10 Top Veterinarians in Virginia Beach

You have chosen the ideal location whether you reside in Virginia Beach or the nearby areas because there are different veterinarians in Virginia Beach that are skilled, compassionate, and professional.

They place a high value on the health and wellbeing of your pet, and will do everything in their power to provide the best treatment. Below are the list of veterinarians in Virginia Beach.


Veterinarians in Virginia Beach

See below for the answers to some of the most asked questions about the Veterinarians in Virginia Beach;

1. Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital

Both Drs. David Morris and Andrew Baker are certified veterinarians who work with all kinds of animals and pets.

They place a high priority on your pet’s health and wellbeing and will do everything in their power to provide the best treatment. They are now AAHA-accredited with pride! To learn what that implies for the care of your pet, visit aahanet.org.

The full-service veterinary hospital in Virginia Beach will treat both urgent medical, surgical, and dental problems as well as less urgent instances. Both Drs. David Morris and Andrew Baker have experience treating a wide range of ailments.

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Beyond providing top-notch pet care, they also provide a welcoming, family-friendly, and serene environment in their clinic so your pet can unwind while waiting to see their Virginia Beach doctor.

You may learn how to better care for your dogs by using a variety of their resources. The Animals benefit most from continual nutrition and problem prevention in terms of veterinary treatment.

Their staff is dedicated to instructing their customers on how to provide healthy food and activity for their pets all year long.

The Virginia Beach Veterinary Hospital keeps up with the most recent developments in veterinary technology while also keeping in mind that every examination, procedure, and surgery for all animals and pets must be performed with compassion.

Address: 2013 Pleasure House Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

Contact: +1 757-460-3308

2. Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach

The Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach has been a part of the Virginia Beach neighborhood for a very long time.

They are dedicated to providing excellent, easily accessible care for your pet at every stage of life so you can spend a great deal longer with them.

Their skilled vets not only treat dogs and cats but also birds, reptiles, ferrets, rabbits, pocket pets, fish, and even bees! In 2003, Dr. Andrew Silverstone, one of their doctors, took over as proprietor of the Veterinary Hospital of Virginia Beach.

He has since been committed to prioritizing pets and the people who own them. He and the rest of the staff are dedicated to giving your family’s pets the best possible care during every stage of their lives.

They are equipped to offer first-rate veterinary care to your extended furry, feathery, or scaly family, whether you have a dog, cat, bird, turtle, ferret, fish, bees, or other exotic pets.

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Additionally to having the skills to treat a variety of animals, their veterinarians are USDA accredited. They can now issue pet health certifications for both domestic and foreign travel, thanks to this.

Therefore, they can make the trip as easy as possible for you and your pet, whether you’re moving to a new state or nation or taking your closest friend on a vacation with you.

Address: 3002 Virginia Beach Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452, United States

Contact: +1 757-340-6996

3.Salem Veterinary Hospital

As a full-service animal hospital, Salem Veterinary Hospital will treat both urgent and less urgent medical, surgical, and dental conditions.

Additionally, they provide patients wellness treatment that emphasizes best practices for preventative medicine.

Drs. Sheffield and Hundley are committed to providing their patients with the best possible care and have experience treating all manner of conditions.

Beyond providing top-notch animal care, their hospital is cozy, family-friendly, and offers a serene setting so your pet can unwind in the waiting area and anticipate meeting his or her particular Virginia Beach veterinarian

Address: 2159 Lynnhaven Pkwy #105, Virginia Beach, VA 23456, United States

Contact: +1 757-427-2222

4.Independence Veterinary Hospital

Independence Veterinary Hospital is a general small animal facility that only treats dogs and cats for routine and preventative care.

Serving Virginia Beach and the surrounding areas of Hampton Roads makes them proud. Drs. Derrick Kier, Karen Smithwick, and Richard Johnston are committed to offering friendly, caring service along with high-caliber veterinary care.

Every patient receives the devoted consideration and care they merit from their veterinarians and staff, who believe in treating each patient as their own pet. They are a team of skilled, seasoned, and animal lovers that are committed to assisting animals live longer, happier, and healthier lives!

Address: 4608 Pembroke Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

Contact: +1 757-473-8560

5. Birdneck Animal Hospital

The typical veterinary clinic in Virginia Beach is not Birdneck Animal Hospital. The goal of Dr. Wayne M. Johnson and their team is to offer pets like yours the best pet care in the Hampton Roads region. Every pet is different and ought to be treated as such, in their opinion.

That’s one of the reasons they think they are one of Virginia Beach’s top veterinary hospitals. Prior to making assessments, they thoroughly examine every pet so that they can recommend genuinely personalized therapy.

Veterinarians with more than 25 years of experience provide a quick and simple procedure for you and your pet. Dr. Johnson’s knowledge and the staff’s efficiency make the procedure quick and simple for both owners and pets.

They provide a wide range of pet care services so you can take care of all your pet’s requirements in one location and avoid having to travel to many veterinarian clinics in Virginia Beach.

At Birdneck Animal Hospital, they think every pet deserves to be in excellent overall health.

Their hospital offers everything your pet could possibly need, such as thorough exams, medical diagnostics, vaccinations, an on-site pharmacy, dentistry, ultrasound, x-rays, therapeutic laser therapy, boarding, bathing, behavior, and access to specialists.

They also have a dental clinic and a pharmacy. Major procedures don’t have to be traumatic or painful for your pet; instead, they use cutting-edge pet care technology to lessen discomfort and improve health.

Accuracy and precision are provided by their laser surgery without damaging the healthy skin tissue. Pain, bleeding, and edema can all be reduced with laser surgery.

Address: 508 N Birdneck Rd C, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

Contact: +1 757-355-5694

6. Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital

A reputable small animal veterinarian hospital that offers complete medical, surgical, and dental care is Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital.

They provide a variety of diagnostic treatments using both internal testing and outside labs. They also work closely with nearby practices when specialist diagnostic methods are needed.

The facility has a fully equipped pharmacy, an on-site operating room, on-site X-ray facilities, a hospitalization section under careful supervision, and indoor boarding kennels with outdoor roaming areas.

Since January 2014, Marcie has been employed by Owl Creek Veterinary Hospital. Because everyone she works with genuinely cares about the welfare of the animals they treat, she enjoys her job at Owl Creek.

She enjoys playing games, watching movies, and playing with her four kids (animals). Two English bulldogs named Crouton and Gracie Mae, a foster bulldog named Rocky, and two guinea pigs named Johnny and Clara make Marcie very happy. She appreciates that Owl Creek has the top-notch customers.

Address: 587 S Birdneck Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

Contact: +1 757-428-4344

7. Great Neck Veterinary Clinic

Your pet will have a fear-free experience at Great Neck Veterinary Clinic. Fear Free veterinary appointments aim to reduce worry, tension, and fear in order to make the experience better and more secure for everyone involved, including the dogs, owners, and medical staff.

They offer specialist care using acupuncture and Class IV Laser Therapy in addition to regular healthcare and surgery. While appointments are usually advised, they are not required for emergencies, nail care, blood work, or anal gland expression.

Utilizing PetDesk, their brand-new app, makes communication with them simpler than ever. Any mobile device can be used to make appointments, communicate with them, receive reminders, and more.

The pet pharmacy at Great Neck Veterinary Clinic is another proud service we provide. Refills on prescriptions are only available to patients who have recently undergone a medical examination and blood work.

Since 1998, Dr. Blair Hollowell has been a small animal veterinarian. She took over ownership of Great Neck Vet in 2005 and relocated to Virginia Beach to be closer to her family.

She has three kids with her spouse Todd. Dr. Hollowell loves to spend as much time as she can with her vibrant and entertaining family.

Dr. Hollowell has received certification in rehabilitation medicine, and she also has interests in surgery and dentistry.

The Virginia Beach SPCA Board and the Animal Control Advisory Council both included Dr. Hollowell as a member.

Address: 2248 Ebb Tide Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23451, United States

Contact: +1 757-481-2800

8. Strawbridge Animal Care

Strawbridge Animal Care is a full-service small animal hospital dedicated to providing quality veterinary care to the dogs and cats of Virginia Beach, Norfolk, and Chesapeake, VA communities, including wellness exams, vaccinations, microchipping, surgery, diagnostic services, and dental care.

Dr. Natalie Griffin graduated from Auburn University and the Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine, and she worked in the veterinary field for 14 years before joining Strawbridge Animal Care.

Also, Dr. Griffin has extensive experience in large and small animal medicine, as well as emergency and shelter medicine. Dr. Griffin is involved in local community animal services, serving on the boards of directors for both the Virginia Beach SPCA and the City of Virginia Beach’s Animal Welfare, in addition to being a part of the American Veterinary Medical Association and the South Hampton Roads Veterinary Medical Association.

Dr. Griffin attributes her passion for animals to her pony club days, when she rode horses competitively in shows and events. As she moved on to college and career preparation, those experiences solidified her vision and vocational dream.

Address: 2129 General Booth Blvd Suite 102, Virginia Beach, VA 23454, United States

Contact: +1 757-427-6120

9. Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital

Since 1971, Princess Anne Veterinary Hospital has served Virginia Beach and the surrounding communities.

They are a full-service companion animal pet hospital founded in 1971 that provides a full veterinary laboratory, pet surgery, spays and neuters, a pet pharmacy, microchip pet identification, and tick and flea control.

Dr. Butala received his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in biology and psychology from Washington and Jefferson College in Pennsylvania.

She graduated from the Virginia Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine and relocated to Virginia Beach, where she practiced for a few years before settling in at Princess Anne! Dr. Butala is interested in all aspects of preventative care, but her special interests are small animal dentistry and integrative medicine.

Dr. Butala prefers to treat her patients with Western medicine as well as acupuncture and Chinese herbs for a more comprehensive approach.

Chi University granted her certification in veterinary acupuncture. Dr. Butala’s interests outside of work include hiking with her dog, reading, watching Grey’s Anatomy and the Bachelor franchise, and indoor cycling on the Peloton. She is a die-hard Pittsburgh Penguins hockey fan from Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Dr. Butala lives with her shelter dog, Spencer (who you will see hanging out in the Princess Anne office), her three cats, Benson, Kiss, and B-Lynn, and her husband, who is a Philadelphia Flyers fan.

Address: 2492 Holland Rd, Virginia Beach, VA 23453, United States

Contact: +1 757-427-5201

10. Independence Veterinary Hospital

Independence Veterinary Hospital is pleased to serve the communities of Virginia Beach and surrounding areas.

They are committed to providing the highest level of veterinary medicine while also providing friendly and compassionate service. They adhere to the philosophy that every patient deserves to be loved and cared for just as much as their own pet. They are a team of highly skilled, seasoned animal lovers committed to giving their patients the finest treatment possible.

Dr. Kier spent his childhood interacting with any animal he could get his hands on, both domesticated and wild.

On his way to becoming an Eagle Scout, he read books by James Herriot, a British veterinary surgeon, and earned the Veterinary Science merit badge. Dr. Kier knew at the age of 12 that he wanted to be a veterinarian when he “grew up.”

Dr. Kier graduated from Virginia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in Wildlife Science and minors in Animal Science and Biology. Dr. Kier volunteered at the New River Valley Wildlife Center and interned with the veterinary service at the Pittsburgh Zoo and Aviary during his undergraduate studies.

He also worked at Dr. Smithwick’s Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. Dr. Kier worked in a research lab after graduation, studying parasites of companion animals and livestock.

A few years later, he taught a veterinary assistant program at a trade school before enrolling in Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts. His senior year was spent at the University of Georgia.

Address: 4608 Pembroke Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23455, United States

Contact: +1 757-473-8560

Conclusion on the Veterinarians in Virginia Beach

Veterinarians often work with a broad range of animal species in clinics, hospitals, labs, farms, and zoos.

Numerous workplace dangers, such as zoonotic illnesses, bites and scrapes, dangerous medicines, needlestick injuries, ionizing radiation, and noise, are faced by veterinarians.

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

Below you will find some of the answers to the questions relating to the Veterinarians in Virginia Beach;

  1. Can veterinarians treat all animals?

Veterinary professionals

Anesthesiology, dentistry, pathology, and surgery are a few job alternatives. As with cats, dogs, poultry, or wildlife, veterinarians can choose to focus on a particular species or group of animals.

  1. How long can a vet write a prescription for?

6 months

Most veterinarian prescriptions are valid for up to six months from the date they were signed. A veterinarian may request a shorter expiration date, but only for medical needs.

  1. Can vets treat humans?

The British Veterinary Association’s spokeswoman noted that unlike humans, animals could not consent to being treated by anyone other than a veterinarian. However, patients could consent for veterinarians to treat them.

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