15 Top rated animal hospitals in New Hampshire

The Animal Hospitals in New Hampshire make up the three cutting-edge Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Hospitals in New Hampshire. They make up the New Hampshire Veterinary Specialists.

Furthermore, these specialists are located in Manchester, Meredith, and Newington and serve the New England region.

Additionally, these one-of-a-kind animal hospitals offer cutting-edge specialists and services. They offer services in veterinary cardiology, critical care, diagnostic imaging, internal medicine, cancer, ophthalmology, neurology, advanced surgical techniques, and acupuncture and anesthesia.

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The board-certified, highly qualified doctors are committed to giving the pets of New Hampshire the best possible treatment.

Keep reading to see the list of animal hospitals in New Hampshire, including how to reach them.

Animal Hospitals in New Hampshire

Here are the most prestigious animal hospitals in New Hampshire:

Allenstown Animal Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-485-7133

Address: 9 River Rd, Allenstown, NH 03275, United States


They value your pets in the same way that you do. The staff can take care of the majority of your pet’s special requirements as a skilled Allenstown veterinarian service.

However, let the professionals assist you in keeping your pet healthy. In New Hampshire, they provide medical care to people in Concord, Allenstown, Pembroke, and Hooksett.

Amherst Animal Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-889-5442

Address: 92 NH-101A, Amherst, NH 03031, United States


Amherst Animal Hospital has been providing care for family pets and the Amherst community for 65 years.

They take great satisfaction in providing individualized and sensitive treatment. One client at a time, they have won the community’s loyalty and trust.

Additionally, the full-service animal hospital is family-owned and offers a warm environment for all of your pets’ requirements. They use the most cutting-edge tools and methods while yet taking a hands-on approach.

Furthermore, dogs, cats, birds, exotic pets, and reptiles can all receive medical, surgical, and preventative treatment at Amherst Animal Hospital.

Ponemah Veterinary Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone: +1 603-673-5300

Address: 199 State Rte 101 Unit 973, Amherst, NH 03031, United States


We sincerely hope you and your pet have a wonderful experience with them because they’re passionate about what they do. They’re physically driven by this, and each of them interprets it differently.

Furthermore, it becomes more and more difficult to receive individualized care. Especially from a clinician who takes the time to get to know you in today’s corporate medicine world.

Medical care for animals is no different. They have no superiors because the office is privately owned.

Even though remaining independent is not always simple, we are extremely dedicated to keeping this status.

This is one of the best animal hospitals in New Hampshire.

Great Brook Veterinary Clinic

Phone: +1 603-588-3460

Address: 100 Concord St, Antrim, NH 03440, United States


At Great Brook Veterinary Clinic, they respect your pets as beloved members of your family. They are the only neighborhood walk-in animal clinic in Antrim, New Hampshire.

Also, they offer the greatest standard of care. Also, they only endorse goods and services that will enhance the general well-being of your family and pet.

However, since your pet’s illness or injury cannot be predicted, the clinic is a walk-in facility. Surgery appointments are made by them.

Great Brook Veterinary Clinic counts it a great privilege to enjoy strong relationships with both our clients and the locals.

Additionally, the sense of family is genuine. To make sure they are open during periods of heavy snow, kindly phone beforehand.

Northern Lakes Veterinary Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-968-9710

Address: 83 Depot St, Ashland, NH 03217, United States


They look after your pet just like family. Their goal is to offer each of the clients the highest caliber veterinary treatment possible.

Also, they use the most up-to-date medical technology and apparatus. They perform treatments in a cozy and individualized manner to address medical and surgical difficulties.

Tower Hill Animal Hospital in Auburn

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-483-4050

Address: 175 Old Candia Rd, Auburn, NH 03032, United States


The veterinary facility where superior care and common sense collide is the Tower Hill Animal Hospital in Auburn, New Hampshire. Has one of the best animal hospitals in New Hampshire, the team of veterinary specialists wants to get to know you.

Additionally,  they are located in the lovely Auburn, New Hampshire. They are a cutting-edge surgical, medical, and extended-stay hospital committed to giving your cherished pet the best care available today.

Compassion Veterinary Hospital

Phone: +1 603-938-5500

Address: 2604 New Hampshire Rte 103, Bradford, NH 03221, United States


A focus on compassion distinguishes this full-service holistic and integrative veterinary care.

In actuality, “Caring is what they do best”! They adore your pets just as much as if they were theirs! Visit the website to learn more.

Furthermore, family members own and run Compassion Veterinary Hospital in Bradford, New Hampshire.

Every patient they’ve had since their practice’s doors first opened in 2006 has been treated like family.

We value each of our customers, including their dogs. We merely want what’s best for you and your animal companion! We all adore animals and are pet owners. We recognize the joy and compassion that animals offer to our lives.

Daniel Webster Animal Hospital

Phone: +1 603-624-4004

Address: 3 Hawthorne Dr, Bedford, NH 03110, United States


Hospital hours may change as a result of COVID-19. Based on industry best practices, state and municipal guidelines, and legislation, each VCA hospital has health and safety protocols in place.

However, these might involve curbside check-in, medical examinations, temperature checks, and social segregation practices, among others.

Please call before your visit so they can go over the appropriate safety procedures. The website has further information regarding safety at VCA hospitals.

Brentwood Country Animal Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-778-7665

Address: 299 Epping Rd, Exeter, NH 03833, United States


When Brentwood Country Animal Hospital first opened its doors in 1995, it had the goal of giving patients the best possible treatment. It also had a goal of forging enduring relationships with its clients.

Now, it stands among the best animal hospitals in New Hampshire. Furthermore, it focuses on preventative medicine and provides a range of services, such as basic surgery, dental, and x-rays. Here, they care for your animals much as we do our own.

Veterinary Emergency and Surgery Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-642-9111

Address: 175 NH-125, Brentwood, NH 03833, United States


The new facility is a cutting-edge veterinary emergency and referral hospital open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. The hospital has four operating rooms, a special procedures room,  and an intensive care unit.

It also has an isolation ward, on-site digital radiography, in-house laboratory diagnostic equipment, and a conference room.

Additionally, the mission is to offer emergency veterinary treatment and high-quality surgery at affordable prices.

Also, their most valued clients are the recommending veterinarians, and every correspondence will be responded to quickly.

Furthermore, all dogs, cats, birds, reptiles, and pocket pets receive compassionate care from highly skilled emergency veterinarians and technicians.

Bristol Veterinary Hospital PC

Website: Visit here

Phone: +1 603-744-5804

Address: 540 Pleasant St, Bristol, NH 03222, United States


The Bristol Veterinary Hospital is pleased to provide all pet-related services to the Bristol, New Hampshire area.

DVM Jill Prince, a qualified and accomplished Bristol veterinarian, is in charge of the veterinary practice and animal hospital.

Furthermore, the staff is dedicated to instructing customers on how to provide healthy food and activity for pets all year long.

Also, the Bristol Veterinary Hospital keeps up with the most recent developments in veterinary technology.

They also keep in mind that all animals and pets should be treated with compassion during every examination, operation, or surgery.

Brookline Animal Hospital

Website: Visit here

Phone:  +1 603-672-7006

Address: 49 S Main St Ste B, Brookline, NH 03033, United States


They enjoy the role they get to play in your pet’s healthcare and they value patients and clients. Check out the various deals on the website to save money on services and goods.

This is one of the best animal hospitals in New Hampshire. Also, print out any special offers you see on this page or show them on your phone. Remember to take note of the expiration dates because they occasionally update unique deals.

Candray Pet Care Center

Website: Visit here

Phone: +1 603-483-0500

Address: 472 Raymond Rd, Candia, NH 03034, United States


Don’t take a chance entrusting the care of your furry little pet to just any animal hospital. You require a veterinary facility with a track record of offering top-notch pet care.

However, years of experience support this veterinary clinic. They are a veterinary clinic that genuinely cares for both you and your pet. The Candray Pet Care Center is, in a word, necessary.

Furthermore,  the Candray Pet Care Center thinks you and your pet deserve to be in a spotless, secure, and friendly setting. Together, you and the highly experienced staff will develop the optimal treatment strategy for your precious buddy.

Also, they constantly keep you up to date and spend the time necessary to address any queries you might have.

Central New Hampshire Animal Care

Phone: +1 603-798-3400

Address: 4 King Rd, Chichester, NH 03258, United States


Since 1993, they’ve enjoyed helping animals and the people who care for them in the greater Concord, New Hampshire area. In the convenient Chichester location on Route 4, they work to give your pet the best possible care.

Also, they’ll be in such capable hands that your furry buddies might not want to go.

Furthermore, they’re a full-service medical center that is solely committed to the health and happiness of your pets. They don’t provide dog boarding, grooming, or daycare like other veterinarian clinics do.

Additionally, no matter how much trouble your pets have gotten themselves into, the veterinarians will make every effort to keep them healthy.

Companion Animal Hospital

Phone: +1 603-435-6744

Address: 76 Kelley’s Corner Rd, Chichester, NH 03258, United States


Companion Animal Hospital is committed to offering cutting-edge, loving veterinarian care to you and your four-legged family members. Their aim is to support you in providing good care for your pet.

Generally, your visit to the vet should be straightforward, reasonably priced, and excellent. When you need them the most, they are here to assist.

Furthermore, at Companion Animal Hospital, they work hard to give each and every patient they see excellent, compassionate treatment. The staff goes above and beyond to make sure that you and your furry family member are at ease.

Conclusion on the animal hospitals in New Hampshire

Animal Hospitals in New Hampshire offers top-notch veterinary care to animals in New Hampshire and neighboring communities.

Also, with the CO2 laser, some of these hospitals provide the most advanced veterinary surgical technology.

These benefits all of the surgical patients, from standard spays and neuters to cosmetic operations.

Furthermore, these animal hospitals strive to give clients and their animals exceptional veterinary treatment and service. They give the greatest customer service in the industry and treat patients and clients with care and respect.

Why don’t you take that sick pet to a doctor before it worsens?


Below, you will find the answers to some of the most asked questions about the animal hospitals in New Hampshire;

  • How old must my pet be to get neutered or spayed?

At around 4 to 6 months of age, spaying or neutering is advised. Prior to surgery, a physical examination of your pet is performed. This is done to ascertain whether it is healthy enough to undergo the treatment.

Additionally, at the time of operation, immunizations must be current. Additionally, a pre-anesthetic blood test is advised before receiving anesthesia and surgery.

  • What does a blood test before anesthesia involve?

Prior to surgery, this blood test is performed at the clinic. It examines your pet’s organ systems, blood counts, and clotting abilities.

Pre-operative blood testing is carried out to ensure patient safety during surgery and post-operative healing capacity.

  • How long do the sutures stay in after my pet’s surgery?

Procedures involving sutures require them to be removed in 10 – 14 days following the surgery.


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