6 Best Vets in Inverness

This blog post gives in detail the essentials you need to know about the vets in Inverness. A veterinary doctor is a person who provides care for animals. Animals do suffer harm and injury in violent crimes or in car accidents.

The same drugs and surgical procedures used to treat human illnesses, diseases, and disorders cannot be used to treat animals. Animals’ internal organs and how they work differently.

As a result, they have veterinary specialists, who specialize in treating animals. A career in veterinary medicine is the best choice if one enjoys working with animals and wish to heal their ailments, wounds, and diseases.

He or she is recognized as a pet doctor to laypeople. A veterinarian handles stray animals in addition to farmed animals and other wild animals. A medical specialist with a degree in veterinary science is known as a veterinarian.

The prerequisite to becoming a veterinarian is a degree in veterinary science. Numerous institutions provide a variety of veterinary science courses.


Vets in Inverness

He or she works in zoos to make sure the animals are given access to quality medical treatment and amenities to lengthen their lives. The following are lists of some vets in Inverness.

1. Crown Vets

A kind and welcoming small animal clinic, Crown Vets, Inverness is located in the heart of the Scottish Highlands.

Over the course of more than 40 years, the practice has grown to include 10 veterinarians who work across three branches and has provided care for thousands of animals. They provide little animals with excellent care.

Additionally, they have access to Crown Vets Referrals, it’s own referral service, which provides modern imaging (CT scans) as well as the capability to have advanced orthopedic, ophthalmology, and soft tissue surgery performed here in Inverness.

Alison Laurie-Chalmers.

Alison graduated from Glasgow Veterinary School in 1983 and is a native of Largs, Ayrshire. Before joining us at Burgess & Donald practice in 2002, Alison had over 35 years of experience as a general practitioner, working in both mixed and small practices around the UK, including Oban, Aberdeen, Inverness, Worcester, Dunvegan, and Inverness once more.

2011’s Petplan “Vet of the Year” award went to Alison in the UK. As one of them Senior Consultants at Crown Vets, they are proud of her accomplishments as well as her ongoing devotion to care for, and commitment to her patients.

Address:58 Argyle Street Inverness.IV2 3BB

Contact:01463 237000

2. Inshes Veterinary Centre.

Five full-time and two part-time veterinarians make up the outstanding workforce at Inshes Vets. Additionally, they have a kennel assistant, nine licensed nurses, and one student nurse.

They schedule their consulting times around the client’s schedule. The day is spaced out with appointments, and if one needs one right away, one may frequently do so. Emergencies are always attended to right away.

The surgery’s phone line is staffed around the clock, every day of the year. They don’t utilize an answerphone when the clinic is closed; instead, they employ a reputable veterinary answering service. The operator will collect the client’s information and call the on-call veterinarian, who will call the person back. To handle emergencies, a veterinarian and a veterinary nurse are always on call. So each of their clients can rest assured that their pets and animals will always be attended to.

Address: 5 Inshes Holdings Inches InvernessIV2 5FF

Contact: 01463 711777

3. Scottish Vets Referrals.

Currently, they offer services in acupuncture, cardiorespiratory, CT scanning, dermatology, eye testing, internal medicine and oncology, ophthalmology, and orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery.

They deliver specialized knowledge with cutting-edge specialized equipment in a facility that is specifically made for their needs. In the future, they hope to add veterinary surgeons with advanced training in several fields of veterinary care to the team. In order to meet this increase in service and competence, the building has been designed.

In the first instance, if one’s pet needs emergency medical care, please call the local veterinary clinic.

Some services rendered at SVR are specifically carried out by their well-trained veterinary doctors, who give in their best in delivering any injured, sick, or hurt the pet in distress.

Address: 14A Inverness Campus Inverness IV2 5NA

Contact: 01463 218822

4. Kessock Equine Vets.

Keith Chandler created Kessock Equine Vets on January 1st, 2004. At first, the practice was just ambulatory, but as it grew, it required space, and in June 2007, they had inaugurated a specially constructed clinic.

The business now employs over 12 people in a variety of full- and part-time positions and offers a priceless and distinctive service to Highlands horse owners and the equestrian community. Their staff will collect the information if one needs a veterinary surgeon’s opinion, and a vet will get in touch with the person later that day.

If the question is urgent, please let the available staff know right away because this could be much later. Please use the regular number if one needs to reach them after business hours.

Everyone at the clinic is dedicated to giving each person the best animal healthcare possible. The veterinary staff members each possess a plethora of professional expertise and training that they individually offer to the practice.

Address: The Paddock, Drumsmittal, Inverness. IV1 3ZF

Contact: 01463 731107

5. Strathspey Vets

George Rafferty founded the practice in 1954. He primarily treated farm animals but also provided evening consultations out of his house on Seafield Avenue, which was close to the road. In 1991, his son Andrew took over the practice’s management.

After hiring Jane Harley, he gradually oversaw the growth of busy small animal service. The practice currently sees patients from all around Strathspey and Badenoch as well as from a great distance away at its two permanent offices in Grantown and Aviemore.

They provide complete and top-notch veterinary services from the headquarters in Grantown-on-Spey, which is located in the lovely Cairngorms National Park. They also have a branch there in Aviemore. Offering veterinary services to pet owners, farms, sporting estates, zoo and wildlife collections, and other clients, they have a wide spectrum of experience within the practice and deal with all species. Even some reindeer are under their care!

To ensure the best health and well-being of the clients’ animals, they try to work in close collaboration with them. In the event that something goes wrong, they are always here for the client. They provide appointments quickly (typically within 24 hours) in addition to their own internal 24-hour emergency service. They are also passionate about promoting preventive health care because they think it will have real benefits.

Address: AVIEMORE Grantown-on-SpeyForest Road Grantown-on-Spey Morayshire PH26 3JJ

Contact: 01479 872252.

6. Pets at Home

As the pet care provider in the UK, they offer pet owners all the supplies they need to take care of their animals, including food, toys, bedding, grooming services, and first-aid veterinarian services.

Their shops offer pet owners a useful, enjoyable, and distinctive experience in a distinctive location. With nutrition consultations, they can assist owners in choosing the best food for their pets.

They can also help owners ensure that the water in their fish tank is safe before adding new fish, and they also can assist owners in socializing a new puppy through socialization and training classes, among other things. Their customers can order pet supplies online and have them delivered to their homes or picked up in-store.

The shops offer pet owners a useful, enjoyable, and distinctive experience in a distinctive location. With nutrition consultations, they can assist owners in choosing the best food for their pets. Basically in having a domesticated pet in the comfort of one home, knowing fully well that they will be adequately watched over.

Address: Chester House Epsom Avenue Handforth, Wilmslow Cheshire SK9 3RN

Contact: 0161 486 6688

Conclusion Vets in Inverness

Anyone who owns livestock or pets should be sure to have them examined by a veterinarian on a regular basis. Just like humans, animals require a doctor to ensure their health, and veterinarians serve as that person.

In the sense that the world might continue without veterinarians, their services are not urgently required.

However, if we were done without them, there would have been a lot of sick and hurt creatures who could have received aid. They are quite helpful to us as a result, and this career is a terrific choice for anyone who does not consider themselves to be “people people”.

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