Big 10 Animal Hospitals in California

All animal care facilities, including veterinary offices, animal boarding facilities, and hospitals, are referred to as “animal hospitals.”

A hospital is a facility for the medical care and treatment of animals, which includes housing and confinement in outdoor pens, runs, and enclosures.

Animal Hospitals in California

Here are a few Animal Hospitals in California.

  • 1. Southern California Animal Hospital

Southern California Animal Hospital is a community-based, full-service animal hospital. Since 1956, they have been serving their community. They have been a well-equipped and expanding Animal Hospital for over 50 years.

By selecting this practice, you can be certain that your best friend will receive high-quality medical care.

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Its mission is to provide the highest quality veterinary medical care in a friendly, relaxed setting, with a focus on accurate diagnosis and compassionate treatment of your best friend.

Your pet’s health and well-being are very important to them, and they will go to great lengths to ensure that your pet receives the best care possible.

Southern California Animal Hospital is a full-service animal hospital that accepts both emergency and non-emergency medical, surgical, and dental issues.

Dr. Kumar has extensive experience with a wide range of conditions and treatments. They make their clinic comfortable, kid-friendly, and very calm so your pet can relax in the waiting room and look forward to meeting his or her own La Puente veterinarian.

Contact: +1 626-330-4558

Address: 14744 Valley Blvd, La Puente, CA 91746, United States

  • 2. Redwood Veterinary Hospital

Their goal is to provide compassionate veterinary care as well as excellent customer service. They strive to provide the best possible care for their patients through ongoing staff training, education, and cutting-edge technology.

The dedicated team members at Redwood Veterinary Hospital believe that all clients and their pets deserve to be treated with the same loving care and respect that they give to their own families and pets.

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Their friendly, personable staff works hard to meet the unique needs of each of their clients and patients.

In Visalia, they provide a wide range of veterinary services for pets, including wellness and vaccination programs, internal medicine services to diagnose and treat health problems, and veterinary surgical services.

Their veterinarians are well-versed in the treatment of animals. Their veterinarians have extensive experience treating a wide range of animals, including exotics like rabbits, gerbils, guinea pigs, and ferrets. When the time comes, their caring staff will make saying goodbye as easy as possible.

Contact: +1 559-733-2703

Address: 1727 E Mineral King Ave, Visalia, CA 93292, United States

  • 3. Animal Hospital of the Sierra

Animal Hospital of the Sierra recognizes the important role your pets play in your life. They are committed to assisting your pets in living healthy and active lives. For the best results, their health care team combines compassion and expertise.

Their primary concerns are your pet’s health and comfort. They offer a full range of veterinary services for your pet.

Hospital and clinic care, veterinary surgery, digital x-rays, EKGs, ultrasounds, pet wellness programs, pet dental care programs, and specialized treatments are among the services provided. Their veterinarians and veterinary staff at Animal Hospital of the Sierra treat your pet as if it were their own.

The veterinarians and staff at Animal Hospital of the Sierra are a group of people who believe that veterinary medicine is more than just a job, but a way of life.

It’s not uncommon to see one of their technicians holding and cradling a sick dog, conversing with a homesick cat, fluffing a pillow for a sleepy puppy, or carrying around a recovering surgical patient to closely monitor vital signs. In reality, it’s just another day at AHS.

They take pride in their ability to provide pets with the most modern and innovative nursing care while maintaining a caring and compassionate relationship with them all, using heating blankets, continuous EKG heart monitors, and IV fluid pumps, to name a few.

The capabilities of Animal Hospital of the Sierra are among the best available anywhere. Their veterinarians and staff have received extensive training and their diagnostics are cutting-edge.

They are extremely pleased with the large number of new patient referrals they receive. They are prepared to handle your pet’s every need, whether it is a chronic and difficult dermatology case or an acute orthopedic trauma.

Contact: +1 559-683-3313

Address: 40637 CA-41, Oakhurst, CA 93644, United States

  • 4. San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital

San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital, located in Fresno, California, is a full-service, AAHA-accredited companion animal hospital.

It is their commitment to providing high-quality veterinary care at a reasonable price for the duration of your pet’s life.

They recognize your pet’s special place in your family and are committed to becoming your partner in your pet’s health care. Its mission is to provide the highest quality medicine and surgery while also emphasizing client education.

Since 1978, San Joaquin Veterinary Hospital has been proudly serving the Fresno area. Dr. Kenneth Stocks has been with the hospital since 1987, and Dr. Aubrey Alfaro joined in 2004.

Educating their clients on how to keep their pets happy and healthy is one of their top priorities. They make every effort to stay up to date on all new advances in veterinary technology and medicine and enjoy “recharging their batteries” at continuing education conferences and courses.

All of their employees are here for the love of animals and understand that no matter how scared or upset their patients are, they all require the same level of care.

Contact: +1 559-227-3596

Address: 4333 N Blackstone Ave, Fresno, CA 93726, United States

  • 5. Sierra View Animal Hospital

Dr. Scheidt and the Sierra View Animal Hospital staff hope you have a pleasant experience and that you feel your pet is well loved and cared for in their facility.

They treat each pet as if it were their own and strive to provide you with the best veterinary services for your pet, regardless of your budget. They are a full-service veterinary hospital that can help with all aspects of animal health.

Vaccinations, health checks, sick pet exams, surgery, dentistry, and some emergency care are all available. They strive to provide you with the most current services, and they are pleased to refer you to three excellent after-hours emergency and critical care facilities.

Contact: +1 559-432-1200

Address: 93 E Sierra Ave, Fresno, CA 93710, United States

  • 6. Valley View Veterinary Hospital

Dr. Brewer is a certified veterinary acupuncturist who specializes in combining traditional Western medicine with holistic treatments such as Chinese herbal remedies, biopuncture, and acupuncture.

They provide spays and neuters, dentistry, soft tissue surgery, vaccinations, microchipping, radiology, and in-house laboratory diagnostics. They take pride in providing exceptional pet care delivered with loving hands.

Their entire staff treats all patients as if they were their own cherished pets. To keep your pets warm, they have well-maintained and routinely serviced anesthetic machines, anesthetic monitors, and warm water heating pads in their surgical suite.

There are five exam rooms in their facility. A comfortable couch is set up in one of their exam rooms for their acupuncture patients.

Contact: +1 559-353-1333

Address: 10266 CA-41, Madera, CA 93636, United States

  • 7. Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic

Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic is a full-service animal care facility in the quiet Sierra foothills that provides friendly and compassionate care.

They have been committed to providing your pet with high-quality medicine and friendly care since they first opened their doors in 1974.

Their veterinary priority is to provide quality medicine so that your pet can live a longer, healthier, and happier life.

They offer a variety of services at Lone Oak Veterinary Clinic, including wellness care for dogs, cats, and exotic pets.

Their doctors provide dental care using the most advanced digital dental radiology equipment, as well as internal medicine and surgery.

Contact: +1 559-732-4818

Address: 34775 Rd 132, Visalia, CA 93292, United States

  • 8. Sunnyside Pet Hospital

Sunnyside Pet Hospital considers your pets to be members of the family, deserving of the best possible care.

They take a personalized approach to each pet patient they care for, and they always make sure you, their owner, have the information you need to keep them happy and healthy.

From cat and dog wellness exams to vaccinations, dentistry to spaying and neutering, you can count on them to keep your pet healthy at any age.

Pet owners choose their veterinary clinic because of their small practice, user-friendly pet online pharmacy, friendly staff, and extended, thorough exams! Their veterinary hospital is dedicated to providing the best veterinary care to pets and pet owners in Fresno, CA.

They work hard to stay on the cutting edge of veterinary and client care, for the benefit of your pet’s long-term health and overall pet wellness.

Contact: +1 559-251-2463

Address: 6061 E Kings Canyon Road Suite 101, Fresno, CA 93727, United States

  • 9. Exeter Veterinary Hospital

Exeter Veterinary Hospital is pleased to serve the Exeter CA area for all pet-related needs. Dr. Gerald Haggard, a licensed and experienced Exeter veterinarian, runs their veterinary clinic and animal hospital.

Their team is dedicated to educating their clients on how to keep their pets healthy all year long through proper nutrition and exercise.

Exeter Veterinary Hospital stays up to date on the latest advances in veterinary technology while also remembering that all animals and pets require loving care during every check-up, procedure, or surgery.

Its mission is to provide the highest quality medicine and surgery while also emphasizing client education. Their entire healthcare team is dedicated to providing personalized attention to each individual pet owner’s concerns.

Contact: +1 559-592-5210

Address: 302 S F St, Exeter, CA93221, United States

  • 10. Shield Stone Pet Hospital

For over 30 years, Shield Stone Pet Hospital has provided high-quality veterinary care in the Fresno and Clovis areas.

They are dedicated to providing quality care for your pet in order to improve their health and quality of life.

Also, they accomplish this by being compassionate and understanding. Their friendly, personable veterinary care team provides their patients with excellent, personalized, and high-quality veterinary care in the most compassionate and humane manner possible while providing care and sensitivity to their clients.

Care, Love, Healing, and Joy is their motto. They promise to always do their best to serve you and provide your pet with the best care possible.

Contact: +1 559-222-2800

Address: 1610 E Shields Ave, Fresno, CA93704, United States

A final thought about the Animal Hospitals in California

Your little friends need Tender love too, from routine preventative care for young, healthy pets, early disease detection and treatment as your pet ages, and complete medical and surgical care as needed throughout your pet’s lifetime, your little companion needs all of it.

So here is a list of some of the best animal clinics around you to visit to give your little one some attention.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. How long does vet school last in the United States?

4 years

Investigating four years of veterinary training and education. To obtain the necessary qualifications for a career in veterinary medicine, most students enroll in a four-year DVM program.

  1. How much does a dog urine test cost?

For one thing, although prices vary, urine culture and sensitivity testing will add $25 to $100 to your bill, putting the testing out of reach for some pet owners, regardless of how beneficial it may be.

  1. How many pet hospitals are there in the United States?

According to the 2017 AVMA Report on the Market for Veterinary Services, the number of veterinary practices in the United States ranges from 28,000 to 32,000, depending on the source. According to Brakke Consulting, approximately 3,500 veterinary clinics are owned by corporations.


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