6 Best Nursing homes in Tennessee

You can find over 100 nursing homes in Tennessee with different facilities. Some of these facilities can be pretty pricey; still, there are affordable ones with decent services. 

So, if you feel like moving your young or elderly loved one to any nursing home in Tennessee, you will surely get something within your pocket range.

True, it may be hard to let your loved one out of sight, but due to certain factors, you may not be in the proper position to give them that round-the-clock care they need. And you are torn between making a decision that will be favorable to them or letting your emotions do your thinking for you.

Perhaps, you want to know why nursing homes are preferable, and the best facility to take your loved one to, read on and make your decision from the list below.

What is a nursing home?

A nursing home is a professional name for a place where people with extra needs reside and get medical care simultaneously. This residential area is also called a skilled nursing facility( SNF).

Nursing homes also cater to the different needs of the sick or disabled. Some have the facility for assisted living and taking care of emergency medical needs, while others have services for a full-time nursing aide or part-time nursing aide.

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Therefore, your idea of a good nursing home should have your loved one’s solution and what you plan for them to achieve while they are there.

Some nursing homes have facilities for physical therapy for people with injuries or those recovering from illnesses. In Tennessee, you can find facilities with rehabilitation centers and those that offer help for elderly ones with memory loss.

Nurses in these homes are well-trained to care for the residents; each is a professional in their unique field.

Who needs to be in a nursing home?

Nursing homes are made especially for sick people who need extra care. people who are not in good condition to take care of themselves again.

People whose loved ones need help to take care of them can find a new home in assisted living areas.

Also, people with intensive medical conditions like terminal illnesses, brain injury, severe physical disability, and degenerative diseases can use the services of a nursing home.

What services does a nursing home provide? 

The services you can get from a nursing home depend on what you’re looking for in terms of health. These homes are tailored to specific needs and services.

Some homes offer rehabilitative services like occupational therapy, speech therapy, or any other kind of therapy.

Some nursing homes specifically take care of people with mental illness. At the same time, others specialize in disability care.

You can find nursing homes with advanced care facilities for people in the advanced stage of illness.

Almost all nursing homes generally provide round-the-clock medical care and have on-site nurses so that every patient’s struggles get met effortlessly. Aside from the on-site nurses, nursing homes also provide qualified patient care assistance.

Are nursing homes costly?

Private facilities with state-of-the-art equipment and good human resources are always costly.

Long-term nursing care homes are also more expensive than short care nursing homes.

It becomes cheaper if you get a facility funded by the government; however, you may not get quality services like in private homes.

The cost of a nursing home in Tennessee depends on many factors, like if your loved one wants a private room with other amenities, a regular private room, or a semi-private room with or without other amenities.

You could get a private room in a standard Nursing Home for about $8000 monthly, and a semi-private room could go for a lower price with fewer amenities.

Additionally, the cost of nursing homes in Tennessee also depends on where the facility is located. Facilities in high-brow areas tend to be more costly, with rooms of about $8600 monthly.

Another factor determining a facility’s cost is the kind of services they render.

Facilities that offer specialized services may be more expensive than those that provide various services.

Who works in a nursing home?

Several workers jointly put their efforts together to make a nursing home what it should be. So it is a collective effort and not a single person’s job.

A standard Nursing Home has registered nurses, licensed vocational nurses, dietitians, certified nursing assistants, care assistance, cleaners, doctors, therapist, and administrative directors.

Each worker is trained professionally to carry out their job. Also, there are attributes that they must possess, like kindness, being friendly, and patience.

Your qualification does not matter; you can’t work in a nursing home if you do not have any of these qualities.

Additionally, most of these workers work full time in this facility because some patients require their services 24 hours daily.

The top nursing homes in Tennessee

Below, you will find the list of the top nursing homes in Tennessee;

  • AHC Cumberland

AHC offers professional care services to its patients. They have a well-structured team and excellent facilities that encourage a tour first for their intending patients. Also, they give their patients the gift of options, to choose a live-in or rehabilitation.

Their expertise includes;

Therapies (speech, occupational, physical)

Outpatient care

Collaborative care plan

Managed care

Address: 4343 Ashland City Hwy, Nashville, TN 37218, United States

Phone Number: +16157260492


  • Signature HealthCare of Madison

A spotless facility in Tennessee made up of a selected compassionate team. Signature HealthCare is also an award-winning facility focused on nothing else but excellence in its services.

Address: 431 Larkin Springs Rd, Madison, TN 37115, United States

Phone Number: +16158658520

  • Life Care Center of Columbia, Tennessee

Life Care offers a variety of services to its patients. It is strategically set close to a hospital for anyone needing a nursing home right after they leave the hospital.

Their Alzheimer’s and dementia patients enjoy the state-of-the-art services and serene environment. Patients can get long-term, short-term, and post-operative medical care.

Address: 841 W James Campbell Blvd, Columbia, Tennessee, 38401, United States

Phone Number: +19313885035


  • Richland Place

Richland understands the language of Luxury and care, simultaneously. They make their facilities a home away from home by offering privacy, fun activities, and compassionate support for the over two hundred residents.

Address: 500 Elmington Ave, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

Phone Number: +16152694200


  • West Meade Place

West Meade is a private facility that offers focused and timely care for patients needing rehabilitation and extra medical care.

It may be for long-term complex medical needs or recovery therapies. West Meade has a long list of services that can help your loved one thrive in their condition.

Address: 1000 St Luke Dr, Nashville, TN 37205, United States

Phone Number: +16153523430


  • NHC HealthCare, Kingsport

If your preference is a spacious room, 24 hours on-site skilled nursing care, specialized physician, chef, dietician, living daily assistance, rehabilitation, and specialized care, then this nursing home should be your next stop.

NHC Health care is on a mission to deliver medical care services with compassion, patience, kindness, and love.

Also, they have amenities such as

  1. Private event room
  2. Beauty shop
  3. Barbershop
  4. Laundry services
  5. Daily scheduled activities
  6. Internet services and more.

Address: 2300 Pavillion Dr, Kingsport, TN37660, United States

Phone Number: +14237659655


Does Medicare cover Nursing Home Care?

Medicare is a government-owned health insurance program that takes care of seniors from 65 years and above and physically challenged individuals.

Medicare doesn’t cover nursing home care, especially long-term care homes. Patience who qualify for Medicare is those who need short-term nursing home services.

However, some private health insurance policies cover nursing homes. When purchasing your health insurance policy, you can add nursing home care as a rider if it is not part of your primary policy.


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