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Nursing homes offer a range of services that promote freedom, health, and dignity. This continuum is based on the idea that emphasizes relationship-centered philosophy supports body, mind, and spirit best.

In this blog post, we will be looking at the top nursing homes in Connecticut everyone ought to know.


Nursing homes in Connecticut

This is a list of Nursing homes in Connecticut.

1. Lord Chamberlain Nursing & Rehabilitation Center

The rehabilitation facility specializes in short-term therapy with the aim of reintegrating patients into society as soon as feasible.

At Här Chamberlain, they are dedicated to offering top-notch care in a setting that prioritizes the needs of the patient. The institution is run and owned by a family. Whether a patient is staying for a brief visit or a lengthy stay, every aspect of their care is geared toward helping them achieve their recovery objectives.

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The Lord Chamberlain Nursing Home provides both long-term care and end-of-life treatment. For long-term residents with chronic illnesses, dementia, and other problems, knowledgeable and kind care is offered.

Patients receive assistance to gain as much independence as they can while maintaining the highest level of well-being. End-of-life care is offered with compassion and dignity in a soothing, encouraging setting.

Address: 7003 Main St, Stratford, CT 06614, United States

Kontakt: +1 203-375-5894

2. Jerome Home & Arbor Rose

Jerome Residence is located at the center of Connecticut, a shining example of senior care. The foundation of Jerome Home’s enduring reputation for excellence has been maintaining individual dignity through a dedication to quality, privacy, and compassionate hands-on care.

For more than 85 years, families looking for the greatest residential and nursing care have made Jerome Home their community of choice.

The Jerome Home proudly stands today as a living tribute to its patron, Mr. Augustus Smith Jerome, and they owe what they are today to his foresight and generosity. In 1900, Mr. Jerome requested in his will that a residence be built to cater to the requirements of the elderly in New Britain and the neighboring areas.

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Since its official opening in 1932, Jerome Home has expanded in response to the demands of its unique community by providing a wide range of services for the aged.

Jerome Home provides natural beauty in a convenient setting on a lovely 512-acre campus in New Britain that is full of gardens, walking paths, and safe, pleasant outdoor common areas.

Address: 975 Corbin Ave, New Britain, CT 06052, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-229-3707

3. Bishop Wicke Health Center

If you’ve seen one UMH community, you’ve seen one UMH community, they have been heard to say at UMH.

This implies that every assisted living and independent living facility they provide is as distinctive as the persons it serves. Although each community’s physical structure may be different, its mission and relationship-centered philosophy are constant.

si are dedicated to spending the necessary time getting to know each resident, their preferences, dislikes, and daily routines. They recognize the value of a smooth transition when someone joins one of their communities. They are particularly aware of how challenging the decision to move can be for the resident and family.

Their staff actively encourages residents to take care of themselves to the greatest extent possible. They lose meaning, purpose, and incentive to take care of and push themselves once you start doing for them what they can do for themselves.

They make an effort to strike a balance between encouraging independence when it’s possible and offering help when it’s required. They accomplish this by getting to know their residents through conversation. Building strong relationships requires consistent staff assignments.

When a certain staff member interacts with a resident, they learn the best way to care for that patient.

The “New Golden Rule” is followed by UMH staff members: “Treat people like THEY want to be treated.” Respecting the individuality of their residents does not mean treating them the way YOU want to be treated.

It’s not necessary for everyone to wake up at the same time, eat the same things, or take part in the same activities and events. The inhabitants can thrive in the atmosphere they provide thanks to their basic values of respect and collaboration.

In 1874, the members of a tiny church in West Haven, Connecticut, who was passionate about assisting the elderly in their neighborhood and others in need, founded United Methodist Homes (UMH). They had the foresight to work together in such a way that nearly 140 years later, their goal is still being carried out because of their concern.

Address: 584 Long Hill Ave, Shelton, CT 06484, United States

Kontakt: +1 203-929-5321

4. Mansfield Center for Nursing & Rehabilitation

Betsey Reid, who served as the CEO and president of New Samaritan Corporation from 1980 to 2002, dreamed of creating the Mansfield Center for Nursing and Rehabilitation (MCNR).

The United Church of Christ’s Reverend Arthur E. Higgins started the organization, which was opened in 1993 as a logical extension of its goal to provide senior housing.

Reverend Higgins understood that Connecticut churches might make a difference in the lives of elders by promoting desirable and effective subsidized housing within their neighborhoods. He established the non-profit New Samaritan Corporation in 1970 with the distinct goal of providing senior citizens with housing that would uphold human dignity.

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Reverend Higgins quickly realized that poor communication with property managers, many of whom were more focused on occupancy rates than resident welfare, was a significant barrier to non-profit housing.

New Samaritan established the idea of social services management combined with effective and efficient property management by founding two non-profit management firms to fill this gap.

In Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island, the New Samaritan Corporation has built 32 housing complexes and overseen the management of an additional 24 properties totaling more than 2,400 units since 1970.

The directors of Mansfield Retirement Community recognized the need for a skilled nursing facility to service the nearby communities as well as the residents of New Samaritan Corporation housing, so they bought enough land for a nursing home.

Address: 100 Warren Cir, Storrs, CT 06268, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-487-2300

5. Aaron Manor

Aaron Manor, which has a 5-star rating from CMS, focuses on short-term rehabilitation with the aim of reintegrating patients into society as soon as feasible. At Aaron Manor, they are dedicated to offering top-notch care in a setting that prioritizes patients.

Their institution is run and owned by a family. Whether a patient is staying for a brief visit or a lengthy stay, every aspect of their care is geared toward helping them achieve their recovery objectives.

In order to move you or a loved one to the most suitable environment within the Ryders Continuum, they cooperate with workman’s compensation and accept the majority of insurance policies.

Address: 3 S Wig Hill Rd, Chester, CT 06412, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-526-5316

6. Wolcott Hall Nursing Center – Apple Rehab

Built for more than 50 years by families, for families. A nurse and mother of eleven, Isabelle relocated to Glastonbury, Connecticut, in 1964 to run a modest nursing home.

From handling finances to dispensing medications to cooking, Isabelle did it all. The fourth-youngest child, Brian, developed a love for the industry and continued in his mother’s ways.

21 locations throughout CT and RI have evolved out of what started as a single tiny facility. Knowing that her influence can still be seen at Apple Rehab, which is now managed by her children and grandkids, would make leadership located right outside your front door, not halfway across the nation.

Address: 215 Forest St, Torrington, CT 06790, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-482-8554

7. Mary Wade Home

The skilled nursing facility run by Mary Wade provides hospice care, assisted living, short-term rehabilitation, dementia care, transportation, respite care, and dementia care.

Each specialty area is committed to providing cutting-edge clinical interventions, such as complete pain management, protocols to avoid readmissions, specialized nutrition programs, rehabilitation plans for fractures and strokes, and diabetic problem management.

In New Haven, Mary Wade has been the gold standard for great senior care and assistance for more than 150 years. They are pleased to welcome Chatham Place at Mary Wade as a continuation of that history.

This brand-new gated house is situated on its senior living campus in New Haven and offers superb assisted living and memory care in a setting created for comfort, security, and well-being. Seniors are invited to experience the best of both worlds at Chatham Place: the independent, energetic, and social lifestyle they desire with the individualized care, 24-hour assistance, and security they deserve.

Address: 118 Clinton Ave, New Haven, CT 06513, United States

Kontakt: +1 203-562-7222

8. Beechwood Post Acute, Transitional Care & Long Term Care

Beechwood, which lies in the historic neighborhood of New London, was once the Newcombe family’s grand estate, constructed in 1898.

In addition to being a shipbuilder, Mr. Newcombe ran a general store. Up to 45 people could have lived in the mansion when it was first turned into a small nursing home in 1954.

William G. White, who later bought the company, was appointed in 1979 as Administrator. In order to ensure that the design would fit in and enhance the original building, a contemporary extension was constructed with great care and attention to detail. But it was also intended to give short-term patients access to cutting-edge medical services in a distinctive and beautiful location.

The administration, offices, dining, recreation, meditation, hospitality suite, and personal care salon are all located in the original building. The new building has our 3,100 square foot fully furnished Rehab Treatment and Training Center in addition to two floors of resident rooms that can house up to 60 persons.

Beechwood’s management is heavily influenced by the White Family. The CEO is still William G. White. Bill White, the son of Mr. White, is currently the president and administrator, and Jodi White, the admissions director.

You might run into Bill, his wife, and the third generation, who enjoy gardening a lot. Or perhaps you’ll see granddaughter Emily working the phones and doing office work while she’s on break from school. The White Family will treat your loved ones like family because it is genuinely a family company.

Address: 31 Vauxhall St, New London, CT 06320, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-442-4363

9. Autumn Lake Healthcare in New Britain

Licensed to use the Autumn Lake Healthcare name and provide non-healthcare related services, Autumn Lake Healthcare at New Britain is a privately owned and run healthcare facility. Only Autumn Lake Healthcare in New Britain offers healthcare-related services.

Their goal at Autumn Lake in New Britain is to encourage each of their residents to experience life to the fullest by offering them the highest caliber care in a welcoming, vivacious environment.

Residents can enjoy their personal space in bright, pleasant apartments, while the center’s outdoor courtyards and large salons provide a lively social environment.

Their very own culinary chef prepares exquisite meals for residents under the supervision of a licensed dietitian. To satisfy a variety of tastes and dietary requirements, Their menu offers a wide selection of delectable, healthful selections.

Address: 400 Brittany Farms Rd, New Britain, CT 06053, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-224-3111

10. Advanced Center For Nursing And Rehabilitation

A higher standard of care is a mandate of the Advanced Center For Nursing and  Rehabilitation. They take great pride in offering residents of New Haven and the neighboring communities warm, sympathetic short-term rehabilitation and nursing care.

They have developed a rehabilitation setting under new ownership that will allow patients to have a comfortable first-class experience while receiving the best possible care. Between Yale New Haven Hospital, York Street, and Saint Raphael Campus, they are conveniently situated.

Their team is dedicated to staying on the cutting edge of best practices. They work to better serve you by embracing change, remaking their neighborhood, and increasing their rehabilitation programs.

Address: 169 Davenport Ave, New Haven, CT 06519, United States

Kontakt: +1 203-789-1650

11. Cheshire House

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services gave Cheshire House a rating of 5 stars. Cheshire House focuses on short-term rehabilitation with the intention of reintegrating patients into society as soon as feasible.

Cheshire House is dedicated to offering quality care in a setting that is patient-centered. Their institution is run and owned by a family. Whether a patient is staying for a brief visit or a lengthy stay, every aspect of their care is geared toward helping them achieve their recovery objectives.

Address: 3396 E Main St, Waterbury, CT 06705, United States

Kontakt: +1 203-754-2161

12. Litchfield Woods Health Care Center

Litchfield Woods Health Care Center, a premier senior living and rehabilitation facility, is situated in Torrington, Connecticut.

Their staff is committed to providing the residents with a comfortable, secure environment that will raise their quality of life.

Residents who are a part of Athena Health Care Systems’ continuum of care can contentedly “age in place” because they are not required to relocate when their care requirements alter. The staff has received extensive training to provide residents with care on every level.

With a staff you may consider family, Litchfield Woods is a place you’ll be happy to call home. Their community offers large private and semi-private rooms, a sizable dining space, cozy seating places, and a lovely outdoor setting.

As a pioneer in delivering high-quality healthcare, they are honored to be a part of Athena Health Care Systems’ continuum of care. They provide a wide range of services, including hospice care, dementia care, respite care, and short- and long-term rehabilitation.

Address: 255 Roberts St, Torrington, CT 06790, United States

Kontakt: +1 860-489-5801

Conclusion on the Nursing homes in Connecticut

Growing older does not necessarily mean slowing down. It just indicates that you might require some assistance to live the life you desire. You’ll exactly find that in a nursing home.

The assisted living services provide a range of assistance, from aid with getting dressed and taking a bath to manage your medications in a secure manner. You can live comfortably and worry-free because their kind team is available around-the-clock.

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