7 Best Vets in Sunderland

As a pet owner having access to information on how to get the best medical care for your pet can’t be undermined.   

When it comes to pet owners in Sunderland, the knowledge of vets in Sunderland will help ensure your pet gets the best medical care anytime is needed in Sunderland.

Sunderland is a port city in Northern England. It is the city of Sunderland’s administrative centre within the metropolitan county of Tyne and Wear, the historic county if Durham and the North East combined Authority area.

The city is 10 miles (16km) from Newcastle upon Tyne and is on the River Wear’s mouth to the North Sea. The River also flows through Durham city roughly 12miles (19km) south west of the city centre.

Vets in Sunderland

See below for the list of the top-rated vets in Sunderland;

Vets4pets Sunderland

Vets4pets Sunderland provides compressive and affordable Care for sick and injured animals. They are run by teams of friendly and professional veterinary surgeons, nurses and assistants who are all dedicated to providing you with the best possible service.   At Vets4pets Sunderland, they are dedicated to offering your pet high quality and affordable Care.

Since 20001 they have been providing pets and owners with the best care and advice.  They care for all kinds of animals including dogs, cats, reptiles, and small furries.  They offer general animal health care from treatments and welfare advice to emergency medical procedures.

Location: A, 11 station Rd, Fulwell, Sunderland SR6 9AA, United Kingdom

Contact: +44 191 548 7200

King’s Road Veterinary practice

King’s Road veterinary practice is a caring veterinary practice based in Sunderland with a skilled team of veterinary nurses, Vet surgeons, and support staff led by Practice owner and head vet surgeon Wendy Rowntree.

The practice was founded in 2012. Their aim is to offer quality care for your pet in a friendly and caring environment.  Animal welfare and client satisfaction are their priorities.

They provide services like X-rays, Endoscopy, ultrasonography, pet passports, dentistry, grooming and more.

Location: King’s Road veterinary practice, The Kings Road, Southwick, Sunderland SR5 2LH

Contact: 0191 549 3535

Email: [email protected]

Westway Veterinary

Westway Vets was established in 1975. They have 19 branches across Tyne and Wear, Durham and Northumberland which are supported by their Tier 3 RCVS hospital in Newcastle upon Tyne.

They provide a wide range of services which includes Dental suite, Radiology suite, Imaging suite, separate dog and cat hospital blocks, Heart work ups which includes ECG and heart scans, Intensive care, visiting referral specialists which includes orthopedic surgery and advanced Imaging, Feline only consults with separate Feline waiting and consult rooms, passports, Behavior consults, Acupuncture and vaccination.

Location: 204 Hylton Road Sunderland   SR4 7YB

Contact: 0191 565 9455

Roker park Veterinary centre

Roker park Veterinary centre is an independent practice with a friendly team that loves to provide individually tailored care with compassion and dignity. They offer the following services Consultations, Radiography and ultrasound, Routine vaccination, other vaccinations, micro chipping, neutering services, pet travel and more.

Location: Roker Park vets, 35 Roker park Road, Roker, Sunderland SR6 9PL

Contact: 0191 516 0056

Email: [email protected]

Sheriffs Highway vets

Sheriff’s Highway vet is an established and popular veterinary surgery well known for the care and compassion shown by the staff. They have 30 years of small animal veterinary experience.

They also have a specialist veterinary ultrasonographer Sophie, who visits the practice whenever they have a case that needs specialist diagnostic Imaging.

 They provide an initial vaccination course or a booster, kennel cough vaccination, a free 6 months check up, all year round flea and worm treatment. They offer a discount on other services including dentistry, neutering, food and pet shop sales.


Small Animal consultations, Radiology, Routine surgery, Neutering, Allergy testing, Nurse appointments, Nail clips, Id chips and post op checks, pet passport scheme, in house lab, 24 Hour emergency services, Dentistry, Repeat prescriptions, microchips, monthly nurse checks, free flea and tick checks.

Location: 47, Otto Terrace, Sunderland SR2 7LP

Contact: 0191 567 3722

Seaham veterinary centre

Seaham vet was founded in May 2014 by 2 qualified and registered veterinary Nurses, Natalie Land RVN and Suey Turner RVN. They provide exceptional services and care for your beloved pet.

They provide the following services Vaccinations, micro chipping, worming, Neutering, x-rays, pet advice and general medical treatments.  They are committed to ensuring the very best in quality care and services for all of their clients and all creatures great and small.

Location: 43, Gregson, Terrace, Seaham, xo. Durham, SR7 0HS

Contact: 0191 5130913

Veterinary Vision

Veterinary Vision offers a dedicated ophthalmology referral service for cases referred throughout the UK.  Their team work to provide clients with the optimum treatment available.

They offer the following consultations Slit lamp biomicroscopy, year film evaluation, Tonometry, Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy.

They also offer the following Gonioscopy, Ocular ultrasonography, Electroretinography, Corneal topography, Refraction testing, Colourmetric pupillary light testing and they also perform all types of Intra – Ocular and Extra – Ocular Surgery.  Their team of highly dedicated and experienced veterinary surgeons and vet nurses are devoted to your pet’s wellbeing.

At their surgeries they provide continuity of care working with you to provide effective and high quality treatment. From routine vaccinations through to surgical consultations, they build client relationships that support you. They also provide services like home visits, pet passports and end of life care and support.

Location: 3E Hylton Park Road, Sunderland Enterprise Park, Sunderland   SR5 3HD, UK

Contact: 01768 877255

Conclusion on the vets in Sunderland

Knowing the location of veterinaries in Sunderland is ensuring your pet gets the best medical care when required. Visit a veterinary today to ensure your pet is always healthy and in the right health condition.

Frequently Asked Questions about Vets in Sunderland

1. Is it necessary to check my pet's weight every time we visit a vet?

Answer: Yes it is necessary, because having an accurate and current measurement of your pet's weight will help the Vet ensure that they prescribe the right dose of preventives, medications, and any needed anesthetics. It can also help the vet notice any early clues to health concerns. In addition, a regular weigh in can help you track and manage your pet's weight.

2. Do vets in Sunderland do micro chipping for pets?

Answer: Yes most vets in Sunderland carry out micro chipping services for pets

3. What is the benefit of micro chipping my pet?

Answer: The benefit is to ensure its return home if lost, remember a micro chipping pet is a safe pet.

4. When is it serious enough to call a vet?

Answer: If you have any concerns over your pet's well-being then be sure to contact a vet


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