10 Best Veterinarians in Toronto Ontario Canada

Do you know any of the top veterinarians in Toronto?  The knowledge of Veterinarians in Toronto will help you as a pet owner to know about those who will take care of your pets when they require medical care in Toronto.

As a pet owner having access to this information is very important to ensure your pet gets quality medical care any time needed.

Toronto is the capital city of the Canadian province of Ontario. With a recorded population of 2,794,356 in 2021, it is the most populous city in Canada and the Fourth most populous city in North America.

Toronto is an International center of business, finance, arts, sports, and culture and is recognized as one of the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities in the world.

We will be discussing the different veterinarians in Toronto, so you know how to give your pet the best health care.

Veterinarians in Toronto

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Yonge Davenport pet Hospital

Yonge Davenport pet hospital is conveniently located in the heart of downtown Toronto serving Rosedale, Yorkville, and the Yonge/Bloor areas.

The pet hospital is owned and operated by Dr. Vlad Stefanescu and they offer a full spectrum of veterinary services for your pets in their all-encompassing state-of-the-art facilities.

As the primary veterinarian, Dr. Vlad Stefanescu offers personalized high quality veterinary care to every one of his patients.

Dr Stefanescu grew up in Toronto. Before his acceptance to veterinary school, he completed a Bachelor of Science (with honors) in Animal Biology and went on to do masters in Animal Physiology at York University.

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After graduating from the Ontario veterinary college in Guelph, he went to work as an associate veterinarian in London, Ontario. Although his main interest has always been companion animal medicine and surgery, Dr. Stefanescu has been involved in many areas of veterinary medicine including zoo and wildlife projects throughout Canada and abroad.  Some notable placements include the Toronto Zoo and several projects in Costa Rica and Honduras with the nonprofit organization veterinarians without borders.

Dr. Stefanescu’s professional interests include preventative medicine, abdominal and soft tissue surgery, dentistry and internal medicine.

Location: 885 Yonge Street, Toronto ON, M4W 2H2

Phone: 416- 962- 2883

Fax: 416- 962- 9632

Sherbourne Animal Hospital

Sherbourne Animal Hospital is located in the heart of downtown Toronto. Sherbourne Animal hospital is a full service veterinary medical facility with professional, friendly and approachable staff aiming to exceed your highest expectations. They are committed to providing excellent veterinary medicine in a caring and professional environment to their highly valued patients.  With every visit, they aim to provide the best customer service and quality care for pets that enter their doors.

They offer the following services Diagnostic, surgical, preventative health care and medical care services for Dogs and Cats so they can live a longer and happier life.

Dr. Donovan Robson is one of the veterinarians at Sherbourne Animal Hospital.

According to Dr. Robson, he didn’t know he wanted to be a veterinarian but knew he was fascinated by animals.  Growing up, the fascination manifested itself as hours of watching animal documentaries, finding any excuse to get closer to any animal he came across and begging his parents to buy him every pet he laid his eyes upon. He was not sure of the career the passion would lead him toward, but he was always hoping it would be one that animals would be a part of.   Dr. Donovan Robson completed his undergraduate degree with a major in Biology at York University in Toronto. Over the course of his degree, he debated several career paths but found that he kept coming back to veterinary science.   It seemed to be the perfect intersection of his interest in Biology and his passion for animals. 

He have always been interested in the idea of living abroad and decided to make this happen after finishing his undergraduate degree, he applied to the Doctor of veterinary medicine at the University of Melbourne and was delighted when they offered him a position within their program.

During his time in Australia, He met some of his closest friends, created a second home and found a deep appreciation for enormous discipline if veterinary medicine. After his graduation from the University of Melbourne, he returned home to Toronto to work in a small animal practice as that was the area of veterinary science that he was drawn to most during his time in the DVM program.

He is so happy to have joined the Sherbourne Animal Hospital and look forward to developing his career within the practice.  Outside of work, he spends his free time making music, enjoying time with his friends and family and hanging out with his rescue dog Otis.

Location: 320 Richmond St E.  Unit 108 Toronto, ON    M5A 2R3

Phone: 416- 775- 0101

Fax: 416- 777- 0151

Email: [email protected]

Davisville Park Animal Hospital

Davisville park Animal hospital is a high quality facility that provides care to Cats and Dogs.  At their Hospital, they aim to provide veterinary care that exceeds your expectations. You can always expect their staff to show genuine care and comfort for your pet.

They provide compassionate treatments to their patients at all stages of their lives. From the minute your puppy or kitten joins their family, their team is there to provide their vaccinations and preventative treatments to keep them healthy.

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They have in house laboratory, digital x-ray machine and offer ultrasonography. They are capable of performing laparoscopic procedures and other surgeries such as Spays/neuters, soft tissue and orthopedic operations. To keep your loyal companion comfortable, they provide anesthesia during certain procedures and pain management to help them recover.

Dr. Stephen Avery is the Founder and chief veterinarian at Davisville Park Animal Hospital.                 Dr. Stephen graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2004 and after working at other animal hospitals in the city, he decided to open his own veterinary hospital.   

In 2007, together with his wife, he opened Leslieville Animal hospital and in 2011 decided to open Davisville Park Animal Hospital in the neighborhood where his wife grew up.    

 Steve’s process interests include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine and dentistry. When not working he caters to his Cat Norm and his Dog Ivy and busily chases after his four young children.

At Davisville Park Animal Hospital they offer a range of services like Cardiology services, Arthritis services, deworming services, Euthanasia services, Micro chipping, Nutrition counseling, vaccinations, Spay and Neutering and many more services for pets.

Location: 518 Mt Pleasant Rd, Toronto, ON M4S   2M2

Phone: 416- 489- 8387

Email: [email protected]

Bickford Park Animal Hospital

As a leading pet setting service provider, Bickford Park Animal Hospital aim to enable your pet to live life to its fullest.

Their services includes Adult Dog vaccinations, Canine Micro chipping, Cat vaccinations, Cat dental care, Cat nail trimming, blood tests for Dogs, Kitten vaccinations, blood tests for Cats, Dog skin care  and  more.

Bickford Park Animal Hospital has been serving the Toronto area since 2012 and is committed to the highest level of caring, compassionate veterinary treatments for Cats and Dogs.

Dr. Helen Foster clinic’s founder said she wanted to feel passionate about what she does, so she started her own clinic.   She put her mind and soul into her patients’ care and so do the other vets who work in her clinic.

Location: 807 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON

Phone: (647) 347- 8387

Email: [email protected]

Leslieville Animal Hospital

Leslieville Animal hospital has been a trusted team for animal Care in Leslieville and south Riverdale since 2007. At Leslieville Animal hospital, you receive the highest quality service during every visit. They are more than just animal lovers serving your furry friends; they also pet parents themselves.

At their Hospital, they understand the love you give your loyal companions and do everything within their abilities to amplify that care.   Their veterinarians are very knowledgeable on preventative care such as vaccinations, deworming, dental care, and parasite control. They strongly encourage preventative care to maintain your pet’s safety.

Dr. Stephen Avery is the founder and chief veterinarian at Leslieville Animal Hospital.                           Dr. Stephen graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 2004 and after working at other animal hospitals in the city decided to open his own veterinary hospital.

In 2007, together with his wife, he opened Leslieville Animal Hospital. Dr. Stephen’s professional interests include soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, and dentistry. When not working he caters to his Cat Norm and his Dog Ivy and busily chases after his four young children.

Dr. Kerry Tait is another Veterinarian Working in the Animal Hospital. Dr. Kerry was born and raised in Toronto, in fact just up the street from the clinic.   She is thrilled to be practicing in her old stomping grounds. Dr. Kerry had a lifelong dream to become a veterinarian and started working in veterinary hospitals when she was 15.

She completed her B.sc at the University of Guelph in 2006 and graduated from the Ontario veterinary college in 2010.  Her professional interests include internal medicine, preventative Medicine, pain management and anesthesia.

Outside of the clinic, Dr. Kerry enjoys spending time with her husband and young son, music (both listening and playing the French horn), movies and travel.    Her Menagerie of pets currently includes 3 rescues; a treeing Walker Coonhound named Sadie, a potcake named Matilda and a 3- legged Cat named Hobbes.

Location: 1166 Queen St E, Toronto, ON    M4M   1L4

Phone: 416- 463- 8387

Email: [email protected]

Dundas West Animal Hospital

Dundas West Animal Hospital is a health and wellness hospital for pets and their owners in the heart of the high Park neighborhood.   It is owned and operated by Dr. Scott Bainbridge, Dr. Alex Folosea & Dr. Debbie Kilburn.  

They offer services like Wellness and vaccination programs, medical services, surgical services, Therapeutic laser treatment, Ultrasound services, Anesthesia and patient monitoring, pain management and control and more.

Dr. Scott Bainbridge is one of the veterinarians at the Animal Hospital. Dr. Scott Bainbridge has lived in the high park/ Roncesvalles village area since 1999 with his wife and son. His pets include Cleo, a recent Golden Retriever rescue from Egypt, and their Cat Stilton, adopted in 2014 and affectionately referred to as ‘ The disgruntled hotel guest ‘.  Scott has honors Bsc from the University of Toronto in Animal Behavior. He spent a year in the pre-veterinary course at Colorado State University and graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in 1999.

Scott made the Dean’s Honor Roll each year at O.V.C and was the recipient of both the Merck veterinary Award and the American Animal Hospital senior student Award. Scott spends the majority of his free time in Latin America where he is heavily involved in an ongoing pet sterilization program that encourages other veterinarians from around the world to volunteer their services. 

Recently, Scott was honored with the OVMA Award of merit for his exemplary public service and contributions to the veterinary profession.

From establishing a veterinary camp for kids in Australia to providing free medical care for pets of women who have left abusive households, he has demonstrated an unwavering commitment to helping others and improving the lives of Animals.  In his spare time, Scott loves to travel, play golf and spend time at his cottage.

Location: 2160 Dundas street West Toronto, Ontario M6R   1X3

Phone:  416 535 8387

Fax: 416 535 8386

Email: [email protected]

Riverdale Animal Hospital

Riverdale Animal Hospital is a small animal practice including exotics.  Riverdale Animal Hospital was founded in 2001 by Doctor Christopher Drabant.  With up-to-date procedures and protocols, Riverdale has maintained its reputation as a solid practice not only with its medical equipment and diagnostic technology but also with its highly skilled staff.   

Also, Riverdale’s main mission is to give the most ethical and professional care in services not only to patients but the clients as well.  To provide even more efficient service to the increasing demands of both the patient and the client.

Riverdale is associated with many veterinary specialists, diagnostic laboratories, and government institutions.  Riverdale Animal hospital is accredited by the college if veterinarians of Ontario for meeting the standards and regulations set by the committee of the licensing body.

Good ventilation, temperature control, and lighting are features that the hospital is worth staying and visiting.  They make sure that you and your pets are always comfortable and safe.

They offer the following services: vaccinations spay and Neuter, Nutritional counseling, Dental cleaning, Grooming, Laser Surgery, Radiology, Ultrasonography, exotic medicine, orthopedic surgery, micro chipping and more.

Dr. Drabant is the hospital director and practice owner of Riverdale Animal Hospital.  He obtained his Doctor of veterinary medicine degree in Hungary.    Dr. Drabant attends seminars and international veterinary conferences.

Also, Dr.  Elizabeth as she is popularly called was born in St. Boniface, Manitoba. She moved to Nigeria for a while where she obtained her doctor of veterinary medicine from the University of Nigeria. She has been practicing in Ontario since.

Dr. Salama graduated in 1975 from Cairo veterinary school.   He has practiced in different parts of the globe including the United Kingdom, Egypt, France and finally stopping in Canada in 1995. He has been with the Riverdale Animal Hospital team.

Jolene has been working in this field for over fifteen years and enjoys working with Animals very much. She obtained an Animal science Diploma from Thompson Education and has attended and completed multiple different seminars.

Location: 901 Danforth Ave Toronto, Ontario   M4J   1L8

Phone: 416- 465- 4655

Email: [email protected]


VetsToronto Animal Hospital offers a very unique type of care, with a full complement of medical equipment and a commitment to provide excellent care day and night, 365 days a year.  They have an on-site ultrasound, digital radiography, surgical laser, and soft tissue surgery.  

They offer other services like Dentistry, surgery, diagnostics, preventative care, vaccinations, spaying and Neutering, Microchipping, Digital Radiographs, Ultrasonography, Pet dental cleaning, Dental Radiograph, wellness checkups, End of life care, parasite prevention and care, Nutritional counseling.

Dr Lucia Delgado De La Flor is the medical director and principal veterinarian of VetsToronto Kingston Road Animal Hospital.  

She grew up in Peru’s capital, Lima; a beautiful city by the sea filled with good people and even better food. She knew she wanted to be a vet since she was a little girl and spent most of her childhood chasing animals on her grandfather’s farm or trying to get bandages to stick on the family dog. She went to one of the top schools in Lima and graduated third in her class in 2010 with an interest in small animal medicine and wildlife.

In 2012 she got married and soon after her husband Alejandro moved to Canada.  It took almost 2 years and even more sweat and tears but by the end of 2014, she was licensed to practice veterinary medicine In Canada. She has been happily working at one of the sister clinics of VetsToronto since 2014 and in 2019 she got the wonderful opportunity to transfer to Vets Toronto.

She knows the clinic has gone through a lot of changes in the last couple of years, but she is fully invested in helping it reach its full potential with the help of its amazing team and its brilliant clients.  She has a special interest in making every visit to the clinic stress-free and positive interaction for every patient as much as they possibly can because they love to see your pets and it is better when the feeling is mutual.   

Aside from being fear-free certified, she is an expert in belly rubs, treat giving and cuddling exclusively with patients.   Also skilled in laser surgery, ultrasound and endoscopy (coming soon).

On a personal note, her husband and she own a beautiful grey and white leukemia-positive Cat named Abbey Road (She feels she should say Abbey owns them). 

They also have a rescue Dog named Calypso (rescued from the meat trade in Thailand) and a senior hyperthyroid rescue Cat aptly named Doctor “Wait for it”.  She looks forward to meeting you and your family soon, even if it’s just for a quick hello and a treat.

Location: 1025 Kingston Road, Toronto, Ontario   M4E   1T4

Phone:  416- 690- 0625

Email: [email protected]

 Beaches Animal Hospital

They are a team of committed professionals who understand your love for your pet.   At Beaches Animal Hospital most of them have pets at home, so they know exactly how important your pet I to you.   They are passionate about building relationships with every four-legged family member who walks through their doors and ensuring they stay happy and healthy.

Beaches Animal Hospital is a leading edge veterinary clinic servicing the Beaches and Toronto’s east end. They believe in harnessing the latest innovations in equipment, medicine and procedures to ensure your pet received only the highest quality in health care.

Established in 1973 as the first pet hospital in the Beach (es), the clinic moved to the current location on Queen St East in 1994.  In 1997, the practice was amalgamated with the group of hospitals owned by Dr. Catherwood and Dr. Jafine.  Dr. Mark Dilworth joined Beaches in 2005 as a practitioner and became a partner in 2006.  The hospital currently has seven doctors and 20 support staff.

They offer services like Annual Diagnostics, Cardiac monitoring, Dentistry, Examinations, Laboratory services, Nutrition,  Outside laboratory services, parasite control, pet surgery, pet vaccinations, Radiology, Spaying and Neutering, Ultrasound, Veterinary diets, Pet Micro chipping, Pet boarding and more.

Dr. Mark Dilworth is one of the veterinarians at the Animal Hospital.   Dr. Mark Dilworth graduated from the Ontario veterinary college at the University of Guelph in 2001.  For the first three years of his career, he practices as an emergency veterinarian at a 24- hour hospital and an emergency clinic. He also worked with the OSPCA during this time.  

These years of practice solidified his dedication to working for the best interest of Animals. Dr. Dilworth started managing the Beaches Animal Hospital in 2004.  He has continued his priority commitment to animals at BAH, with long hours; work for many rescue organizations and the hospital’s adoption program, which has allowed for the adoption of many stray or abandoned Cats. While he enjoys medicine and surgery equally, his goal is for his patients to live long and comfortable life with their owners.

Dr. Dilworth lives with his partner (Dave) and their teenager (Saif) for whom they became legal guardians in 2009. Saif quickly adapted to a home with three Dogs of varying sizes and three Cats. Dr. Jeff Odell is also one of the veterinarians at the practice.   Dr. Jeff Odell graduated from The Ontario veterinary college in 1998 and started at the Beaches Animal Hospital in the fall of 2006. He has two cats, Hillary and Monica. When not busy at the clinic, Jeff likes to spend his time playing hockey, baseball, rollerblading, and biking.

Location: 2304 Queen St. East Toronto, ON    M4E 1G8

Phone: 416- 690- 4040

Email: [email protected]

Annex Animal Hospital

Using State of the art equipment and modern diagnostic techniques, they perform routine veterinary care, dental care, a variety of surgeries including spay/Neuter and diagnostic imaging services.

They also offer services like Adult Dog vaccinations, Blood tests for Dogs, Canine dental services, Canine micro chipping, Canine spay, and Neuter services, Dog anal gland expression, Dog behavioral  counseling, Dog emergency services, Dog grooming and nail trimming for Dogs, Dog urinalysis and fecal exam, Dog X-ray and ultrasound, End of life care (Dog Euthanasia), Flea and Tick treatment, Blood tests for Cats, Cat dental care, Cat flea and Tick control, Cat nail trimming, Cat Neutering and spaying, Cat vaccinations, Cat weight management counseling, Cat X-ray and ultrasound, End of Life care ( Cat Euthanasia), Feline micro chipping service, Feline parasite control and prevention, Kitten Vaccinations and more.

Dr. Rael Rifkind is an associate veterinarian at Annex Animal Hospital.   Dr. Rifkind graduated from University of Pretoria in 1997. He has worked in several veterinary practices in South Africa, England and Canada. 

He appreciates the opportunity to work with loving and dedicated pet owners in order to optimize their pet’s health. Dr. Rifkind enjoys all aspects of preventive medicine and surgery.         In his free time, he enjoys running marathons, hiking and camping. Dr. Rifkind and his wife have two daughters and a Cat named Lolo.

Conclusion on the Veterinarians in Toronto

Veterinarians are compassionate Every time they are working with animals and their owners.

They treat animals with respect and kindness and are also sensitive when interacting with sick pet owners.

See  below for the answers to some of the most asked questions relating to the veterinarians in Toronto.

Frequently asked questions about veterinarians in Toronto

What sort of Education must a veterinarian have?

Answer: In order to earn a veterinary medical degree, a man or woman must generally complete at least six years of University education. This includes a minimum of two years of pre- veterinary University education and four years in a program of veterinary medicine.

How many accredited veterinary universities are in Canada?

There are five accredited universities with veterinary medical programs in Canada. These schools are the only ones in this country where a veterinary medical degree can be earned. Atlantic Veterinary College Ontario veterinary college Universite de Montreal, faculte de medicine Western college of veterinary medicine University of Calgary, faculty of veterinary medicine

What is the possible time duration to acquire your veterinary degree?

A typical veterinary medical student spends about 4,000 hours in classroom, laboratory and clinical study. In many ways, a veterinarian's education only begins with a degree. New scientific knowledge and techniques are constantly being developed and a veterinarian must keep his/her knowledge current by reading scientific journals and attending professional meetings, short courses and seminars.

Is it difficult to get into a veterinary program?

Yes. For many years, the number of students applying to veterinary school has exceeded the number of available positions. Men and women who hope to get into a veterinary medical program must complete their pre - veterinary study with high grades. Practical experience with animals or extra years of college can help


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