Types of nitrile gloves; 2022 best update

Today, the different types of nitrile gloves will be discussed. Nitrile gloves are gloves made from artificial latex and are used for hand injuries.

In addition to that, as opposed to rubber, Nitrile gloves do not contain any latex proteins and are 3x  able to resist various kinds of chemicals, holes and punctures.

Nitrile gloves have no problem sliding in your hands easily and can also reduce the rate of friction occurring as compared to other latex gloves.

There are certain reasons why these gloves are more popular as compared to vinyl or latex gloves. Also, these gloves are widely known for some reasons unlike others like vinyl and latex gloves.

Nitrile gloves have a maximum rate of resistance to water and are also able to stretch out due to their elasticity.

However, there are certain things to take note of when choosing these gloves.

Overviews of types of nitrile gloves

Your experience at a Hospital may not be as eventful as other places might be.

Starting from the ever nauseating feeling caused by the use of antiseptics by medical staff,  to the smell of medicines, surgical types of equipment, liquids and chemicals used by the cleaning staff as well.

All combine to create a stomach-churning feeling that if care is not taken may eventually propel you to empty your bowels.

Moreover, If you have visited a hospital before, you are more likely to have experienced this feeling.

I remember one such occasion when I visited a hospital and was given a bed, the familiar hospital smell filled my nostrils non-stop. I just had to stomach it for the period of time I was there because there was nothing I could do about it. It’s more like a common feature of hospitals, clinics and other healthcare centres.

In addition to that, Nitrile gloves come into play as day after day, doctors and other health personnel come in contact with different medical pieces of equipment, and substances some of which contain toxic chemicals and liquids.

All in a bid to tend to sick patients suffering from various sorts of ailments, doctors come in contact with different chemicals or substances.

However, protective wear of some sort can come in handy to keep their hands safe.

Some medical staffs are not even aware that their hands stand in harm’s way after touching some dangerous substances while working.

On this note, if you are a medical professional in a hospital or a janitor in a factory you really need to consider getting yourself a pair or pairs of Nitrile gloves.

Categories or types of nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves are grouped into 2 categories or types.

  • Industrial grade Nitrile gloves and
  • Medical grade Nitrile gloves

Industrial Grade Nitrile Gloves

This particular category of nitrile gloves is most suitable for use when you have come in contact with solvents or some harsh chemicals.

The following Industries that make use of nitrile gloves are:

  • The janitorial sector
  • Home service
  • The tattoo artist department
  • Home sanitation use
  • The automotive department.

It’s a good thing to know that industrial Nitrile gloves have the tendency to resist chemicals, hence it is just the best glove to be used by different industries.

Medical Grade Nitrile Gloves

If your profession brings you face to face with some blood-borne disease-causing microorganisms or even other environmental pollutants, it is highly advised that you make sure to put on your Medical grade Nitrile gloves for protection.

This type of Nitrile gloves is regularly found in Medical facilities, laboratories, hospitals, and even dental facilities.

Before usage, the Medical grade Nitrile gloves first undergo various tests to ascertain that it indeed meets up with the standards and guidelines of the FDA, which in turn makes sure that each glove provides you with a highly assured level of strength and durability needed for any particular application of your choice.


I know some of you may wonder if Nitrile gloves have just only one colour which most of us know as blue because of their constant use by those working in the medical field but it will really interest you to know that Nitrile gloves come in almost all colours of the rainbow.

However, the colour of the glove doesn’t alter the effectiveness that the gloves offer.

Also in the traditional aspect, Nitrile gloves come in a blue colour to differentiate them from non-latex gloves especially if you are allergic to latex.

However, the motive behind such colour change in Nitrile gloves is in most cases due to the forechoice of the industry involved.

Take, for instance, some laboratory units have a particular colour of Nitrile gloves for a particular lab coat.

This is done in order not to mix up any medical pieces of equipment meant for different purposes and also to prevent and minimize any type of cross-contamination.

The different colours of Nitrile gloves may include:

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Hi-Vis
  • Grey
  • Purple
  • Pink
  • Red

Let me explain some of the colours above and their applications.

– Black nitrile gloves

Black Nitrile gloves are mostly preferred by law agencies and postal workers.

Workers in the law enforcement agency wear black nitrile gloves to be able to differentiate themselves from medical workers who as well respond first to emergency situations.

Workers in the post office also prefer the black nitrile gloves for them to be able to trace white powders or residues that may appear.

– Orange nitrile gloves

This colour of gloves is most often used by auto mechanical engineers and other applications in which the workers have to be in a dark, enclosed area.

– Hi-Vis nitrile gloves

This colour works well and aids visually in enclosed areas with reduced light and also knowing where your hands are every time.

Making use of this colour of gloves will give you a sense of safety.

– Blue nitrile gloves

In this case, blue is mostly used by Medical operatives, in as much as other colours are being used too, blue remains the most constantly used in the medical field.

Did you also know that nitrile gloves’ colour difference helps medical workers to be on the lookout for glove failure?

For instance, putting in a red glove underneath a grey glove can aid a medical worker take note of where the grey glove has a hole or tear, this is because the red glove will become transparent.

However, apart from the industry uses, you can equally choose a nitrile glove based on your own individual choice.


Before getting yourself a pair or pairs of Nitrile gloves, the first and most vital thing to look out for is if it offers you the kind of hand protection you need, the quality of the gloves and how it’s been made.

Another thing to watch out for is if the synthetic latex is sensitive to your skin.

I bet you wouldn’t want your skin reacting badly to your Nitrile gloves or your skin peeling after wearing them.

I  believe you are fully aware that Nitrile gloves also come in different grades, types and sizes altogether with their different features.

That is why is it very important for you to make proper research on the particular type of Nitrile gloves you are getting in order to know which will suit you better.

However, Nitrile gloves can be found in three different grades and are rated according to the protective qualities they carry.

Grade one – Medical use

Grade two – Emergency medical services field like the paramedics and disaster management department.

Grade three – Utility (Non-medical purposes)

This grade of Nitrile gloves is for you if you doing light and less stressful jobs like painting or maintenance to protect your hands.

On this note, if you have a grade three Nitrile glove, it is advised that you don’t use it for any medical purposes.

Benefits of the different types of nitrile gloves

Nitrile gloves have many benefits which I will list below:

– Research studies have shown that products made from Nitrile have proven to be efficient and more preferable to medical health workers and even patients as well unlike other types of medical gloves.

– Apart from being a preferable choice in the Medical sector, Nitrile gloves are also applied to use by companies, automobile factories, gardeners and tattoo artists to mention a few.

– Nitrile gloves are made of quality material and this makes sure that they do not wear or tear easily.

– Nitrile gloves have also proven to be higher in quality than other gloves like latex and vinyl.

– To add to that, studies have shown that while running a test to check which glove has the highest virus leakage rate, each glove was punctured with a needle-like stick with the aim of measuring virus leakages that could be seen as well as spread, vinyl and latex gloves had a higher leakage rate than that of Nitrile gloves.

– One other benefit of Nitrile gloves is that it has a very strong resistivity to chemicals which may include oils, greases, etc.

– Nitrile gloves also have the tendency to minimize itching and allergic reactions to your skin while using them.

– Furthermore, they are flexible in nature as compared to latex, they are soft to the touch and the design makes them easy to slide on.

– Nitrile gloves can be worn for as long as a day unlike their counterparts “vinyl and latex” without it causing uncomfortably or wearing out.


Have in mind that nitrile gloves  easily get destroyed by heat and direct exposure to light so you take caution and do well to store them in a cool, dry and safe place


Nitrile gloves are one of the best choices when you want to purchase a hand glove, not only does it have good quality but they also quite easily conform to the shape of your hands.

Its tacky nature enables you to slide it on without any fuss and also it leaves a comfortable feeling on your hand.

It is highly recommended for you to get it because it just keeps getting better and better.


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