12 Top Nursing Homes in Utah

The Nursing homes in Utah are also known as long-term care facilities, old people’s homes, assisted living facilities, care homes, rest homes, convalescent homes, or convalescent care.

Utah is a state in the Mountain West subregion of the Western United States. It is a landlocked U.S. state bordered to its east by Colorado, to its northeast by Wyoming, to its north by Idaho, to its south by Arizona, and to its west by Nevada.


Nursing Homes in Utah

A nursing home is a facility for people who do not require hospitalization but cannot be cared for at home.  Here are a few nursing homes in Utah.

1. Willow Wood Care Center

Residents in need of specialized care, including short- and long-term rehabilitation therapies, are housed at Willow Wood Care Center, which is tucked away in a charming area.

The staff at Willow Wood provides a team of specialists to suit each resident’s unique needs while putting a priority on quality over quantity.

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Residents can breathe in some fresh air while receiving physical, occupational, or speech therapy in a setting that feels like home in our private courtyard. By encouraging independence and maintaining their physical and mental capabilities, residents actively collaborate with staff, family, and other residents to improve their quality of life.

In the neighborhood, they place a high importance on fostering connections and ties with the locals.

For seniors coping with Alzheimer’s and dementia, Willow Wood provides a safe memory care environment.

Residents can reminisce about wonderful experiences from the past in the comfort of their own homes as Cottonwood Creek runs by the courtyard as Willow Wood captures the beauty and calm of this beautiful state.

Willow Wood Care Center provides more than just round-the-clock nursing care; they also take care of the residents’ and patients’ physical and mental well-being. To assist patients throughout their care journey, the care teams collaborate to develop individualized treatment programs.

Address: 1205 E Bonner Way, Salt Lake City, UT 84117, United States

Contact: +1 801-262-2908

2. Holladay Healthcare Center

Their skilled and committed staff at Holladay Healthcare Center will collaborate with you, your family, and your healthcare physician to develop a thorough and successful care and treatment plan.

Holladay Healthcare Center is a place to rebuild your strength and mobility as well as a place you can call home, as evidenced by their kind smiles. Their in-house treatment staff uses both cutting-edge and (good ol’) hands-on therapeutic techniques.

They provide customized short-term and long-term therapy for you! Family participation, along with their staff of medical experts, is essential to the overall success of a loved one’s time with them. From the beginning, they collaborate with you and your family to make sure you receive the finest treatment possible.

Address: 4782 S Holladay Blvd, Holladay, UT 84117, United States

Contact: +1 801-277-7002

3. Highland Care Center

The Highland Care Center is the top nursing and rehabilitation facility in Salt Lake City. Modern private rooms, two therapy gyms, and a convenient location near area hospitals are all features of the skilled care facility.

Their extensive and unmatched staff of registered nurses, physical therapists, and nursing assistants will do their best to care for you or your loved ones, ensuring a comfortable stay. They have a 5-star Medicare rating. Their main objective is to ensure that you get home swiftly and safely.

With the aim of giving you the best nursing and physical rehabilitation center in Salt Lake City, Utah, they provide a variety of levels of treatment, from outpatient physical therapy to expert nursing care from their licensed nurses.

Address: 4285 Highland Dr., Salt Lake City, UT 84124, United States

Contact: +1 801-278-2839

4. Avalon West Health & Rehabilitation

Avalon West Health & Rehabilitation  is dedicated to providing premier rehabilitation and is located in the vibrant and growing city of West Jordan. Their care community is conveniently located off Redwood Road and 6200 South, making it easy for family and friends to visit you during your stay.

Their newly renovated community offers a cutting-edge healing environment where technology and care coexist quietly. Private rehabilitation suites offer breathtaking views of the Wasatch Mountains or tranquil views of their courtyards.

Avalon’s team of care professionals collaborates around the clock to provide care that gets you back on your feet and back home as soon as possible. At Avalon West Health & Rehabilitation, they value life and have a passion for healing. Avalon West Health and Rehabilitation provides more than just 24-hour nursing care; they also care for their residents’ and patients’ physical and emotional health.

Their care teams collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans to assist patients throughout their care journey. They strive to achieve industry-leading results by coordinating all aspects of your care.

Address: 6246 S Redwood Rd, Salt Lake City, UT 84123, United States

Contact: +1 801-969-1420

5. Midtown Manor

Midtown Manor is a skilled nursing facility in Salt Lake City, Utah. The Utah Department of Health has granted them a license. They have 82 beds and accept Medicare, Medicaid, veteran, private, and hospice patients.

There is also a special unit for those suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, as well as special care and support for hospice patients.

The facility medical director at Midtown Manor oversees each resident’s ongoing care plans. In addition to 24-hour nursing care, the facility provides a variety of other services.

Address: 125 S 900 W, Salt Lake City, UT 84104, United States

Contact: +1 801-363-6340

6. Canyon Rim Care Center

Canyon Rim Care Center in Salt Lake City is dedicated to providing premier rehabilitation and 24-hour skilled nursing services.

It is located at the foot of the beautiful Wasatch Mountains. Canyon Rim is conveniently located near the I-215 freeway, just off of 3300 South and 2700 East, making it easy to visit family and friends during your stay.

Their private and shared suites will make you feel at ease, and their exceptional nursing staff is committed to providing the care you require. Canyon Rim’s team of care professionals collaborates to provide around-the-clock care to get you back on your feet and home as soon as possible.

Using their unique secure unit, they prioritize providing peace of mind for the family. For their long-term residents, it is one of the safest care communities in the area. At Canyon Rim Care Center, they value life and have a passion for healing.

Canyon Rim Care Center provides more than just 24-hour nursing care; they also care for their residents’ and patients’ physical and emotional health.

Their care teams collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans to assist patients throughout their care journey. They strive to achieve industry-leading results by coordinating all aspects of your care.

Address: 2730 E 3300 S, Salt Lake City, UT 84109, United States

Contact: +1 801-487-0896

7. Woodland Park Care Center

The premier provider of post-acute care and rehabilitation services in the region is Woodland Park Care Center.

Their campus-style care community is centrally located in the Salt Lake Valley and features dedicated short-term rehabilitation, respiratory care, and long-term care centers of excellence.

This model enables them to carefully design teams with the goal of meeting and exceeding the needs of those entrusted to them. Their teams collaborate to provide compassionate quality care under the supervision and coordination of physicians and nurse practitioners.

They provide more than just 24-hour nursing care at Woodland Park Rehabilitation and Care Center, they care for their residents’ and patients’ physical as well as emotional health. Their care teams collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans to assist patients throughout their care journey.

Address: 3855 S 700 E, Millcreek, UT 84106, United States

Contact: +1 801-268-4766

8. Crestwood Rehabilitation and Nursing

Crestwood Rehabilitation and Nursing is committed to providing high-quality health care services.  They take pride in developing personalized care plans that address your specific needs and healthcare requirements.

Whether your needs necessitate a short-term or long-term stay, their team is dedicated to your overall well-being. Their full-time staff includes licensed physical, occupational, and speech therapists, dieticians, registered nurses, certified nursing assistants (CNAs), licensed social workers, case managers, and others.

Crestwood Rehabilitation and Nursing is a part of an integrated healthcare delivery system dedicated to improving the quality of life for both patients and employees. Their facility is dedicated to providing patients with a healthy environment through compassionate care, effective care.

They have a proven track record of achieving positive outcomes and enhancing patients’ quality of life and independence. You can trust Crestwood to meet your rehabilitation needs.

Address: 3665 Brinker Ave, Ogden, UT 84403, United States

Contact: +1 801-627-2273

9. Heritage Care Center

For more than 30 years, Heritage Care Center has provided quality long-term and post-acute care to Northern Utah County.

They take pride in treating each resident entrusted to them with dignity and respect by friendly, caring staff. They provide a variety of care levels, including short-term rehabilitation, long-term care, memory care, and assisted living.

Their staff at Heritage strives to live up to their foundational belief that ” they embrace a reverence for life and a heart for healing,” which is reflected in their sense of community and the quality care that each of their residents receives from caring and compassionate staff members.

Address: 350 E 300 N, American Fork, UT 84003, United States

Contact: +1 801-756-5293

10. Legacy Village of Taylorsville

Legacy Village of Taylorsville is the premier provider of memory care services on the west side of the Salt Lake Valley.

The Cottage, their memory care community, is specifically designed to care for residents with Alzheimer’s disease or other special needs. Professionally trained caregivers provide additional assistance and supervision.

Their residents enjoy personalized care, meaningful activities, family-style dining, and beautifully decorated living areas in a safe, home-like setting. Legacy Village of Taylorsville understands that caregiving can be stressful and that asking for help is not always easy.

They have also learned that being a good caregiver entails both meeting the needs of the person who requires care and admitting when you can’t do it all yourself. Legacy Retirement Communities has been providing senior living services to seniors and their families since 1996.

Legacy Village of Taylorsville and its associates set themselves apart by adhering to their Personal Touch Culture. Their associates strive to connect in a loving and meaningful way with one another, their customers, and their partners. They believe that everyone has inherent value. They love everyone and encourage each other to constantly improve, achieve life balance, and find joy.

Address: 3251 W 5400 S, Taylorsville, UT 84129, United States

Contact: +1 801-613-4600

11. Central Utah Veterans Home

BENNION, MERVYN SHARP Central Utah Veterans Home Payson is a leading provider of long-term skilled nursing care. U.S. Veterans who have served on active duty, spouses of active duty Veterans, and Gold Star Parents are all eligible for the Central Utah Veterans Home.

They  offer 5-Star post-acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing care, and specialized memory care. Their personalized community floor plan, private rooms, and tranquil country setting promote healing. Every day, recreational, cultural, and social activities are available.

Their professionally trained and dedicated staff upholds the highest standards in providing exceptional care to their Veteran Heroes and their families.

Mervyn Sharp Bennion Central Utah Veterans Home Payson provides more than just 24-hour nursing care; they also care for their residents’ and patients’ physical and emotional health. Their care teams collaborate to develop personalized treatment plans to assist patients throughout their care journey.

Address: 1551 N Main St, Payson, UT 84651, United States

Contact: +1 801-465-5400

12. Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center

Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center is South Central Utah’s premier long-term care and rehabilitation facility.

Their tranquil neighborhood is nestled in the red hills of Sevier Valley, surrounded by mountains and rich agriculture. They were founded in 1976 and are proud to be located in Richfield, just east of Sevier Valley Medical Center. They are committed to providing quality, loving care while maintaining courtesy and compassion.

They are experts in short-term rehab, long-term care, and memory care. They are Medicare and Medicaid certified, and they accept most insurance plans. Their newly renovated 63-bed facility provides semi-private and private rooms, as well as 24-hour nursing care and a physician to oversee patient care.

Their rehabilitation team provides the best physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy available. Their team of professionals works hard to provide a home-like environment with lively recreation activities and meals that taste like they were cooked at home, and will help you transition back into the community after you leave their care.

Richfield Rehabilitation and Care Center provides more than just 24-hour nursing care; they also care for their residents’ and patients’ physical and emotional health.

Address: 163 E 1000 N, Richfield, UT 84701, United States

Contact: +1 435-896-8211

Conclusion on the Nursing Homes in Utah

Nursing homes have evolved significantly over the last few decades. Government regulations and consumer pressures have fueled these changes.

In comparison to previous decades’ nursing homes, today’s nursing homes are highly regulated, high-quality, sophisticated institutions for the care and treatment of older adults with severe physical health concerns and/or mental disabilities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below, you will find the answers to some of the most asked questions relating to nursing homes in Utah;

  1. How many nursing homes are there in Utah?

Utah has over 300 licensed long-term care facilities (LTCF)1, which serve an estimated 18,000 vulnerable people.

  1. How much does a nursing home in Salt Lake City cost on average?

In-home care costs $5,625 per month on average, while home health costs $5,661 per month. Staying in a nursing home is even more expensive, with a semiprivate room costing an average of $7,437 per month and a private room costing an average of $8,228.

  1. What is the number of nursing homes in Utah?

In Utah, there are 98 nursing homes.

  1. How much does it cost to live in a Utah nursing home?

Utah Nursing Home Costs

Nursing homes in Utah cost an average of $175 per day. This is more than the national average of $228 per day. There are 127 nursing homes in Utah.


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