10 Most popular animal hospitals in New york

There are wonderful animal hospitals in New York that focus on giving your pets and farm animals a top-notch service.

A veterinary hospital, also known as an “animal hospital,” is a veterinary practice facility where patients are confined as well as treated.

In an animal hospital, you can expect some of the following services. Radiology and laboratory tests, laser surgeries, ultrasounds, routine surgery, dental work, overnight stays, and intensive care units are.

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Your local animal hospital will have more vet techs on duty at any given time, and will most likely be open later at night or on weekends, especially if your pets require emergency care.


Animal hospitals in New york

Here are a few animal hospitals in New York everyone is expected to know about;

  • 1. Hudson Animal Hospital

Hudson Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that can handle all medical and surgical needs.

Their doctors and staff are trained to manage all of your pet’s needs, from preventive health care to advanced diagnostic and surgical services. They are constantly upgrading their equipment and educating their staff on the most recent medical information.

Their veterinarians perform comprehensive wellness, illness, and emergency examinations on dogs and cats of all ages. The primary goal of Hudson Animal Hospital is disease prevention. They believe that prevention is less expensive than treatment.

As a result, they recommend annual exams, vaccinations, dental hygiene, and other health precautions. If your pet becomes ill or injured, they also provide advanced medical and surgical care in their facility.

Its mission is to provide the highest quality medicine and surgery while also emphasizing client education.

They are extremely enthusiastic about their work. The entire Hudson Animal Hospital healthcare team is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each individual pet owner’s concerns.

Contact: +1 212-706-4088

Address: 238 W 61st St, New York, NY 10023, United States

  • 2. Seaport Animal Hospital

They at Seaport Hospital are all animal lovers who appreciate the special bond that exists between people and their pets.

Their goal is to develop long-term relationships with their patients so that they can learn about their unique and individual needs.

This allows them to get to know and trust in their care and handling. Seaport Animal Hospital is one of four Downtown Veterinary Medical Hospitals in Manhattan, all of which are conveniently located in the heart of the city.

Tribeca Soho Animal Hospital, West Village Veterinary Hospital, and Battery Park Veterinary Hospital are also part of the DVMH Group and are all conveniently located in downtown Manhattan.

Contact: +1 212-374-0650

Address: 80 Beekman St, New York, NY 10038, United States

  • 3. Firefly Veterinary Hospital

You and your pet are the stars of the show at Firefly Veterinary Hospital. They designed their animal hospital to meet your pet’s needs and make both of you feel at ease.

Furthermore, when you visit Firefly Veterinary Hospital, you will have a personalized veterinary experience in which they tailor each service to your pet’s specific needs.

Their deep affection for companion animals drives them to give their all to each pet and their family. With every pet, they use Fear Free techniques to reduce and even eliminate anxiety associated with veterinary visits.

Firefly Veterinary Hospital believes that every pet’s life is valuable, which is why they work hard to ensure that every pet in their community has the best life possible.

Contact: +1 212-243-3020

Address: 164 W 21st St, New York, NY 10011, United States

  • 4. Reade Street Animal Hospital

They are a full-service animal hospital with highly skilled veterinarians and support staff, as well as cutting-edge medical technology.

Also, they have all of the cutting-edge advancements and technology of the “big city,” but with the care, personal attention, and customer service associated with the “small town.” Reade Street Animal Hospital opened its doors in October 2009 with the same vision and philosophy.

Reade Street Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital with a caring and well-trained technical staff.

They provide outpatient and in-patient internal medicine services, soft tissue surgery, dentistry, digital x-ray and ultrasound imaging, and wellness and geriatric health plans. They will treat your pets as if they were their own, and they look forward to developing long-term relationships with each of you.

Contact: +1 212-274-1700

Address: 146 Reade St, New York, NY 10013, United States

  • 5. University Animal Hospital

University Animal Hospital is conveniently located on Manhattan’s Upper East Side at 354 East 66th Street, between 1st and 2nd Avenues. They have a team of professionals who are knowledgeable, dedicated, and compassionate.

They strive to provide your pets with the best veterinary care possible. The staff at University Animal Hospital has consistently demonstrated compassionate, loving, and affordable medical care for all pets living on New York’s Upper East Side, led by Dr. Lawrence Andrew Zola.

For more than a quarter-century, University Animal Hospital has provided the highest quality, cutting-edge medical care to pets and their owners in New York City. They provide their clients and their pets with a wide range of veterinary services.

As Upper East Side residents and pet owners, their veterinarians are acutely aware of and pay special attention to local disease prevention and wellness care.

Their hospital provides the most recent advancements in internal medicine, surgery, dental care, and diagnostics, in addition to general wellness examinations and vaccinations.

All pets in need of medical attention at University Animal Hospital, as well as their pet boarding guests, are closely monitored and supervised by veterinary technicians, nurses, and animal attendants who are on-site 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Contact: +1 212-288-8884

Address: 354 E 66th St, New York, NY 10065, United States

  • 6. ABC Animal Hospital

They are proud to serve the pets and owners of New York City. They were founded in 1998 in Alphabet City.

Also, they are here to provide the best care for you and your pet. They are a full-service animal hospital that offers consultations, lab work, vaccinations, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery, and other services.

They have their own pharmacy and laboratory, and they sell Hills Prescription Diet and Dr. Dan’s Skin Care Products. If your pet’s problem is beyond their scope, they will refer you to a board-certified specialist.

Contact: +1 212-358-0785

Address: 200 Avenue A, New York, NY 10009, United States

  • 7. Urban Vets Animal Hospital

Their multifaceted hospital can treat all types of pets, from dogs and cats to birds, tortoises, and pocket pets.

Dr. Howard Cohen, the owner, and director of Urban Vets has over a decade of experience working with exotic pets, and exotic pets account for approximately 15% of their clientele. Internal medicine, cancer treatment, ultrasounds, and house calls are among the services provided by Urban Vets Animal Hospital.

Their hospital has in-house orthopedic surgery, endoscopy and ultrasound, and soft-tissue surgery specialists, and their dedicated, skilled staff is ready to provide your pet with the best medical care possible.

Contact: 163 Loisaida Ave, New York, NY 10009, United States

Address: +1 212-674-6200

  • 8. The Village Veterinarian

The Village Veterinarian combines cutting-edge Western veterinary modalities with holistic healing principles to provide the best possible care for your pets.

Acupuncture, homeopathy, and herbal remedies are some of the treatments available. Although combining these seemingly contradictory approaches may appear unusual, two decades of experience treating animals with this combination has shown that holistic therapies can significantly enhance the effectiveness of modern veterinary medicine.

The Village Veterinarian is located in Manhattan’s East Village, and they welcome customers from the greater New York City Metropolitan area.

Furthermore, the Village Veterinarian’s entire medical staff strives to provide the best medical care for pets in New York City, NY, and the surrounding communities.

Every day, they work to expand and improve the quality and scope of their services, personnel, and care. At the same time, they are working to expand the hospital’s reach to provide 24-hour medical care.

Contact: +1 212-979-9870

Address: 318 E 11th St, New York, NY 10003, United States

  • 9. Midtown Animal Hospital

Midtown Animal Hospital, founded in 1989 by Dr. Jan Suchanek, is located at 256 East 33rd Street in the Kips Bay neighborhood of Midtown Manhattan.

Dr. Suchanek is well-known for treating animals with loving care and compassion as if they were his own.

Midtown Animal Hospital is a veterinary clinic that specializes in companion animal medicine, surgery, boarding, dentistry, nutritional counseling, and international health certificates. Midtown Animal Hospital’s motto and mission is “Healthy Pets are Happy Pets.”

Their goal is to provide their clients and patients with the best medical care possible. They take great pride in their welcoming and clean environment.

Contact: +1 212-683-0309

Address: 256 E 33rd St # 1, New York, NY 10016, United States

  • 10. Riverside Animal Hospital South

Riverside Animal Hospital South is proud to offer exceptional veterinary care to pets in New York, NY.

As your neighborhood pet health expert, they hope that your family will consider them to be a welcoming, skilled, and compassionate partner in care.

They are dedicated to your pet’s health. Their veterinary clinic provides routine preventative care, and dental services, and is trained in disease screening.

Their primary goal is to help animals live longer, happier, and healthier lives. Riverside Animal Hospital South strives to provide not only the highest quality care for your trusted companion but also the compassion that has drawn one to the healing arts for animals since 1994. Their Mission is to provide thoughtful and informed veterinary care services.

Contact: +1 212-787-1993

Address: 219 W 79th St, New York, NY 10024, United States

A final thought about the animal hospitals in New York

The best animal hospital is the one you’d send your pet to anytime and any day. They do provide expert veterinarians and extensive pet care services when you need them. Hope this list helps you take care of your friends.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  1. Can a vet be wealthy?

While salaries vary greatly, veterinarians are rarely wealthy. Veterinarians will always be needed to care for animals as long as there are animals. Veterinary medicine offers a wide range of emotional and intellectual rewards.

  1. How many pet hospitals are there in the United States?

The number of veterinary practices in the United States ranges from 28,000 to 32,000, depending on the source, according to the 2017 AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinary Services. Corporations own approximately 3,500 veterinary clinics, according to Brakke Consulting.

  1. What is the world’s largest veterinary hospital?

The Animal Medical Center (AMC) of Stephen and Christine Schwarzman is the world’s largest non-profit animal hospital.


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