List of pharmaceutical companies in Albania

The pharmaceutical companies in Albania are highly regulated. In Albania, the regulatory requirements are changing with various minor Changes and Regulations to ensure the supply of drugs with high pharmaceutical quality, safety, and efficacy.

Accelerated process for EU / FDA-derived drugs, patients have had access to new drugs such as orphans and biosimilars in the shortest possible time since they were first approved, allowing the patient to obtain new drugs that are safe, efficient and qualitatively and the most important innovation medicines approved for marketing in the US and EU.

The Albanian government is endeavoring to digitize the medical records of all patients, introduce electronic prescriptions across the country, track and trace electronic prescriptions, establish a national center for medical information; and develop, test, and implement e-visits, e-examinations, and transfers.

In addition, public-private partnerships (PPP) are to be expanded in a number of areas in order to use public funds more efficiently.

Estimates put current health spending in 2018 at 67% of GDP, or more than $ 1 billion,  of which nearly 60% is paid privately.

According to the Albanian Ministry of Health (MoH), public health spending reached 48.6 billion ($ 450 million) in 2018. Experts argue that health spending in Albania is even higher given the sizable informal economy.

Public health expenditure is partly financed by compulsory health insurance contributions for employees and employers (a health insurance contribution of 3.4% is levied equally on the wages of employers and employees) and subsidized from the state budget. This article highlights some of the pharmaceutical companies in Albania.

Pharmaceutical Companies in Albania

Here’s a list of various pharmaceutical companies in Albania.

Actavis Albania

Pharmaceutical company in Tirana, Albania

Address: Rruga Naim Frashëri, Tirana, Albania

Alb Global Pharma

Address: Rruga Dytesore Tirane-Durres, Km. 5 Ndertesa Polifunksionale ZDS, Kati 3 Tirana, 1001, Albania

Phone: +355 69 378 1460



Address: St., Botanical Garden, Rruga Shyqyri Brari, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 67 373 8888

Aldoschfarma Sh.p.k

Address: 9R4V+2RM, Tirana, Albania


Almegi Pharma

Address: Rruga Dritan Hoxha, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 67 205 2432

Altea pharma shpk

Address: Rruga 3 deshmoret nr 1 kashar, tirane 5000, Albania

Phone: +355 69 202 0238

Avicena SHPK

Address: Rruga Him Kolli Nr. 8, Tirana 1000, Albania

Phone: +355 4 237 1152


Biosa Farma

Pharmacy in Tirana, Albania

Service options: In-store shopping

Address: Rruga Panorama, Tiranë, Albania

CFO Pharma

Address: Autostrada Tr-Dr, Rruga Pavaresia, km 2,8, Kashar Tirane AL, 1001, Albania

Phone: +355 4 245 4532


Delta Pharma Albania

Address: Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës Km 3 Tiranë, 1000, Albania

Phone: +355 4 222 6407


Distributor Farmaceutik – NOVOPHARMA SHPK

Address: Rruga Frosina Plaku, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 406 5544


Eurofarma tirane

Pharmaceutical company in Tirana, Albania

Address: Edificio Alsion, Jusuf Vrioni, Tirana 1000, Albania


Pharmaceutical products wholesaler in Tirana, Albania

Address: Bajram Curri Blvd, Tirana, Albania

Farmaci BioPlus

Address: 8RJP+V5R, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 208 2477

Farmanet Albania

Address: Bulevardi Zogu i I, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 4 450 4724


Florfarma shpk

Address: 8PFR+38G, Prush, Albania

Phone: +355 69 600 7817


Address: Rruga Nikolla Zoraqi, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 4 236 3171


Ilma Farma

Address: Rr. Xhanfize Keko Pallati AIA , Prane Ish Profarma, 1001 Tirana, Albania Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 67 204 7868


IMI Farma

Address: Rruga Myslym Shyri, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 4 225 1090

Innovia Pharma

Address: 8RM8+3W9, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 948 0720


Address: Rruga Qemal Butka, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 874 1898

Lekli Pharma

Address: Rruga Reshit Petrela, Pall 14, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 4 237 4517


Nersi Pharma

Address: Bus Stop, Xhamlliku, Rruga Xhanfize Keko, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 443 4446

Novo Pharma Sh.p.k

Address: Rruga Frosina Plaku 28, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 251 5405


Partners Pharma

Address: Rruga Trandafili i Bardhe 1, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 69 600 0092



Address: Rruga Gjergj Legisi, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 514 9767


Address: Rruga 28 Nentori, Kashar, Albania

Phone: +355 68 902 1933


PricewaterhouseCoopers Albania

Located in: Sky Tower

Address: Str. Ibrahim Rugova, Sky Tower, 9/1 floor, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 4 229 0700



Address: 1022, Rruga Myslym Keta, Tiranë, Albania

Phone: +355 4 238 9602


Provit Albania

Address: Kavaja St, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 69 257 9933



Address: Autostrada Tirana-Durrës km 8 Tiranë, 1031, Albania

Phone: +355 4 451 1111


Rodio Pharma Albania

Address: ST: Islam Alla Nr: 6 Tirane, 1010, Albania

Phone: +355 68 206 6757


Rubini Pharma

Address: Rruga Lord Bajron, Tirana, Albania

Phone: +355 67 729 3078


R&S Farma

Address: Rr. Elbasanit p.edil-al-it 1 Tirana, 1000, Albania

Phone: +355 4 237 4925


Sanofi Albania

Address: 8RC9+WWP, Tirana, Albania


Address: M9, 12050

Departments: Trepharm Unit I

Phone: +381 38 600033



Address: Autostrada Tiranë-Durrës, km.10 Kashar Tirana AL, 1001, Albania

Phone: +355 69 209 2327


Visi Pharma

Pharmacy in Luz i Vogël, Albania

Address: Unnamed Road, Komuna Luz i Vogël, Albania

Frequently asked questions on the pharmaceutical companies in Albania

What are the 8 top pharmaceutical companies in Albania?

The top Pharmaceuticals Companies in Albania, LA are Bayer, Dr. Reddy’s, Parexel, Genentech, Novartis, AstraZeneca, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson.

How much is spent on health care in Albania?

Albanians spend around 6% of GDP on health care, which is almost evenly split between public and private services.

The Albanian Ministry of Health estimates that public health spending reached 44 billion like (362 million euros) in 2016. Experts argue that health spending in Albania is uniformly higher given the sizeable informal economy (estimated at around € 725 million).

How is pharmaceutical waste being addressed in Albania?

The treatment of pharmaceutical waste has become an important issue in Albania. Often this potentially hazardous waste is burned in open spaces or disposed of untreated, which can contaminate drinking, surface, and groundwater and pose a serious health risk to local residents. and potentially harm the environment.

Over the past 20 years, the Albanian government has taken concrete steps to improve the management of its chemicals and waste by ratifying the Stockholm, Basel, and Rotterdam Conventions and signing the Minamata Convention; however, legislation on this issue needs to be improved, while institutional capacity.

Implementation of these agreements remains poor as there is a general lack of capacity in the country to properly manage waste.

How many drugs are currently registered in Albania?

All major international pharmaceutical companies are present in the Albanian market and their products are mainly sold through distributors. Based on data, 3,678 drugs were registered in Albania as of July 2019, 1,150 of which are listed on the reimbursable drug. The budget for the latter was around $ 100 million (2018).

Conclusion on the pharmaceutical companies in Albania

Albania imports all of its medical equipment and approximately 91% of its medicines. National drug manufacturing accounts for almost 9% of the market share.

The health system in Albania is usually public, although private medical care has become increasingly popular.

The number of specialized private diagnostic clinics, laboratories, and hospitals has grown rapidly, especially in the metropolitan areas. 13 private hospitals and dozen of private multidisciplinary diagnostic clinics and laboratories offer a comprehensive range of services for doctors.


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