiotherapist, she enjoys hiking with her spaniel Rosie, live music, and renting out a showman’s wagon to glampers.

Contact: +44 1225 982777

Address: 494 Wellsway, Bath BA2 2UD, United Kingdom

6. Bishop Hendry Edwards

Bishop Hendry & Edwards is pleased to offer a comprehensive pet health care service for your cherished companion.

Their knowledgeable staff works hard to provide the best possible care for your pet at all times. Barbara Kurbelova graduated from Kosice University in Slovakia in 2000 and has been working in the UK since 2004.

She is an expert in small animal medicine, and when she isn’t at the surgery, she can be found hiking up mountains.

Contact: +44 1952 820165

Address: Station House East, Ashley Avenue, Bath BA1 3DS, United Kingdom

A final thought on the Vets in Bath

Veterinary medicine specialties frequently include several medical and surgical specialties found in human medicine.

Large animal medicine and small animal medicine are frequently separated within each veterinary specialty.

Some veterinary specialties are evolving, while others are restricted to teaching universities and are only practiced in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

See below for the answers to the most asked questions relating to the vets in Bath;

  1. Can a veterinarian prescribe antibiotics without performing an examination?

Without a physical exam, veterinarians cannot accurately diagnose or treat a pet. To legally prescribe medications, a doctor-patient relationship is required.

It is illegal for a veterinarian to prescribe medication to a patient who has never seen him or her before.

  1. Do dogs require rabies vaccinations every year?

Each year your dog is at risk, a kennel cough vaccination should be administered. Rabies vaccination is required for dogs traveling into and out of the United Kingdom.

Rabies vaccinations are given every one to three years (depending on the vaccine) – your veterinarian will discuss the best schedule for keeping your dog safe if you are traveling abroad.

  1. What’s the deal with my dog’s symptoms?

Sleeping more than usual, or other changes in behavior or attitude Coughing, sneezing, excessive panting, or labored breathing are all symptoms of asthma.

Dry or itchy skin, sores, lumps, or head shaking Changes in bowel movements or frequent digestive upsets.

  1. What are the symptoms of rabies in dogs?

Fever, difficulty swallowing, excessive drooling, staggering, seizures, and even paralysis are all symptoms of rabies in dogs.

As the virus progresses, your dog may appear to be overstimulated, which means that lights, movement, and sound may appear to be harmful.

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