10 Best Animal Hospitals in Ottawa

Ideally, our animal companions should not only see a veterinarian when they are sick or in an emergency.

They, like humans, require annual physical exams and wellness checks to live their best lives. The best animal hospital provides a full range of services from birth to (as difficult as it may be for owners to accept) a pet’s end-of-life stage.


Animal Hospitals in Ottawa

Pets make excellent companions. That is why your pet deserves only the best care from a reputable vet clinic in Ottawa.

1. Centrepointe Animal Hospital

In November 2011, Centrepointe Animal Hospital Ottawa opened its doors. It’s in a small community mall on Centrepointe Drive in Nepean.

There is plenty of parking on-site, as well as a lovely park across the street for those of you who arrive early or want to take a stroll afterward.

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Access from the Queensway to Centrepointe Drive is simple, and traffic is light for the majority of the day. Their Ottawa Animal Hospital provides a wide range of services to meet the needs of your pet.

The veterinarian does not rush the exam, all appointments at Centrepointe Animal Hospital are at least 30 minutes long.

Centrepoint’s team values quality care and thoroughness. This is used for all preventive care and disease treatment performed on each pet that enters their facility.

The clinic is technologically equipped to provide accurate diagnoses of the most common pet diseases and ailments.

Digital body and dental X-rays, as well as electrocardiogram and blood pressure measuring machines, are available.

Despite the fact that Centrepoint is a solo veterinary practice, it provides a full range of services and accepts emergency cases.

Non-emergency bookings, on the other hand, are strongly advised because evening slots fill up quickly.

Dr. Marie-Claude Theoret and her staff are ready to serve you and your best friend with vaccinations, surgery, and dentistry, as well as digital x-rays and nutritional advice.

Contact: +1 613-226-6789

Address: 261 Centrepointe, Nepean, ON K2G 6E8, Canada

  • 2. Aylmer Veterinary Clinic

Aylmer Veterinary Clinic in Aylmer, Ontario, always welcomes new clients and patients to their full-service veterinary practice.

They serve Aylmer, St. Thomas, Tillsonburg, Belmont, Dorchester, and the surrounding areas for veterinary care.

Their veterinarians and staff are committed to staying up to date on the latest diagnostics, treatments, and wellness programs in order to keep your pet healthy. Aylmer Veterinary Clinic is a family-owned and operated clinic in Gatineau’s Aylmer sector since 1964.

They have a large team of small animal veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and staff, and they are proud to offer a wide range of veterinary services to their Outaouais/Ottawa-Carleton region small animal patients.

Animal kindness, skills, and expertise are just a few of the many factors to consider when selecting a veterinary clinic to trust.

Aylmer Veterinary Clinic is a family-run business that first opened its doors to the public in 1964. Aside from quality, Aylmer Veterinary Clinic provides its patients with a wide range of veterinary services, including preventive care, in-house diagnostics, surgery, dentistry, and complementary medicine.

Aylmer Veterinary Clinic’s large team consists of trained professionals with years and experience to confidently perform each service.

When working with Aylmer Veterinary Clinic, clients can be confident that their pets are in good hands.

Contact: +1 519-773-3911

Address: 421 Talbot St, Aylmer, ON N5H 1K8, Canada

  • 3. VCA Canada Ottawa Veterinary Hospital

VCA Canada emphasizes that its employees view pets as family members rather than animals. Their main focus is pet wellness, and compassion and care go hand in hand with modern veterinary medicine. VCA now operates 120 animal hospitals across five Canadian provinces.

It currently employs 300 licensed veterinarians as well as over a hundred board-certified specialists who also provide community education.

A happy pet is a healthy pet. That is why their team of highly trained professionals provides the best possible care for your pet. They know your pets inside and out, so they know when things are going well and when they need to pay close attention.

Contact: +1 613-725-1182

Address: 900 Boyd Ave, Ottawa, Canada

  • 4. West Carleton Animal Hospital

West Carleton Animal Hospital provides tailored care to your pet’s needs. Its veterinarians believe that each pet has unique health care requirements and that their owners should always make informed decisions on their behalf.

If clients are unable to bring their pets to the premises, a mobile clinic is available to provide them with convenience and peace of mind.

Staff veterinarians are on hand for a variety of clinical exams and procedures, including vaccinations, parasite prevention and treatment, dental work, wellness exams, and behavioral counseling.

An American College of Veterinary Surgeons board-certified team performs surgeries. West Carleton Animal Hospital is located in West Ottawa’s Village of Carp. 3710 Carp Road is a 10-minute drive from Kanata and Stittsville.

General wellness exams, nutritional and lifestyle counseling, parasite prevention, digital radiography (x-rays), ultrasound, and vaccinations are among the services provided.

They provide comprehensive dental care, including cleaning, dental surgery, and digital dental radiography.

Their experienced staff veterinarians perform general soft tissue surgery, including spay and neuter procedures. Veterinary surgeons board certified by the American College of Veterinary Surgeons provide orthopedic and advanced surgical services at their clinic.

Contact: +1 613-839-1115

Address: 3710 Carp Road, Carp, ON K0A 1L0, Canada

  • 5. Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic

Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic is made up of a group of experienced professionals who are all patient and kind to animals.

Not only that, but every member of the Kanata Lakes staff strives to provide the highest quality service to the animals and will go to any length to do so.

Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic provides routine medical services like diagnosis and vaccinations, as well as surgical services.

In addition, the clinic provides mobile veterinary services as well as reproductive services for cats and dogs. It’s worth noting that each service is reasonably priced and performed by highly experienced, trained professionals.

Overall, Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic is shaping up to be an excellent choice for pet owners in the Ontario area looking for veterinary care.

Kanata Lakes Animal Clinic is a full-service animal hospital that treats both emergency cases and pet patients who require routine medical, surgical, and dental care.

Their veterinarians have over 25 years of combined experience treating serious illnesses and providing routine pet wellness care.

They make their clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and calm, so your pet can relax and look forward to meeting their veterinarians.

Contact: +1 613-271-2323

Address: 145, Roland Michener, Kanata, ON K2T 1G7, Canada

  • 6. Vimy Bridge Animal Hospital

As the name implies, Vimy Bridge Animal Hospital is an animal hospital dedicated to assisting any patients in the Ontario area.

The hospital is staffed by four people, all of whom have the necessary background, skills, and expertise to provide a wide range of services ranging from preventive therapies and annual examinations to surgical and in-patient treatments, as well as emergency stabilization.

In addition to the services, they strongly recommend Vimy Bridge Animal Hospital for the staff, as they are responsive, professional, and dedicated to providing high-quality animal care.

Contact: +1 613-822-4333

Address: 665 River Road Unit 104, Gloucester, ON K1V 1S9, Canada

  • 7. Centretown Veterinary Hospital

Centretown Veterinary Hospital divides its services into two categories: dog care and cat care. From spaying and neutering to senior care, the veterinary team strives to keep a close eye on your pet’s health.

The clinic staff takes the time to thoroughly explain what their clients’ pets are going through. This allows them to focus not only on helping sick pets recover but also on preventing future health problems.

Because of all the services and resources available, even first-time pet owners will feel welcome at the clinic.

A puppy or kitten’s first exam includes a head-to-tail examination, followed by regular vaccination appointments to ensure optimum health.

Centretown Vet also provides telephone and video consultations. This is to ensure that current safety protocols are followed and to provide pet owners with the same level of attention and care as a face-to-face consultation in the comfort of their own homes.

Dr. Emily Black established Centretown Veterinary Hospital in 2008. The location was chosen to serve the downtown core, as well as the surrounding neighborhoods of Centretown, Little Italy, Hintonburg, Lowertown, and Wellington Village, with a full-service veterinary hospital that provides preventive, medical, surgical, and dental care by considerate and compassionate staff.

Contact: +1 613-567-0500

Address: 955 Somerset St W, Ottawa, ON K1R 6R8, Canada

  • 8. The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital

The veterinary hospital is well-known for its dedicated staff, which includes experienced, professional doctors who are as knowledgeable as they are kind and friendly to the animals under their care.

They and the other staff members are committed to providing exceptional veterinary services, which they accomplish through their skills, expertise, and the hospital’s cutting-edge facilities.

The Hamlet Veterinary Hospital is open six days a week and provides a wide range of veterinary services, including diagnosis, medical treatments, and surgeries. Everything is handled in-house by their trained and licensed veterinary medical providers.

Contact: +1 613-837-7387

Address: 2592 Innes Road, Gloucester, ON K1B 4Z6, Canada

  • 9. Carling Animal Hospital

Carling Animal Hospital was founded in 1989 and is accredited by the College of Veterinarians of Ontario.

Its mission is to provide compassionate and caring veterinary care while remaining respectful and friendly.

The clinic goes above and beyond to ensure that your beloved pet receives the medical attention it requires and deserves.

In addition to regular veterinary clinic services, its staff makes house calls. The reasons for having a veterinarian and his or her staff visit your home may differ.

Some pets are unable to travel due to mobility issues, or they are immunocompromised and cannot be exposed to other animals at the clinic.

Carling veterinarians typically respond to hospital transportation, routine exams and vaccinations, pain management, senior care, and even peaceful at-home euthanasia.

They believe in equipping pet parents to be the best caregivers possible. They are honored to be the veterinary team of choice for so many devoted patients.

Contact: +1 613-725-3439

Address: 2268 Carling Ave, Ottawa, ON K2B 7G1, Canada

  • 10. Treatwell Pet Care

TreatWell Pet Care, is well aware of both facts. As a result, TreatWell offers low-cost membership plans for in-house veterinary services. TreatWell allows pet owners to have their furry friends examined in the comfort of their own homes.

A standard membership costs $65 per month. This membership includes in-home exams, telehealth assistance, vaccinations, fecal testing, and other benefits. This membership plan includes multi-pet discounts.

There is also a Pay-As-You-Go option for those who do not want to commit to a membership. The option is obviously more expensive, at $275, but no less beneficial to pet owners.

This plan includes the same in-house examination, nail trimming, and gland checks as the membership plan. Unfortunately, other services, such as vaccinations and testing, necessitate additional fees.

Contact: +1 613-230-2106

A final thought about the Animal Hospitals in Ottawa

Animals, like humans, require constant care, so it’s not surprising that we need to make numerous veterinary appointments for our furry friends.

Unfortunately, many pet owners are unable to visit veterinary clinics. A compassionate and caring veterinarian outperforms someone who is efficient but works at breakneck speed.

When looking for a veterinary clinic, we must consider compassion so that we can rest assured that our furry friends are in good hands.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the Animal Hospitals in Ottawa

Below, you will find the answers to some of the most asked questions about the animal hospitals in Ottawa;

  1. How much does a veterinarian make?

According to the most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics data, the median pay for veterinarians in 2017 was $90,420.

Furthermore, the BLS projects a 19 percent increase in employment for veterinarians, which is far above the national average. Of course, not all places pay the same wage to veterinarians.

  1. What does the term “dude” mean in veterinary terms?

DUDE: urinating, defecating, drinking, and eating During a physical exam, your veterinarian will ask if your cat has had a normal appetite and thirst level, as well as if he has been peeing and pooping on a regular basis.

  1. What does the abbreviation VCA stand for?

America’s Veterinary Centers, Inc.

VCA was founded in 1989 as Veterinary Centers of America Inc. by brothers Robert and Arthur Antin, among others.


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