9 Top Vets in Worcester

The importance and knowledge of the best vets in Worcester cannot be over-emphasized. Increases in pet-related consumer spending are expected to drive employment in the veterinary services industry, which employs the majority of veterinarians. Veterinary medicine has come a long way.

Today’s veterinarians can provide many services comparable to human healthcare, including more complex procedures such as cancer treatment and kidney transplants.

Vets in Worcester

Here are a few veterinarians in Worcester.

1. Henwick Vets

Their dedicated team is there to provide you and your small animals with honest, affordable, traditional value veterinary care. Henwick Vets provides experience, knowledge, and skills in their new purpose-built practice.

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Henwick Vets is proud to uphold the ethos that every client is entitled to – affordable pet care. Ann Robinson is an Edinburgh graduate who qualified as a veterinarian in 1992 and has been caring for animals of all species in Worcestershire for over 20 years. She shares her knowledge, experience, and expertise in everything she does and continues to provide an excellent work environment at Henwick.

Ann has the ability to manage everything at 100mph, she is passionate about providing a family-friendly, approachable service to all, and she is highly regarded by the team. She enjoys hand-rearing calves at home and watching her daughters compete in horse shows in her spare time.

Contact: +44 1905 424374

Address: 205 Henwick Rd, Worcester WR2 5PG, United Kingdom

2. Brentknoll Veterinary Centre

Brentknoll Veterinary Centre has been providing healthcare to small animals in Worcestershire and surrounding areas for over 25 years, including cats, dogs, ferrets, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, birds, and reptiles. They treat your pets as if they were their own, and their health and well-being is their top priority.

Their experienced and professional team of veterinarians, nurses, and support staff is committed to providing the highest healthcare standards and advice to keep your pet happy and healthy at all stages of its life.

They offer a variety of nurse clinics to ensure that your pet remains fit, active, and healthy throughout its years. This allows them to continuously monitor their health, wellbeing, and growth. Annelies De Vos is from Belgium and graduated from the University of Veterinary Medicine in Ghent in 2018.

He worked as a vet in Dover for 2.5 years after graduation before moving to Worcester in the spring of 2021 to work at the Brentknoll practice. In his spare time, he enjoys working in the garden, or if he wants to do something more exciting, he goes climbing or riding his bike outside and has a little adventure! He doesn’t have any pets, but when he visits his parents in Belgium, their cat James gets all the attention!

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Contact: +44 1905 355938

Address: Whittington Rd, Whittington, Worcester WR5 2RA, United Kingdom

3. Lowesmoor House Veterinary Centre

They specialize in small animals and family pets, from the tiniest Chinese hamster to the largest St Bernard. They offer routine services like annual vaccinations, flea and worm treatments, and dentistry. They can also provide other services such as microchipping, minor and major surgery, neutering, pet insurance, and pet passports. Hannah Drury graduated from veterinary school in 2002 and worked in a variety of pet animal practices in Warwickshire and Worcestershire before joining the Lowesmoor team in 2021.

Hannah is particularly interested in chronic pain management and has recently completed veterinary acupuncture training. She is also interested in ophthalmology (the study of the eyes) and feline behavior. Hannah lives with two cats and is kept busy by her two children.

Contact: +44 1905 723361

Address: 18 Rainbow Hill, Worcester WR3 8LX, United Kingdom

4. The Stocks Veterinary Centre

The Stocks Veterinary Centre relocated from New Street in Upton Upon Severn, where a veterinary practice had existed since 1945.

They got their name from the old stocks in New Street, formerly known as Stocks Lane, in the sixteenth century. They relocated to the site of the old doctor’s surgery in School Lane in 2009 due to the practice’s recent growth.

Sara Alexander graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in London in 2009 and began working at The Stocks in 2010 after volunteering at a Thai veterinary clinic. At both surgeries, she enjoys getting to know their clients and their pets, as well as the challenge of working through medicine cases. She recently received her ESVPS Small Animal Medicine Certificate. She lives nearby with Indie, her Border Terrier, and Jasper, her Spaniel. When she is not working, she enjoys walking her dogs and traveling, both to visit family and friends in the UK and to explore abroad whenever possible!

Contact: +44 1905 422294

Address: MANOR FARM, Lower Wick, Worcester WR2 4BS, United Kingdom

5. Ambleside Veterinary Clinic

Ambleside Vet Clinic in Worcester is a busy small animal veterinary practice where vets and nurses are available to provide your pet with the best possible care. Ambleside Vets is completely independent; it is not part of a chain, nor is it owned by a pet store or a hedge fund. Since the clinic was opened in 1998, the premises have been extended and refurbished to a purpose-built environment with separate main and isolation wards to isolate potentially infectious patients.’

The clinic has all of the amenities and capabilities that one would expect from modern veterinary practice.’ Ian Clarke graduated from Cambridge in 1990 and has extensive experience with all species found in the UK, including small animals, exotics, fish (Koi), horses, and farm animals. He has worked all over the United Kingdom, as well as briefly in Australia.

He established Ambleside Vet Clinic in 1998 with the goal of establishing a good first opinion veterinary practice. Ian spends his free time sailing, walking Amber, his beautiful Fox Red Labrador, and volunteering with the local girl’s rugby team, where some of his daughters play at a high level.

Contact: 357 Tolladine Rd, Worcester WR4 9NG, United Kingdom

Address: +44 1905 724445

6. Best Friends Veterinary Surgery

Jon Slattery earned a Bachelor of Veterinary Science from the University of Liverpool in 1994 and worked extensively throughout the UK before relocating to London in 1997. Jon obtained RCVS board certification in small animal internal medicine in 2005, after another three years of study, and is currently the only veterinarian in the surrounding area with this qualification.

Also, Jon is a government-approved Local Veterinary Inspector and has a Diploma in Companion Animal Behaviour and Therapy.

Jon worked in a large companion animal hospital and referral center from 1997 to 2007, seeing both first opinions and a variety of referral cases from colleagues. Jon moved back to Worcestershire, where he grew up, in 2007, and now lives in Leigh with his daughter Carys and son Morgan. Jon enjoys walking his dogs through the beautiful Worcestershire countryside in his spare time.

Contact: +44 1684 573333

Address: 154 Worcester Rd, Malvern WR14 1AA, United Kingdom

7. Avenue Veterinary Centre

Since 1953, their traditional and charming building has housed a veterinary practice. Senior veterinarian Peter Creber began working at the center in 1985, becoming a partner in 1992 and the center’s owner/director in 2006.

Avenue Veterinary Centre has treated domestic pets, horses, smallholdings, and exotic species during this time. Significant improvements to the Veterinary Centre and its facilities have been made in recent years. Their compassionate team will now greet you in a fresh, bright, modern, and clinical environment.

They guarantee that you and your pet will always feel welcome and at ease in their traditional veterinary clinic. Peter Creber was born and raised in Cornwall before moving up north to Bristol to pursue his veterinary degree.

Peter began his veterinary career at the Avenue Road practice (then part of the Gables Veterinary Group). In 1990, he took a year off to work as a locum vet in various parts of New Zealand before returning to Malvern to join the practice as a partner.

In 1998, the Gables Veterinary Group was amicably divided into individual branches, and Malvern became the Avenue Veterinary Centre, with Peter partnering with Willie Campbell. When Willie retired in 2006, Peter became the practice’s owner and director.

Peter is a resident of West Malvern. He is married to Sarah, with whom he has three children: Tom, David, and Rosie. They currently have Ziggy, a spaniel collie cross, and an elderly Springer spaniel.

Contact: +44 1684 572420

Address: 17 Avenue Rd, Malvern WR14 3AY, United Kingdom

8. Masefield Veterinary Centre

Their veterinarians have been nominated for Vet of the Year six years in a row, and the practice has been nominated for Practice of the Year five years in a row.

This demonstrates their sole mission, which is to keep your pets in good health by treating them as if they were our own. John graduated from Cambridge University’s Veterinary Medicine program in 1996.

Following graduation, he was awarded a one-year training scholarship at the Royal Veterinary College and then worked throughout the United Kingdom in both small animal and mixed animal practices.

After a brief stint setting up a practice in Abu Dhabi, he managed a practice in northeast London for three years. Masefield Vets was founded in 2003 after he relocated to the area to be closer to his family. Small animal surgery and diagnostic imaging are two of his main interests.

Contact:+44 1684 576464

Address: 2 Court Rd, Malvern WR14 3BL, United Kingdom

9. Martin & Carr Veterinary Surgeons

They are a friendly and highly qualified team operating across three surgeries in Pershore, Evesham, and Bredon, ready to welcome you at one of their open surgeries in Pershore or Bredon, or at an appointment in Pershore or Evesham. At Martin & Carr, they understand that early diagnosis leads to better outcomes.

They have invested in excellent diagnostic facilities such as ultrasound, video endoscopy, and x-rays, allowing their clients and their pets to receive accurate and timely answers, and their onsite laboratory means that most blood samples can be analyzed the same day. As a Tier 2 RCVS accredited practice, they take pride in their high standard of care and leadership – they were one of the first vets in the Vale to offer keyhole surgery for keyhole bitch spays.

Thomas Carris is the practice’s Clinical Director. In 1987, Tom graduated from Glasgow University. He worked in mixed practice in Cornwall before moving to Pershore to join Roger Martin’s practice in 1990.

Tom has enjoyed working with his wife Alison to grow the practice to its current location. Tom is fascinated by medical diagnostics, particularly ultrasonography and endoscopy. In his spare time, he enjoys amateur paleontology, gardening, and walking his and Alison’s dogs, particularly Tiberius, a very well-trained, working cocker spaniel.

Contact: +44 1386 553631

Address: The Old Well, Station Rd, Pershore WR10 2DB, United Kingdom

Conclusion on the Vets in Worcester

Veterinarians use a variety of medical equipment to treat the injuries and illnesses of pets and other animals, including surgical tools, x-ray machines, and ultrasound machines. They provide treatment for animals in the same way that a physician does for humans.

See below for the answers to some of the top questions relating to the vets in Worcester.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the veterinary industry in the United Kingdom?

This industry primarily provides health-care and control services for farm animals and pets. Activities are carried out in veterinary hospitals, on farms, or in surgeries by qualified veterinary surgeons. Animal ambulance services are also part of the industry.

Who are the largest vets in the United Kingdom?

Independent Vetcare, the largest corporate in the UK with over 500 locations, employs 2,800 veterinary professionals, CVS 3,250, Vets4Pets 2,450, Medivet 1,850, VetPartners 1,250, and Linnaeus 325. This means that nearly 12,000 veterinarians and veterinary nurses work for a corporate veterinary group.

In the United Kingdom, what do you call a veterinarian?

Veterinary doctors Following a decision by the RCVS Council, veterinary surgeons in the United Kingdom have been granted permission to use the courtesy title 'Doctor.'


What is veterinary nursing?

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