7 Top Rated Vets in Salford

Pet owners in Greater Manchester are lucky to have the outstanding vets in Salford and its environs. The idea of owning a pet seems so welcoming and sweet until you look around and discover that there are no great vets around you.

To say the least, a lack of good healthcare for animals in a place poses a threat to the health and well-being of such animals, as well as to their owners.

So, this is the one reason why vets are celebrated and are a huge relief to pet owners.

Therefore, if you just moved to Salford and own a pet, you might want to know where to locate the best vets in Salford.

Maybe you already reside in this area but plan to own a pet soon, this article will direct you to where you can get the best health care for your pet.

Who are the Vets

Veterinaries are doctors who specialize in treating and taking care of sick animals.In total, they are animal doctors that are professionals in this aspect of medicine.

They go to school to acquire this knowledge and obtain a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine degree (DVM) and a license to practice.

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Veterinary medicine is quite a competitive field, students who succeed and graduate always build a fine career in this medical field.

The same way human medical studies have specialties, veterinary medicines have specialties as well.

More so, just the way doctors for humans study hard to make life better for the human being in general. That is the same way veterinaries study hard to make life easier, not just for the animals but for their owners too. For a healthy animal makes a happy owner.

What do veterinaries do?

Veterinaries are professionals when it comes to handling animals, pets, and livestock.

They carry out tests and x-rays on animals, diagnose, prescribe, and treat animals, and dress their injuries.

Also, vets administer vaccines to animals when necessary, and sensitize pet owners on the best way to interact with their pets and care for them.

When animals injure or get sick to the point of needing surgery, vets are the ones that carry out such activities.

In essence, vets are the pillar and backbone of the animal lovers community.

Where do vets work?

A veterinary work environment takes place in different places. That is according to their specialty and their choice of animal treatment.

Moreover, vets are mostly in short supply in some environments, meaning that a vet may decide not to be static throughout their career.

Ideally, vets always go for private practice. They open their private clinics for pets, birds, and home animals.

A certified vet can still decide to run a mobile clinic, where they visit and treat pets when they’re called and booked.

Again, vets that treat large farm or ranch animals like horses move around farms because that is where farmers need their services.

On the farm, they help birth animals, inject them, treat their injuries and diseases, and help to make the animals healthy and in good shape for the farm.

These categories of animal doctors carry out surgery on the ranch if they can not move the animal to the clinic.

Though they retain an office or clinic where they still treat little animals and maybe sell their nutritious products. They rarely stay at a place.

Furthermore, veterinary doctors can work in government-owned clinics in a state.

This profession can be time-consuming and tasking a lot. Yet, they’re what’s best for animals and their owners.

How long does it take to become a vet?

Going to school to become a veterinary doctor will take a lot from you, including eight years of your life.

Vet schools educate students on all kinds of animal, both large and small.

During these eight years of study, vet students go through the theory and the clinical parts of learning about home, farm, and wild animals.

That is why this profession demands passion, and dedication, with a fierce love for animals.

Are there vet nurses?

Of course, there are vet nurses. The way the nurses for humans assist the doctors in treating and taking care of the sick. That is the same way vet nurses assists the vet doctors to treat, and care for animals.

By the way, veterinary nurses follow up on the discharged animals that still require care. They make sure that the animal owners understand the aftercare of their recovering pets or animals.

Furthermore, vet nurses can participate in animal surgery or carry out minor surgeries according to their capacity.

Nurses in this field can suture animal wounds, help give birth to animal babies, carry out lab tests, and do dental procedures, or x-rays.

Is it difficult to be a veterinary nurse?

If the question is to compare the difficulties between becoming a vet doctor and a vet nurse, then you can not compare both. Becoming a vet nurse is quite cheap if we must say.

Here, you may not even require a degree to become a vet nurse. However, you must obtain a certificate IV in veterinary nursing.

Are there vets in Salford?

Speaking of vets and their nurses, and where they work. There are great vets in Salford that offer different veterinarian services.

Also, residents have taken to their socials to praise the great services these vets offer to them and their animals in Salford.

Now, to be more direct, we made a list of top vets services in Salford. These vets in Salford will passionately care for your pets as if they were their own.

Lists of vets in Salford

See below for the list of top rated vets in Salford;

  • Jackson and Nuttall

Jackson and Nuttall have been in practice and have been providing veterinary services to many pet owners.

The services unique to Jackson and Nuttall are treatment, surgery, giving vaccines, dental care to pets, and small animal care.

Address: 171 Manchester New Road, M24 1DE United Kingdom

Phone Number: 01616433097


  • PetMedics veterinary surgeons

PetMedics is a certified veterinary clinic that takes care of poultry, dogs, birds, and small animals.

Their services include conducting surgeries for these animals. They also have a pet club for pet owners and offer pet insurance coverage.

Address: 375 Bolton Road Salford, Manchester M6 7NJ

Phone Number: 01617458858


  • Vets4pets

This veterinary clinic has a lot of wonderful reviews about its services. They’ve got a great staff and friendly vet team.

They offer a complete program for pets with fleas and give treatment for worms. Also, Vets4pets offer home services for warm preventive treatment.

Address: 2 Westover House 53b Station Road, Swinton, Manchester, M27 6AH

Phone Number: 01617944100


  • Companion Care Vets

The vet clinic encourages pet owners to first, place a call to them for emergencies while still on the way.

They treat fleas, prescribe worm medications, and carry out surgical procedures and consultations.

Address: inside pets at home, Regent Retail Park, Salford, M5 3TP

Phone Number: 01618344167


  • Agi-Vet

Agi-Vets are passionate about what they do. They treat all animals that pass through their doors as if they were their own.

Address: Unit 14, Agecroft Enterprise Park, Shearer Way, Pendlebury, Manchester M27 8WA, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +447920022600


  • Pets at Home Salford

Here, you can get veterinarian services that include pet grooming, pet adoption, free harness fitting, pet dental procedures, and other pet services.

Address: Regent Retail Park, Salford M5 3TP, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +443456009177


  • RSPCA Greater Manchester Animal Hospital

This clinic does not offer walk-in pet services anymore. They work with appointments only.

However, their services still include euthanasia, emergency treatment, and support for the pets they treat.

Address: 411 Eccles New Road, Salford M5 5NN, United Kingdom

Phone Number: +443001230711


Conclusion on Vets in Salford

Salford and its environs can not relate to the chaos that comes with places without proper veterinarian clinics.

As much as people do not mind traveling far to get their pets proper health care.

It is still so refreshing to know that vets in your area, like the vets in Salford, are the best and exactly what your pet needs.


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